Best days of PC gaming coming soon

Mark these words, computer graphics processors in the not too distant horizon are poised to make a big leap in technology, much more than we've grown used to seeing over the last several years. Oh yes, good days are ahead for PC gamers. Perhaps the leap will be enough to put some distance between PC and console games so that it'll actually worthwhile again to purchase the PC version instead for those who own both.

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Tyrael3876d ago

Best days of PC gaming indeed: Starcraft 2 is on its way, and Blizzard may be on the brink of announcing Diablo 3

ktchong3875d ago

BioWare is also making Dragon Age, which they promised will be a PC exclusive.

Gorgon3875d ago

"BioWare is also making Dragon Age, which they promised will be a PC exclusive."

Actually, if you read the forums, they said that at this moment its a Pc exclusive but that may change in the future.

Madbrain3876d ago

The major problem is the piracy... not (graphics) processors!!

ruibing3875d ago

And how much we are all willing to pay for new state of the art specs. I've started to discover how I was upgrading my desktops and laptops more often because of gaming applications rather than my everyday use.

alexM3875d ago

even CRISIS and UT3 mega flopped all over the world

COD4 couldnt even sell 500k worldwide on PC

PC gaming and x360 are ALIVE in ONLY MS dreams

thor3875d ago

PC clock speeds haven't improved in about 3-4 years. Yes we have more cores, but _I_ don't see a marked improvement from a few years ago. The most recently released graphics cards just eat up more power for very little gain, and _still_ can't run even crysis on über-max settings. Unless something groundbreaking like nano-technology or something is invented, I can't see computers getting much faster. And let's face it: even with 2x as many polygons, would crysis have looked that much better? Not really, I don't even think the character models can be improved much further (they are awesome). But it would have taken maybe 1.5x as much processing power.

DeadlyFire3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Clock speeds have been moving if you have been paying attention to PC news you would know this. Its mostly only being held back so people can overclock. How far do the latest Chips get pushed when overclocked? Some 4-5+ Ghz with little extra heat. That is saying something if you ask me. I believe Intel will push up their chip speeds a bit in the next couple of generations of their chips up to 4 Ghz. While the new chips will be able to overclock to 5-6 Ghz on air and water as well. IBM promises the next CBE(Cell Broadband Engine) will run at 6 + Ghz. IBMs latest Server Chips run up to 4.7 Ghz with 32 cores. :P

JsonHenry3875d ago

I agree with you man. The only thing holding PCs back now is not the lack of increased clock speed, but programs that make full use of multi-core CPUs and all available RAM.

TheIneffableBob3875d ago

Clock speed is no longer relevant.
It's all about efficiency now. Why do you think Netburst failed? Because, even though it could go to crazy clock speeds like 7 GHz, it ran ridiculously hot and was terribly inefficient. Intel's latest line of 'Core' processors, however, perform much, much better than their Netbursts. For example, a 2 GHz C2D could outperform a 4 GHz P4 or PD easily.

The whole clock speed thing is a marketing ploy you fell into.

Revvin3875d ago

This is nothing new, PC hardware and its upgradability means it will improve on the current crop of consoles in their present life cycle until they release a new model. Its been the same each generation but you have to spend huge ammounts of money on a PC to get the same performance you do out of the current next gen consoles such as the 360 and PS3.

For the price of a decent graphics card you can buy either one of the next-gen consoles and a few games and enjoy playing it in the comfort of your living room on your large screen TV sat of the sofa. Is it any wonder PC gamers like me have slowly spent more money on console versions of multiplatform games? I've spent years building and upgrading PC's and shudder to think what I've spent on PC components.

PC architeture will continue to evolve but we'll still get the same unoptimised rubbish that requires numerous patches and tweaks to run at an acceptable frame rate. To release a game on the console format you have to go through verification processes with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo but on the PC format there is no such quality control. Piracy is killing the PC format so its great to have the hardware - if you can afford it but how many more developers this year will drop the PC format in favour of making console only titles?

Bolts3875d ago

Console games requires a massive dev budget that anything less than a super star developer can never attempt, and with the high bust ratio the risk and reward is roughly the same as PC games. Plus some genres are by their nature, PC bound. I can't imagine myself playing Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3 on my 360 anytime soon. For one because the console version of those games will be crap, two I don't like the idea of paying $10 for four Starcraft 2 maps when the PC version will be downloading hundreds of user created maps for free.

Either way, you'll end up paying. For the console they rape you with absurd DLC content that most PC users wouldn't pay a dime for, on the PC side you pay high upgrade cost to keep your hardcore PC running like a hotrod. But lets not forget the extremely low cost of PC games in general. You can find brand new copy of PC CoD 4 for $35, good luck getting an unopened PS3 or 360's CoD 4 for anything less than $50.

RJ20003875d ago

Basically the idea you are going around is the idea that everything can be pirioted and found for free. Still the basic expenses of keeping your PC up to date is FAR more expensive than any PS3/360 life.

Also things such as Gamefly make console gaming so much cheaper.

Bolts3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

RJ200 you obviously have no clue what you're talking about, there are tons of free user created content via mods, maps, etc etc to be had without ever resorting piracy. We're talking about free fan created content made from developer's tools.

