Battle of the Brands: Nintendo Wii vs. Sony PS3

The Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 were released within two weeks of each other, in November of 2006, as the latter two of the three "seventh generation" home video-game consoles, with the Microsoft Xbox 360, released a year earlier, being the third. Now, a year and a half later, it is time to review how the two gaming machines stand up to each other.

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Maddens Raiders3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

pretty much rehashed news. I'd just like to know how Sony can steal the Wii-mote idea with the Sixaxis while these guys say nothing of Nintendo stealing the Wii-mote from Atari's Le Stick? ..And both the Wii and PS3 stealing online itegration from the XBox? I guess the Dreamcast was just a "dream" to these guys.

That's what you get when non-gamers write articles about things they know not.

BrotherNick3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Le stick you say? I just googled that, good find. It sounds like you're being sacrastic but that is the actual name. http://gamingmuseum.classic... (7th one down). It is true this guy doesn't really know what he's talking about...gotta do research before you spout untrue crap.

BrotherNick3880d ago

haha, I also added your info to one of my threads and made sure to give you credit. :P

Trekster_Gamer3881d ago

The 360 is still ahead of the PS3 by leaps and bounds yet you can't even vote for it??

I think this article is to just get people to argue...

Breakfast3881d ago that comment wasnt

Dont worry i do the same thing :)

LeonSKennedy4Life3880d ago

That's not as true as you might think...

The PS3 reached 6 million over 5 months before the 360. I just think your proportions are off. If we're going by sheer numbers, the PC is DESTROYING! Listen...the Wii is ahead of the 360. Nobody plays games on their Wii though. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the gimmick of the Wii. You buy it, you play it, you recommend it, you get tired of it, it only sees the light of day when some idiot of a friend comes over and says, "OH, you have a Wii! I've never played one!" (They totally have.)

The long road back to the top has already begun for Sony. They and Microsoft both know the PS3 will tear the other two consoles apart soon enough.

Voiceofreason3880d ago

Hey rocket scientist then how do you explain the fact that Wii is always ahead in software sales if nobody plays it.. I mean your excuse sounds good in theory but reality blows it to pieces..I think its time you fanboy haters actually got some useful info.Wii has a higher attach rate than PS3. It sales way more software than PS3. If nobody is playing the Wii at all, then they sure as hell have nothing to do with the PS3 either.NPD proves you wrong MR rocket scientist without a clue..

games4fun3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

the wii is on par with a ps2 or a gamecube in terms of graphics but has a casual interface allowing many non-gamers to play it and nintendo fanboys in denial about how kiddy their system has truly become and for all things mario over and over and ...

ill break down and buy a wii when Skies of Arcadia 2 is released because so far its wii exclusive it was a wtf moment when i heard about it

the ps3 is for people who have actually liked games all their life and wanted to buy a next gen system with the familiar franchises they know

bought mine for mgs4/ff13/god of war 3/team ico/

360 is for 10 year olds to yell at me on xbox-live, pretty much forcing me to play with the mute on all day, also for me to play gears which is the only game i want from 360

might buy if gears 2 has dedicated servers otherwise i'll stick to playing my roommates 360

avacadosnorkel3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

I think you're wrong here buddy, it's not that simple. Sony seems to be more interested in developing new game franchises. For people who want to play familiar franchises they should go for the 360 because MS is all about buying a piece of the old successful PS2 franchises.

games4fun3881d ago

right with msofts years and years of familiar franchises oh wait...

your arguement is so weak its pretty ridiculous they only have i generation of titles to draw from

i know fanboys can spin things but this takes the cake, you go to name games for the xbox brand and they have only been around for a few years as opposed to sony with over a decade of franchises?

BIoodmask3881d ago

You mean kind of like what Sony did to Nintendo back in the day?

BrotherNick3881d ago

I think the graphics on the wii isn't a hardware limitation but a software one, because it's easy for devs to make ps2/wii ports.

games4fun3881d ago

i'm not going to act like nintendo didnt have awesome games back in the day but the reason they left was that it came down to the cd disk for psone, they didnt buy them they got them with better technology kinda like now i guess

also at burrito man if mgs4/ff13/god of war werent exclusive you might actually have a point instead of being a fanboy

TheTerminator3880d ago

Nintendo is the king of remakes-er I mean sequels to mario games

dan-boy3880d ago

that's a fist full of fanboyism rite there....obviously gran tourismo FIVE is the first of a new franchise lol, and that's just one example i'm using here. every console has sequels, and developers/publishers/platform holders like sequels to successful games because they already have a fanbase, and are pretty much guaranteed to sell..

but, talking to people like you is a waste of time! so, the creche(open zone) is that way-----> off you go and join the rest of the kids there please.

yesah3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

thats not exactly true either, sony is starting new franchizes but their getting continuations of them as well. Killzone 2, MGS4, GT5, GTA4, God of War. are all continuations.

avacadosnorkel3880d ago

You all have taken it the wrong way. And to list one or two games on the PS3 library is not making a case against what I originally said. It's true that Sony is more interested in making new franchises. They still will release God of War, Gran Turismo, and Ratchet. But if you fools would look at the overall outlook they are attempting to establish fresh ideas - Infamous, Resistance, Heavenly Sword, Lair, 8 days, etc.

360 gets PS2 games in HD. They paid to get GTA. They are close with CAPCOM so they got Devil May Cry. Seriously, this isn't a fanboy post, it's the truth. If you want to keep playing PS2 games get a 360.

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Homicide3881d ago

Both consoles are great, and I love them both. But it's PS3 for me. It has way more games that I'm interested in. Also, online gaming and graphics are a huge advantage over Wii, but I understand Nintendo went with a different direction for it. The PS3 has been doing pretty good for it's price and without a highly recognized IP. GTA IV is the first well known IP to come out for the PS3. I'm curious to see what it does to hardware sales.

Jon Cage3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

The release of GTA4 is going to sell more PS3's. I keep on telling myself I need to get one of those analyst jobs. To get paid for stating the obvious. Man I can have a lot of fun with that job. Oh and also GTA4 is going to sell more 360's. The only console that isn't going to sell more because of GTA is the Wii.

LeonSKennedy4Life3880d ago

Actually, I'd say Devil May Cry 4 was the first easily-recognizable series on the PS3.

Then we have:

Metal Gear Solid 4
Resident Evil 5
Final Fantasy XIII & VXIII
Gran Turismo 5
God of War III
Kingdom Hearts III (If if happens soon.)

New IP's that will own in sales:
Resistance 2
Motorstorm: Pacific Whatever
Uncharted 2: Drake's Old VHS Collection (Leaked title)

Homicide3880d ago

Well, I was thinking percentage wise, how much it will jump.

Oh yeah Leon, I forgot about Devil May Cry. I kinda forgot about that game. It only helped boost PS3 sales in Japan. Everywhere else, remained the same.

MEGAHURTZ863881d ago

I just want to say that online gaming was not created by xbox live and that neither sony nor nintendo stole the idea of online line CONSOLE gaming from xbox live. Online console gaming was first introduced in the early 90's with the super famicom(Japan Only) but it was just a little bit ahead of its time. Also the dreamcast had online capabilites with phantasy star online and sega sports nfl2k. sony and nintendo in this generation cant' be compared to each other and for that case the xbox either. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses but to me the playstation 3 just seems to outshine the everyone else.

Only time will tell if the xbox 360 and nintendo wii will be around come 2010

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