LEGO Indiana Jones Gameplay

Kotaku writes:

I can't friggin wait for this game to come out. Seriously. Tristan and I have actually been watching through the trilogy to prepare for the game, not the movie. LEGO Star Wars is one of the only games that the two of us played through all the way (three times, including once on the DS).

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ElementX3880d ago

I'm curious to see what sort of enemies are after Indiana. I mean, the movies weren't action packed with a million guys going after him.

NDN_Shadow3880d ago

Who describes a LEGO game as sexy?

LinuxGuru3880d ago

I am seriously getting sick of all the LEGO knockoffs.

It was cute at first, but LEGO Star Wars was about all I could handle....but they insisted on bringing Batman AND now Indy into the mix....ugh

LeonSKennedy4Life3880d ago

If this is sexy, Crysis is rape-worthy.