Stop the GTA 4 Hypocrisy

Jim Rapoza writes:

''With the release of the videogame "Grand Theft Auto 4" we are starting to see a wave of media and politicians condemning the game as an amoral destroyer of our culture, and in many cases calling for a ban of the game. And aside from their hatred of the game and any game like it, most of these people have another thing in common: They have never played the game and, outside of Solitaire and online Scrabble games, they don't play videogames at all.

As a technology enthusiast I am used to people who don't know anything about technology criticizing it and, in the worst cases, trying to pass stupid laws that hinder technological progression. But when it comes to videogames we see more attacks and criticisms by those with no first-hand experience than in any other area of technology''

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