Windows XP SP3: The Perfect Reason to Avoid Upgrading to Windows Vista

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes:

'' Now that Windows XP SP3 is arriving, is there really any good reason for a business to "upgrade" to Windows Vista? Ah ... I can't think of one.

I've been running XP SP3 and Vista SP1 since they were in late beta. At the moment, neither XP SP3 nor Windows Vista SP1 are available to the general public due to a problem with a Microsoft retail program. Once the update system is set to not upgrade systems with that software, Microsoft promises to turn the spigot back on for these service packs.

While I haven't done any benchmarking with either one, I have lived and worked with both service packs. The difference between the two operating systems plus service packs is like that between day and night. Windows XP SP3 is the best Windows PC operating system I've ever used. In contrast: Windows Vista SP1 will finally run on one of my computers without any ongoing problems. That's the best I can say for it.''

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LJWooly3847d ago

Vista is one of the worst operating systems ever made, from a technical standpoint. Deny it all you want, that's the truth.

DomUltra3847d ago

Tell me about it, I'm running Vista Ultimate right now, Jesus T.T.

GutZ313847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I would like to note that Vista was suppose to be longhorns ultimate end product.

*Lol at the 2003 release date*

gta_cb3847d ago

ok i am expecting to have people reply in a bad way to this but what the hell

i know in the past i have said Windows Vista is bad, but i am currently running the SP1 edition with 2.50GB RAM and it is working perfectly.

still a couple of things to sort out but its getting better

badz1493847d ago

I'm also using vista ultimate but I still have to agree with LJWooly based on my own experience. I had a laptop(turion 64 X2, GeForce Go6200 64MB shared memory, upgraded from 512MB to 1.5GB DDR2 memory) running vista home basic.

my 1st time running vista pre-installed on my laptop last year was not a pleasure at all. vista is full of unnecessary things and processes which wasn't there in XP. I know, they wanted to make it pretty, but, putting compatibility problems (which is still a pain in the ass) aside I still needed to do tweaking here and there in order to make it run like what I wanted it to. memory consumption and allocation was so bad in vista causing freezeing and lag every once and a while! common programs like nero7, alcohol 120% and some others which I used to ran perfectly on XP could no longer worked! copying files from/to USB devices have never been so slow and what I hate the most is when it asks permissions and conformations for my every action every freaking time! it's like WTF??!

Denzelio3847d ago

@ badz149

Having to upgrade programs is a way of life when you upgrade your Windows OS, Unless all your programs were made by M$ then you are bound to have some that don't work and are not compatible. You cannot expect to use a program forever without product updates or new versions, take games for instance all those Dos 95' ones, very little work anymore not due to Windows specifically but because the games were not patched or re-released with every new version of Windows that came out. Granted memory usage is way higher in Vista but that also tells you that you can't keep your old hardware forever need to update that also. Ask yourself this would you rather have a minimum hardware compatibility XP computer or a minimum hardware compatibility Vista computer?

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thereapersson3847d ago

The only real convenient option is to build a computer yourself and buy XP...


I wonder when Microsoft will finally stop supporting XP?

DomUltra3847d ago

They stop supporting XP June 30 when it's mandatory when all white-built PC's come stock with Vista installed, also known as DOOMS DAY, (see: internet).

599 US Dollars3847d ago

will u dumbass droids stop submitting worthless anti-vista articles? no one cares. Vista rules. u morons who have never even used Vista to begin with...suck.

bye now.

PopEmUp3847d ago

probably love sucking Steve balmer and Bill Gate DlCK, how pathetic can he be, lol almost everybody in the world rather used xp, linux, apple os over vista any day

Lucreto3847d ago

Why is there so much hate on the Vista? I have the student edition on my laptop and it runs fine. Can someone tell me whats so wrong with it because I am going to upgrade my PC to Vista for DX10

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