PS3 Poll Police: Did you succumb to Rockstar's GTA IV "fix"?

It's sort of sickening on the Poll Police's side of things -- we dig and dig through muck all day to uncover bits of news for your consumption. What makes this sickening is the recent trend for our fields o' news farming to get inundated with threads about people's problems with Grand Theft Auto IV. We don't mean problems in the game, beating a mission, or the like ... we mean the frequent freezing issues, console destruction tales, or horribly unstable online component. We know Rockstar has admitted to a few of these problems and issued their own hackneyed fix. We want to know if any of you actually did this just to play the game. We're not judging you. We're just curious.

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avacadosnorkel3876d ago

is the game isn't fun anymore and I don't want to play it.


bootsielon3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

But aren't the issues supposed to be happening just on the online portion of the game? Because if that is so, an online patch should be able to correct the problems in all online game players, and for all gamers in general, since offline gamers are apparently having no issues at all.


"Play it on 360, thats the solution."

Agent47 a.k.a. Panzerfaust1488, not everyone has a 360. Besides, some people wanna play with a decent frame rate, realistic colors and no pop-in.

"GTA won't be going near by PS3 until this garbage is fixed. "

Well, at least it CAN be fixed with a patch. Can RROD be fixed with a patch? Get your american white pride out of your ass. BTW, Steve Ballmer is part jewish and profits from your money, you should stop buying Microsoft products, Panzerfaust1488.

Note to everyone: Panzerfaust1488 changed his nickname to Agent 47 because it turns out I uncovered he has a racist agenda. As he told me on a PM before: "Go cry somewhere else f4ggot, I dont wanna hear it. This site IS dead. Its run by nigger loving jews like your ass."

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3876d ago

until friday night I went to multiplayer and it froze up when I reset it I wasn't able to get passed the first load scene I erased everything and it worked. started the first mission and it froze again, started it over it worked, turned it off. went to play later and could never get it to work again!! I havent tried to sign out of psn and play I'll try this tomorrow and see what shakes.

Rocko3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

GTA won't be going near by PS3 until this garbage is fixed.

EDIT: YAWN. You cry like a b*tch with every post, NOBODY CARES.

freeluv3876d ago

i had the freezing problem. i read on here that you just disable your internet and sign out of the ps network. i did it and it did the trick for me. no more freezes.

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The story is too old to be commented.