Internet on The Xbox 360

"A web browser for your Xbox 360, The "PC world" knows about this program and its wonders" writes segafanclub.

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GutZ313490d ago

"*Now please stop hassling Microsoft over something the 360 already has*"
Lol, he sounds like everyone should have known how to get a web browser up and running from the second they boot up a 360.

The issue most people are really complaining about when they say the 360 has no web browser, is that there isn't a simple point a click, integrated, easy way to get online.
If you were thinking that installing, and setting up a media server was the way to go to get online and that you dont need no integration of web browser and GUI, then I guess your in the same boat as this guy.

Montrealien3490d ago

Windows MCE? Check!
Already running? check!
Windows extender? check!

I guess I can go check this out without being a pain about it. This is nice to know, thanks for the link.

MikeMichaels3490d ago

So, the xbox has a web browser. You just need to buy a PC to use it?

Thats just pure Microsoft right there. LOL

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tgh machines3490d ago

So this can only be done with windows xp MCE and vista? If so then that sucks what a waste of time.

gta_cb3490d ago

this is correct and also VERY OLD, i have seen article on here about this ages ago and have tried it out myself.

if anyone wants to know how to use it you have to install an add on on the PC first otherwise you cannot access the web. also the keyboard input on the Xbox 360 when using this add on isnt too good to be perfectly honest.

i dont even use the web browser on my PS3 i use my PC, its much better.

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Deadman643490d ago

But pointless as I own a laptop.

Sir Ken Kutaragi3490d ago

Hasn't it got one??? ;-D
How LAST-GEN!!! ;-D



that why you will never get a girl.

Montrealien3490d ago

Hey Ken , you lied about having a browser last gen on the PS2, Even the Dreamcast beat you guys on that.

Montrealien3490d ago

You got to love this place.

Me: Ken promised us web browsing on the PS2, yet it never happened.

Sony Fanboy : Can not compute fact, brain, overloading....must click disagree to block this fact from my brain...

Chuck Norris3490d ago

Oh man! Imagine getting RROD from watching porn.

Pain3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )


'Ken promised us web browsing on the PS2, yet it never happened.'
i was to busy PLAYING games with my PS2 and using my MAC for internet....

What wher u doing waiting for ps2 ports for yur xbox and virus protecting yur PC ?.......

bla bla bla kid go play some gta if u can or did yur XBOX RRod on you... poor kid..

Montrealien3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )


Add Montrealien to your PSN friends list, your foot will be in that mouth of yours...

What is your PSN name? DO you even have a PS3?

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RaidrX3490d ago

Not to mention its not like everyone has Media Center Edition.

GutZ313490d ago

Or even a computer mind you, as strange as that sounds, I know a few 360 fans that don't even own a PC.

Porky Pig3490d ago

Media Center Edition?Yeah,everyone has that.

And th-th-th-that's all folks!

wow4u3490d ago

Many many people have Windows Media Center, further, Vista has it in Home and Ultimate.

Many people have WMC, and more every day. Its a very compelling feature. I've got many plugins (streaming radio, bittorrent client, browser)

There many excellent plugins;

I use my TV Tuner and Radio Tuner cards and use my Xbox 360 as a TiVo (pause live TV and radio, record broadcasts..). Oh, and Internet TV works terrific -- I've been able to enjoy every episode of Arrested Development for free.

ZeroXMD3490d ago

Useless and crap. For one, i wouldn't want MS knowing everything I'm watching (MS is hand-in-hand with big brother) and downloading thru bit torrent, and i'd rather go with 3rd party software. I don't even use windows media player unless I have to. heck, i don't even use my ps3's internet unless i'm without my pc or my friend is using it. Basically, WMC is for ppl who are newbs to using computer media. heck, the ps3 is my most advanced piece of hardware bc things have been rough (I bought it with my income tax check mainly so I can play MGS4, GTA, and a few others) Here is my pc's specs because i haven't been able to upgrade:
1.4g P4, 256 RDRam, Geforce 5200 256mb, 5gb OS HDD, 40gb secondary HDD, 20gb 3rd HDD, dvd burner. XP sp2.
Needless to say, i won't bother with running WMC with my 360 when I get it this summer. I'd rather watch stuff on my pc (heck, i barely watch tv, only adult swim, and that is only for family guy, futurama, and one or 2 non-mentally retarded shows (seriously, adult swim has gone down hill, heck, off a cliff. Tim and Eric need to be fired and beat))

Rocko3490d ago

If I want to browse the web I use my PC.