For example if all the Oblivion user created content I have in on my HDD were placed on Live it would be worth hundreds of dollars.

I have 12 professional quality CoD 4 maps on my PC right now, and I almost never play CoD 4 on my PC. Yet for the very short time that I do play, 12 maps very similar in themes as the console's variety pack were auto downloaded on to my PC as soon as I join some random server...without me even lifting a finger.

On my PS3 I had to pay $10 for four pathetic map that barely approach the complexity and scale that some kid spent a week crafting with his PC. Thats $30 worth of free content, made by the fans, for the fans, and automatically distrubted so there is no spliting of the community issue like the console's variety pack. Thats one small example, from one game.

Revvin3875d ago

There are more and more independant developers using the console format on XBOX Live and Playstation Network. Both companies have initiatives to encourage this and its becomming cheaper and cheaper to do so. There are options of course for the PC such as Valve's Steam but as Half-Life 2 was pirated is it as secure as the console option?

I've got no issues in paying for quality content, nobody forces me to buy anything I pick and choose what I want but if its quality stuff then I'll pay for it as I did for the CoD4 maps. People can vote with their wallets. As for Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 - there is no reaso nwhy they would not be good titles on the console format. Once upon a time I swore I'd only play racing and sports games on the console and not FPS games as I was always a mouse and keys guy since the original Wolfenstein and Doom games but now I buy the majority of my gaming software for the console format including FPS games. downloading new maps for CoD4 is all wel land good but if nobody is playing them online then whats the point? I used to play a racing sim called rFactor a lot but online was destroyed by the ammount of mods, it was a job in itself to keep up with what the current hot favourite was and then what version was available for that particular mod, it created mismatches and endless hours searching for hosts so there is somethign to be said for a stable platform with a selection of official maps/mods. You can never compare the ammount you spend on PC upgrades to what you'd spend on DLC, thats absurd.

Finally, its all well and good to compare prices of games with discount but the RRP is not that far apart on PC and console software but to take your exmaple - one of the biggest online stores in the UK still only has CoD4 priced £10 apart between the PC and 360/PS3 and I'd rather spend that extra £10 knowing that the game has gone through the validation process with both Microsoft and Sony to ensure quality where as the PC has none and I've been on the receiving end of too many poorly optimised and buggy PC titles to keep going through that even after magazines and gaming sites give those games glowing reviews. Also worth mentioning is the more secure playing enviroment, I encounter far less cheating on the console versions of games that their PC versions. CoD 2 was all but ruined on the PC by the sheer number of cheats available for it even after Punkbuster. That alone is worth the extra £10. Sadly in an effort to stop piracy all PC users are treated like thieves with all the copy protection etc. On the console I buy the game, put it in the drive and play no need for extra software to be installed such as Starforce or Steam. Starforce was hugely unpopular for the levels it dug into your PC and caused issues, even protection products like Safedisc caused me to have to buy a new CD Rom drive because the one I had would not play those discs when Safedisc was first used. A lot more people have issues with SecureRom. That to me is also worth the extra £10 for the console version of a game.

Charlie26883875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

"For the price of a decent graphics card you can buy either one of the next-gen consoles and a few games"

WOW SWEET I didn't knew the consoles were already sub 200 bucks and the games were around 2 bucks :D

you MUST tell me were I can buy consoles and games that cheap

by the way do you get free outdated info and general lack of knowledge on PC gaming when you buy them? cuz you seem to have got a LOT of that :)

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Kakkoii3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

What a coincidence this blog post is..

I've been saying these things on N4G for the past few days.

@thor: Uhh... Invent nano-technology?

Maybe you shouldn't talk about stuff you don't know. Nano technology has been around for a long time. And has been advancing at a strong pace.
The transistors on a CPU are a mere 45nm..nm stands for NANOMETERS. That is nano-technology.

And if you actually kept up with recent news, you would know there has actually been quite a few breakthroughs in computer related technology.

Recent GPU and CPU technology has merely been in a rut these past couple years. But while in that rut, they have been hard at work creating MUCH better technology.

In July Nvidia will be bringing out a graphics chip with over 1 BILLION transistors on it. Currently the most transistors on a GPU chip is 754 Million, 8800GT is a card that uses that chip.

That upcoming chip is just a taste of things to come.

Both CPU and GPU companies are going threw some major advancements. Just you wait and see.

@Revvin: Actually that's FALSE. For the price it takes to buy a 360 or PS3, you could buy a TOP OF THE LINE graphics card. Which can handle games at much higher settings then the consoles. You just didn't know enough about the parts you can buy to keep you from spending so much money.

Revvin3875d ago

I know plenty about the parts I buy, I've been doing this for long enough to know just putting a new graphics card in your PC isn't necessarily going to help if its bottlenecked by a slow CPU or lack of RAM. Its no coincidence that a lot of my LAN party one-time PC only mates are now buying consoles especially when faced by the poorly optimised and buggy software the developers are pushing on PC users.

Charlie26883875d ago

WOW Revvin you know about PC gaming? by you comments who would have EVER guess it!

are you sure you are not talking about your PC gaming 10 years ago?

cuz it sure sounds like it :)

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