Toys"R"Us Pretends To Have Wiis In Stock, Disappoints Customers

The Consumerist reports:

Toys"R"Us' website may claim to have Wiis in stock, but as reader Nick discovered yesterday, they don't. Nick ordered the elusive console first thing yesterday morning, but Toys"R"Us quickly sent an email explaining that the Wii was backordered and unavailable. As of this morning, Toys"R"Us' website still inexplicably lists the Wiis as "In Stock."

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BrotherNick3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

This seems to be the opposite case from what many think. No comments here. Ignoring some articles that are against your view is a natural thing though, it's like someone telling you the truth, you just don't want to hear it.

BrotherNick3880d ago

That is shady as hell though what ToysRUs did...

Bnet3433880d ago

lol you replied to yourself, and looking at your avatar just made it funnier xD

BrotherNick3880d ago

Sometimes I reply to myself in real life. I'm a hoot.

Denzelio3880d ago

That's not himself when he places the patch over the other eye :)

jadenkorri3880d ago

goto your local GS/EB store, yes them, ask when they get shipments, they will tell you around what time it will be in, wait there everyday till those shipments come in and see if you get lucky and a Wii comes in...(obviously leave afterwards) rinse repeat... I did this 2 days in a row after Zelda Twilight Princess was released and I got my Wii then...Then, last Xmas my brother asked me about a week before Christmas to check for Wii's around my area as he wanted to get one for my nephew, (yeah I know a week) again I planted myself at my local EB, and called places from there on my cell phone, and just after 3 days of waiting for shipments, it was less than a week till Christmas and low and behold Wii's came in, 6 beautiful white boxes, my nephew was happy on Christmas day.... I couldn't even tell him i got it for him....stupid Santa, you didn't wait 9 hours at EB I did...taking all the credit...

barom3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

meh just go to your local target on an early sunday (opening recommended).

And honestly this ain't that bad. Websites runs on codes and it might just be an error in the system or that the system only updates every 24 hours. So yeah it's not that bad, FYI it's already been updated

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ArtisianDragon3881d ago

I called them after seeing that and feeling the rush of "Oh I'm about to get a wii!" But no...Called the store and the rep. told me they didn't have any. Oh well hope places get shipments tonight and I plan to just search at 4 AM anyway.

Aclay3880d ago

I heard something about Toys "R" US supposedly having a big shipment of Wii's coming in on a Podcast, but I guess it was just a hoax to get people to pre-order there Wii at Gamestop or just to get people to come to the store.

Bnet3433880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

They go up on eBay ever second, but people bid as much as $300 everytime

DarkSniper3880d ago

This is a sign by the gaming gods that Nick needs to order himself a PLAYSTATION® 3 to fufill his casual gaming needs.


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