The Trouble With GTA IV

A gaming father offers a parent's perspective on the GTA IV controversy.

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vgn243875d ago

The article seems pretty correct when read by anyone over 14 years of age, yet is reported as "LAME" by all the little kiddies bent on defending their game against "the man".

GTA IV is just a rehashed attempt to capitalize on the shock value of the series. Rockstar has no imagination and has shoveled another helping of GTA right into the public's mouth. And the beauty is the public chewed up the same game and swallowed it like it was brand new and innovative.

butterfinger3875d ago

I suppose you have never heard of the saying "If it ain't broke, then don't try to fix it". I was 14 when GTAIII came out, and I played that game for hundreds of hours. It was a groundbreaking title for the PS2 back in 2001, and Rockstar did exactly what I was hoping they would with GTAIV. They took all the good things from GTAIII, upgraded the graphics, storyline, physics, and map, and now we have an all-around better version of a game that so many people already loved. Perhaps Rockstar didn't need to great of an imagination to provide with amazing gameplay and hundreds of hours of fun.

vgn243875d ago

There are people who like the game the way it is. But from my point of view, a title needs to be a lot more than an update to warrant the hype and critical acclaim that GTA IV received. Is that just an opinion? Of course. That's all you really see on here whether it comments or reviews. It's all opinion.

I don't think Halo 3 deserved the hype it had since the campaign was a poor rehash of combat evolved all the way down to the race against the clock ending.

GTA IV may appeal to those who like the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, but I prefer originality over remakes. Again, that's just me. Am I wrong for wanting more? Maybe to some people I guess.

butterfinger3875d ago

I definitely see where you're coming from. Originality is what makes me look forward to littleBigplanet more than any other game this year, or why I can't stop playing echochrome in between GTAIV sessions lol.

Extra Guy3875d ago

I must be the only one who seems to think that San Andreas was better. That game kept me hooked for months, but i'm having trouble staying with GTA4 for days. I can imagine i need to unlock the rest of the stuff first to really enjoy the game, however unlike with GTA:SA i can actually control how much i play. I was so pumped for this game that i think i destroyed it through anticipation. I had been waiting for this since Halo (yes sadly i hadn't bought a single game in the gap between Halo's release and GTA4) and quite frankly i can see myself going back to it after only a couple of weeks at tops. I guess this is one sad gamer =[

littletad3875d ago

The game is just too damn good. It's a marvel of accomplishment in video games. If only the same thing can be said about our society, with the majority of it refusing to educate themselves about video games and their petulant decisions to quickly blame all our troubles on the scapegoat of our favorite leisure activity.

Spydiggity3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

he's right in that video...violence did go up tremendously when TV came out...or around that time. But a lot of other technologies that assisted in the means to commit crimes were coming up too.
Violence in the last 15 years has gone down though, especially in young ppl. schools aren't being shot up nearly as much these days, they just report on it more cuz it's a hot button.
Jack Thompson probably just got owned at Halo his first time to play it and instead of just putting the controller down, he wanted to screw everyone over that doesn't suck at the games.

They don't want you to know these statistics because then they can't get away with suing walmart.

It's rated M for mature, if parents are too uninformed, naive, and flat out stupid to learn what that means, then they should be punished. leave the manufacturers alone. or else i guess we should go after smith n wesson, GE, MTV, Fox, Ford Motor Company, God, and whomever else may, in some way, fuel the fire that leads to another act of violence.

and someone tell me how an act of violence in the US is so terrible that we sit back in horror and then look for something to blame. But when the US carpet bombs a bunch children in Iraq we celebrate it as a successful mission abroad? Innocent ppl are dying all over the world in way worse ways and in much larger numbers by OUR government. But you'll never hear some some idiot with his own show on Fox talkin about how THAT might be corrupting youth. It can't be the mega amounts of money and violence that stem from wars and conflicts between governments, it must be a game meant for entertainment.

And by the way, GTA is a satire on life. it's meant to make a mockery of it. it is pointing out how silly we all are. you aren't supposed to take it seriously. and if you pay attention to the underlying message, you realize the whole idea is to show that life style is bad.
GTA is a clever, funny, entertaining game and nothing more. I doubt one person ever actually played that and then thought they could do that in real life. Kids just think if they blame tv or games, they'll get off the hook after they kill a buncha ppl.

ECM0NEY3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

I wish we could cut people in half with a chainsaw on GTA IV. Hell we cant even blow heads off anymore. If anything GTA IV is toned down.