Crisis Core: FFVII reviewed @ recieves 8.5/10

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII along with Before Crisis, Dirge of Cirberus and Advent Children. Crisis Core provides a good amount of fan service and decent enough gameplay to actually entertain its main audience: die hard Final Fantasy VII fanboys (me). But I'm not sure if anybody outside of that demographic would actually like it.

Like a lot of people Final Fantasy VII ushered me into the realm of the Japanese RPG, which is a genre that you won't see me criticize. It's not because of blindness to its flaws, but out of respect and plain nostalgia. I remember the hundreds of hours spent playing Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and X. Now it has gotten to the point where I actually took the time out to experience the past of Final Fantasy by playing VI (One day I'll get to IV, V and Chrono Trigger). If anybody is wondering why I don't just dive into the review it's because I'm letting you know the stance that I take on JRPG's, I like them…a lot and that the review is coming from somebody that respects the genre. It's also because the fact that I'm not going to give this some sky-high score (it's not a 9). Because while I enjoyed the game for the most part, it does have some problems.

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