Blend Games Review: Mario Kart Wii

Blend Games writes: "The new Mario Kart for the Wii is good, and I guess that's my biggest complaint with it, as Mario Kart's not supposed to be good, it's supposed to be great. And too many factors-a few so-so tracks, a busted peripheral, and the greatest sin of all, rather lackluster multiplayer-make this racing adventure a slight wrong turn in the revolutionary series.

Let me get my biggest complaint with the game out of the way early. The new steering wheel that comes packaged with the game is an utter piece of garbage. What might seem like an innovative new way to play your favorite kart racer, turns out to be a tremendous misfire on Nintendo's part, as it's too cumbersome and twitchy to use in any competition outside of the easy as Pong 50cc cup."

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blynx1823876d ago

I think if it wasn't for the Wii Wheel, everyone would be in love with Mario Kart Wii.

resistance1003876d ago

I was disapointed with MK:Wii, the wii wheel actually works well, however the game feels like the same game i played years ago, unlike the great experience i got with MK:DS and MK:DD.

It feels rushed and unpolished which is unlike any nintendo game i've played for years

MadMax3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Are you kidding me? Best Mario Kart game of all time and that wheel is the best reason to get this game, the reviewer sounds like a real braindead moron who knows absolutely nothing about games. The review sounds like an utter piece of garbage. Everyone here loves the wheel and the game. Ive got a couple friends that arent even into games like this and they cant put that wheel down. It works great, very responsive and i think its the only way to play this game. I will never use a controller again for Mario Kart after using the wheel. The only reason this idiot bashes on the wheel is because he doesnt know how to use it and more than likely is upset that hes too stupid to use it. I mastered the wheel and have been kicking everyones @ss online that are still using a controller because they are too scared to try something new or just havent given it a real chance. DO NOT LISTEN to this stupid review, hes way off. Its great and Nintendo made a great choice packing that wheel in there as a bonus for free even. Id like to see Microsoft ever give anything for free, tight [email protected]

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Trekster_Gamer3875d ago

Leave it to fanboys to try to spin this topic towards Microsoft. They did not make this crappy looking, crappy playing belongs on the last gen-hardware game, it was NINTENDO!

JosefTor3875d ago

I hate the wheel and... actually the whole wii remote thing. I played with my friends and whoever had the gamecube controller won. It is a very inconsistent steering method to use the wheel. Even the old maps they used in this version were worse then the originals on N64.

And... have you heard of Scene IT? There you get the game and 4 controllers for the same price as a normal game.

MadMax3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Of course ive heard of scene it, i played the demo and i would pack 4 controllers with that game too if i was MS. Anything to sell that boring game, nobody wants that game. Doesnt come close to the wheel and you are way off. You havent played Mario Kart so therefore no one will take you seriously. Ive played em all, from Atari, Colecovision, Adventurevision, 360, PS3 etc. so ive got a lot more experience gaming than a kid like you. That game with that wheel and everything else Nintendo has been doing lately has been great! Thats why you still cant find a Wii anywhere and everyone wants one, its about fun and thats what Nintendo is all about and has been about since day 1! There would be no 360 or PS3 if it wasnt for Nintendo. Dont get me wrong i am a graphics hoare and love the 360 and PS3, but when it comes to just plain fun, reliability and new ideas which Nintendo is all about then i will always back them.

fergie16163875d ago

It is obvious that this reviewer just sucks at the game. The Wii Wheel works perfectly and even if you do hate it there are 4 other controller schemes to choose from.
I also really don't know how the multiplayer can be broken its almost exactly the same as past games except with bikes and more racers for additional depth.
Finally, while I agree that the online would be better with voice chat, it still runs 12-player races completely lag free and loads in just seconds.
Mario Kart Wii does much more right then wrong and this reviewer is clearly completely clueless or just a fanboy.

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