Get a ban for sharing PSN-games? reports that you could get banned from the Playstation Network when you share PSN-games on multiple PS3's.

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sonarus3877d ago

yea i knew sony would fvk that up sooner or later.

lodossrage3877d ago

I too felt that it was a matter of time before they started eliminating that multiple psn game sharing.

jadenkorri3877d ago

i shared , my psn games that i dled and bought, i gave copies to my roomate and even a cpl to my friends, but he gave me what i didn't have, granted if i formatted i would lose them but i don't have to do that....i haven't been banned...yet..(goes and loggs onto his psn)....someone want to explain exactly what sony will/would ban you for....

znu3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )


you wont get banned for sure

they point of the download 5 times is so that u can download it again if u format or ur ps3 screws up on you. I had a really bad incident while back and let me just say that im on my fourth ps3 and have downloaded everything back. They won't say anything.

Sony is understanding

FourtyPoundSteak3876d ago

why the hell are u on ur 4th PS3?? wth are u doing to it?

znu3876d ago

should've explained

first one just screwed up on me(collected dust while i was gone for summer leading to yellow blinking lights)

next two were sent back defective(not working properly) and personally i don't know whether it was sony or delivering company

i was very pissed but then the sony consumer report guy assured me that the chances of happening again are very slim. took his word and bam, playing my new awesome ps3

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Jack Bauer3877d ago

well... it is stealing...unless of course they are your ps3s and you're the one that plays them.

sonarus3877d ago

lol actually not its not. I actually remember an article where sony encouraged it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3877d ago

Encouraged or not...

It's still illegal.

CrazzyMan3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

stupid americans..
soon you will have to buy same song for every family member, same movie for every family member since everyone must have it`s own copy - this is soo stupid.

buy same song for pc, buy same song for mp3, buy same song for mobile - why not just copy on mp3? because sharing - stealing.

p.s. oh wait, that guy below already bought 4 ps3 and going to buy one more, cool! Now buying 5!!! copies of SAME psn game for every ps3 is the best way to spend your money! This is soo cool! Not.

sonarus3877d ago

Well just in case anyone is still wondering, i did a quick search and this popped up. I remember the sharing article encouraging sharing popped up sometime when warhawk was released because it was the first game where sharing was diabled.

As you can see in the article, it clearly say: "You can send that content to four other friends for that initial investment,"

That is coming straight from Jack Trenton. All i know is i have done it and sony said its ok so i won't be losing any sleep over it:D

Richdad3877d ago

It is stealing they cant let it get away.

DomUltra3877d ago

They said you can send it to your friend as a TRAIL period, not actually them investing in a free copy brother.

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niall773877d ago

so dont copy games and dont get banned

the greatest3877d ago

i have 4 ps3
1 for me
1 for my girl
1 for my son
1 for my brother
soon more 1 for my older son
Graduation Gift

Breakfast3877d ago

How bout one for me. So i can repackage it, and sell it to you. So you can give one to your wife!

ElementX3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I can find better ways to spend $1700+ You don't have 4, you own 1. The rest were gifts to others.

Denzelio3877d ago

@ the greatest

Let Sony know that, they'll give you an exception :)

How many 360 owners can say they gave 360's to others, they'll be to busy replacing their own.

the greatest3877d ago

i have $$$$$$$$
i also have a wii and 360 Collecting Dust

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Darkiewonder3877d ago

can someone explain to me.

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