Xbox World 360 previews Mirror's Edge

You are the Edge: an outcast citizen of the Mirror, pushed to the fringes of society. Look around you. The sun is shining brightly, the cityscape is simply breathtaking... Life for a fugitive may be lonely, but with views like this who's going to complain?

"The clean look of the game actually grew out of gameplay," explains Tom Farrer, the game's producer as he explains the logic behind the adventure title.

Clean is certainly the right word. The distinctive art style is so striking that it may as well be a trademark of the game, and those vibrant reds may just end up saving your life.

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eyeDEVOUR3851d ago

cant wait to play this game...

MK_Red3851d ago

This game is gonna be huge. I'd love a first person Assassin's Creed but this seems to be much more. 2009's first GOTY candidate IMO even though it seems pretty early.

DomUltra3851d ago

This game looks great, no doubt there will be a flurry of comparison videos to come, but like all EA games.... Ouch..