AMD looks to [email protected] language for gaming physics

Ben Hardwidge reports:

''Nvidia may be working towards making its newly acquired PhysX technology the gaming physics standard, but AMD reckons that there are plenty of other alternatives out there, including using Stanford University's and highly parallel Brook language for gaming physics.

AMD's technical director of sales and marketing, Giusseppe Amato, told Custom PC that Brook 'allows you to use the parallel SIMD (single instruction multiple data) array that we have in every stream processor engine…so basically you can make any type of 3D pictorial mathematics calculation. Can it also be used for the physics of the game? The answer is yes.''

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Polluted3875d ago

Nice how AMD just adapts an open programming language for their own needs when it suits them, but they can't be bothered to write some decent open drivers for us.

wass0073875d ago

to bad [email protected] can't help cure the xbox 3 fix me lmao!!!!!

DomUltra3875d ago

Okay seriously obvious personal preference aside, this article doesn't talk about the 360 dude.

wass0073875d ago

ano but a cudnt help it :(

Defectiv3_Detectiv33875d ago

When you look at how much raw data has been processed by PS3's w/ [email protected] the numbers are pretty astonishing. They estimate that it would take 250,000 pcs to process what it takes 10,000 ps3s to process. Now, you take that kind of performance and you apply it to a game and the results will be unlike anything we have ever seen.

The 360 can is going to come out w/ a blu ray version but it still wont have anything on PS3.