Winter will bring a GPU war

ATI has a new weapon in the battle for the title of kingpin-of-all-game-graphics - it's the 7xx series.

This winter we are going to see an large scale GPU war, something we haven't really seen for a few years now. Nvidia may have all the headlines now, but ATI has been plotting and rebuilding for the 7xx series launch.

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Kakkoii3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

You can tell when reading this that this guy is a definite ATI fan.

His story is quite false.

If ATI is indeed making it a 2 chip card. Then they are going to fail against Nvidia.

Because game developers have to design a game to work with multi-gpu's.

But Nvidia is just making a single GPU that is immensely more powerful then the existing ones. It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it ;) lol. Merely making smaller chips doesn't bring that much performance gain. You have to increase the number of transistors and improve the architecture. Smaller just means it uses less energy and creates less heat. Allowing for a bit higher clock speeds.. That is all.

And Nvidia can.. and will FOR SURE take 2 of these new chips there making and slap them together to make a X2 Version also.

So Nvidia will win this next one if what this person says about Ati's next product is true.

I'm so sure Nvidia will still hold the crown with the upcoming cards that I would be willing to bet my life on it.. You can all spam me if I'm wrong when these cards come out lol.

SuperSaiyan43875d ago

Both Nvidia and ATi have dual gpu graphics cards on the market however Nvidia always being a step ahead has the 9800GX2 with 1gb of ram.

LinuxGuru3875d ago

I am sick and tired of how fast graphics card technology advances.

It's the most unstable, rapidly-advancing technology out there, and I HATE investing in it.

Kakkoii3875d ago

It has to advance. Or what else is going to play the latest games lol.

Advancing in technology fast may be expensive.. But it's a good thing because it brings us better gaming faster :P

LinuxGuru3875d ago

Unfortunately, that is a common misconception.

Better graphics does not = better games.

"The latest" games don't need to be developed on the "latest" hardware to be any good.

Look at Diablo II and StarCraft....those games use mediocre engines at best, and they're still wildly popular after almost TEN YEARS.

I can STILL go onto and find THOUSANDS of people to play online with in Diablo or Starcraft.

Kakkoii3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

You misinterpreted what I was saying.

No where did I say "better graphics equal better games"

GPU's don't just calculate colors. They also calculate physics.

What I meant by "better games" was more advanced games, better built. I didn't mean it in the personal preference way. Because what makes a game good varies from person to person. I personally think StarCraft is the most boring game on the planet.. But hey, that's just my preference in gaming.

The faster graphics technology advances, the faster we get to the point where games look and act just like real life.

And if your a person who just likes those old game like StarCraft and whatnot.. Then why complain? If you just play those games then you don't need to upgrade.

LinuxGuru3875d ago

I agree on all points actually, but I just wish ATI, or nVidia, or BOTH of them, could release a video card that has some longevity to it. I don't like seeing new video cards coming out every MONTH...

I wish we could have some kind of standard that is upgraded once or twice a year, instead of every month.

Maybe if this tech advancement would slow down a bit, it would give game developers a chance to bring lots of great-looking games to lots of PC owners. The tech advances so fast and people can't keep up with it all, that's why a lot of these big PC games have no sales....people simply can't keep up with the requirements to play the game like it looks like on the box.

That's how people want to play games.....however it looks like on the box, people expect it to look like that when they start playing it.

But you can't do that nowadays because last week, your incredible video card was made obsolete by the newest sh*t to hit the shelves, and that new sh*t happens to be exactly what you need to play that game at its best, but it costs 500 dollars, and you can't afford it until 3 months later, but by then, a BETTER LOOKING game has come out that you REALLY REALLY want to play, but you can't play it well because you need an even BETTER video card, and that one costs 500 dollars too, so now you need to save money up to get THAT one, and it goes on, and on, and on, and on.

I hate it.

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