Metroid Prime 3 in true 3D

Nintendo Everything reports..."A personal undertaking of mine recently has been taking screenshots of Metroid Prime 3 and translating them into 3D. I began to wonder a few days ago, "What would Metroid Prime look like if Retro Studios developed the Prime so that the experience was similar to virtual reality?" To be honest, I do think that there is a possibility that one day, we will see games in a real 3D environment. How amazing would it be to see a Metroid coming out of the screen and leeching forward at you? Metroid Prime 3 is probably one of the better choices to view in 3D, as it is from the first-person perspective, and the game itself was superb. Of course, you will need 3D glasses to view the images, but they are not very expensive (I'm talking about the Red/Blue glasses) and often come packaged with DVDs and comic books."

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Amanosenpai3880d ago

Thanks god I always keep a pair of 3D glasses in my pocket...

e3kehoe3880d ago

I think every game should have this as an option.the last PGR had this in the photo options. The option should at least be there in all games.well I would at least like to try a game that way.

Auron3879d ago

sigh I need to buy me a pair of these glasses so I can enjoy these images propa!

Perverted3879d ago

It looked awesome but after a few seconds my eyes started hurt :( and with the lack of colour I'd think I'd be playing some alternative universe game where colour doesn't exist, that or a 360 game...

I don't think I could ever play a game like that, if they can somehow get the colours right and for my eyes not to hurt it would be great.

G4drake3879d ago

and still a great game

Raven62103879d ago

you cant exactly were both at the same time, not comfortably anyways.

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