When you think of gaming you dont think of kids any more do you?

The gaming industry has changed a lot over the years. Most Games are rated Teen and teen games contain significant amounts of violence, injury, and death. Not to be getting on Rockstars case but They have taken things to the next level with their GTA San Andreas Hot coffee mission where the player engages in sexual intercourses. We don't think Game pioneers like Pacman ,Tetris and the pong developers had that in mind for the future of gaming. Many parents stop their children from playing mature games.Geared toward ages 17 and up, the M rating means the gameplay may contain heavy-duty violence, but also strong language and sexual content. Kids who play M-rated games were more likely to:.....

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Breakfast3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

"When you think of gaming you dont think of kids any more do you?"

I use to...but im done with my pedophile days. To Catch a Predator scared me out of mind. I dont wanna be caught on national i kicked that habit. i dont think about kids

Jamaicangmr3875d ago

Funniest sh!t i've read all day. If you're ever in Jamaica look me up i owe you a beer for that one. Good sh!t. LOL!

MyNutsYourChin3874d ago

Nothing is funny about pedophilia you sick f*ck. Have some compassion and think before you type next time.

loftygaming3875d ago

getting a head shot or picking up some prosties in gta iv

demonrock3875d ago


FCOLitsjustagame3875d ago

When I here about gaming the only time I think its for kids is if they are talking about Mario and extension the Wii or the DS. Even the handheld PSP brings more of an adult multimedia function to mind.

kosha3875d ago

I think thats what everyone used to think when you mentioned games but now peoples perceptions are changing with more mature games on the market.

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