Rhode Island Attorney General Issues GTA IV Warning

GP writes: "The attorney general of Rhode Island has warned parents about the mature content in Grand Theft Auto IV, according to Legal Newswire."

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niall773849d ago

parents dont buy your kids GTA4. be good parents, buy them books and stuff so they can go to college get stoned and waste there days playing GTA6

ikiru33853848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )'s not like he's outwardly condemning and blaming gta4. just saying that parents should take note of the content for their kids. which is what jack thompson should be doing instead of being a d!ckhead.

Jamegohanssj53848d ago

That guy looks like an idiot who plays GTA IV 24/7.

The Genius has spoken.

marioporter3848d ago

I say good for him. Some parents are so GD clueless, it's pathetic. At least this way it's getting some attention. I don't believe that it should be in the hands of youngsters. Sorry kids. I just hope he put it in its proper context.

ikiru33853848d ago

agreed. my point exactly

KBDuB3848d ago

Well, that's good. Parent's need to start knowing more about games, and stop blaming games for problems.

And, at least he is doing this and not pulling a Jerk Thompson..

devilhunterx3848d ago

so parents cant read signs anymore? you know the big sign which says MATURE

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The story is too old to be commented.