Feature: Grand Theft Auto Bore

GamePro writes: You may have heard of this game: Grand Theft...Auto...something. Plus we score you a couple free GTA games and take a spin with Mario's new ride.

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badkolo3876d ago

ive only played for 5 hours but it does feel a little sim's like.

its fun as hell but theres a few things that feel slow paced but i guess it gets busier later on.

wolfehound223876d ago

Ya I've played about 15 hours and it gets more intense. Now the whole sims like comparison you make I don't really agree I see a little of it, take your friends out or going on dates thats pretty much where it stops though. This is a great game. Can't get enough other than just a few issues. Just love it.

thereapersson3876d ago

The city as a whole seems a lot less interesting. I mean sure, I can drive around and kill tons of random people, and steal vehicles, going on a murderous hit and run killing spree, but what really pulled me into the previous games were the little side-activities you could pick up. It's why I still play GTA III and Vice City (and to a lesser extent, San Andreas) to this very day. Without these additions, GTA IV, while exponentially larger than the previous iterations, seems dull in comparison...

wolfehound223876d ago

There are still a ton of side missions. All the missions that open up when you become friends with people. Dealing drugs, running cabs, races. The only thing I really see that is not there is the rampages. Just wondering how far your into the game and what is missing that is different from past GTA's.

TheEndzor3876d ago

I am almost done with the game but i find myself bored at times now..

The only GTA i finished was GTA3 i rarely finish these games as it does get repetitive. Dont get me wrong the game is great i guess its not my cup of tea

oh and one complaint i had: Next game i hope they put checkpoints on the longer missions.

ECM0NEY3875d ago

my one complaint is hanging out with friends and if u dont they will stop giving thier perks. Brucie is a needy b**** he calls me more than anyone.