Angry GTA4 fan Creates freeze page on you tube

this page is solely dedicated to the individuals, whether owners of a playstation 3 or xbox360, who have been affected by the GTA4 freezing epidemic and also for those who have lost their entire gaming systems to the problem as well.

this is page is here simply to chronicle the freezing epidemic and let naysayers see that this epidemic is very real and very universal. people have lost not only 70 dollars on a game but their entire systems and will now have to spend more of their hard-earned money on replacements, due to a faulty product from rockstar games, which is appauling.

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InYourMom3877d ago

Ahhh, suprise it's another PS3 owner. I have still yet to run into 1 360 person who has had a lockup issue yet it continues to be said in these articles.

Laughable. Glad I did not get the PS3 version.

FIXGTA4NOW3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Umm you do realize that this also aplies to the 360? There is also a couple of 360 user videos on there.

power of Green 3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

The page has many more video's I'v only watched 2 so far both PS3. I wonder if some of the reports for the 360 have to do with some bad discs people are getting if the 360 reports are even real. There's some faulty discs for the 360 I had one and returned it for a new one and the game shop guy said there was other 360 gamers buying defective discs and returning them.

It had some sort of smudge on my first disc like the machines fuc*ed them up durring mass production.

1.2, I don't believe it at all; its not what PS3 is going through thats for sure. PS3 fanboys are shaddy and could have reported the issue when they don't own the 360, they've done it before.

alexM3877d ago

everyone buys the PS3 version

Too Bad it is not RRROD

ALl x360s models are affected by FREEZING

check the tag below

Here is the FREEZING on XBREAK 3 FX ME


Other reports of X360 would have to do with HOUSES BEING burnt by it.

People being burnt/killed by that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME

Others although PS3 version has a FIX even Rockstar has said that that there is no FIX for freezing on X360 as it is HARDWARE related .

said to ROCKSTAR theselves to KOTAKU

Mclovin963876d ago

You stupid fanboy cunt, just because someone shows the 360 game case in front of the screen doesn't mean its the 360 version playing. I have yet to see solid proof that the 360 version freezes. Maybe you should link a video showing someone putting the game into their 360 and play until it freezes. I bet you will have a hard time finding that one.

Just for the record im not an xbot, I have the PS3 version of the game and it's awesome.

Xlll3876d ago

I doubt you do. But in any case it was already reported that a batch of GTA IV for BOTH console have defects. So please stop pretending to have a PS3.

Mclovin963876d ago

Why would I pretend to have a PS3? Do you think im scared of fanboys like you? LOL, I will go BAS RUTTEN on you jerkoffs spreading lies about the 360.

Xlll3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

PSN please i wanna see you "go BAS RUTTEN" on me Mr. Internet They Don't Know Where I Live So I Can Talk Big thug.

power of Green 3876d ago

A 360 game case infront of a screen thats loading?, where the proof somethings wrong and where's the solid proof like the PS3 issues from youtube?. I can make(doctor) any of those video's you fanboys have shown.

Xlll3876d ago

You must have totally ignored 1.9 then.

DomUltra3876d ago

Xbox 360 fanboys in denial, it's freezing on both, just like both versions have the exact same god damn graphics down to a tee, both happen to have same damn problems, give it up people.

dan-boy3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

no your the ps3 fanboy in denial mate! it's ps3 problem! i still have not had a lock-up yet...after hours of play aswell. i don't know anyone that's had the problem either.

your still p!ssed the ps3 version wasn't superior aren't you?! and to top it off. the ps3 version has a few problems to boot!!

we now know why R* never showed the ps3 version pre-launch!

let's just wait for your rrod come-back shall we!

@ alexM/ shadow hearts/ sammy_mantra

or what ever your calling yourself nowadays. stfu you demented wierdo fanboy! your a sad sony sheep without life or girlfriend! i should feel sorry for people like you. unfortunately, your so sad, i don't.

DomUltra3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

@ Dan-boy

Lol okay dude, you can cry about it, or act like a grown man, but then again I think your capped out at 10 anyway, but seriously head out your ass brother.

I love the majority of Xbox 360 fan boys.

"It hasn't happened to me, so it can't be happening!"

Right, just like the texture pop in, jaggies, and frame rates right?

Both wings of the argument are arguably retarded but, by FAR by a fυckin' mile, Xbox 360 fanboy's are down right the most retarded.

Seriously, theres proof in every nook and cranny, the professionals unanimously agreed the PS3 looks visually better, to me I could care less they look the same, to the Xbot's though, they're still in denial, take it as you will dude.

P.S. the internet is serious business, retard, lol.

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Genesis53877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Well I've been playing it on my Feb. 07 60 gig(20 + hrs) and I haven't had so much as one drop in the frame rate. So it's hard to say what the issue is.

Adriana Lima3877d ago

3 times during multiplayer
and sometimes it won't pass the loading screen.

Hurry up with the patch!!

Breakfast3877d ago

Mine has frozen...but started back up in like 10 - 20 seconds

gamesR4fun3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

ya every system is affected

ps thx for an edit option however brief lol.

Megaton3876d ago

Mine played perfectly the first 2 days I had it, but then last night it went all crazy. Infinite loading screens and freezes. Shutting off internet on the PS3 fixed it for me, but I know there's another group out there that hasn't even been able to get past the intro cut scene since launch, and nothing is able to fix it for them.

thisguywithhair3876d ago

My game worked perfectly until I went to do Playboy X's construction level. Every time I started to cutscene it would freeze. I disconnected the internet and now everything has worked fine.

Lifendz3876d ago

when I tried to load up my game and got stuck on the now loading screen. I stayed for awhile and then I gave up. Did a quick search and found out that if you sign out of PSN the problem is solved. I did and voila, I was back on the streets.

P.S....keep driving guys. It's not how GTA driving used to be but you'll get the hang of it eventually.

PSN: Lifendz

hfaze3876d ago

I have an 80GB PS3 (Motorstorm bundle), and I had the freezing issue on Friday and yesterday. Whenever I tried to start the game, it would get to where it was loading my save game and just hang. Logging out of PSN fixed it, but ruled-out any chance of online play.

The good news is that I have played a good few matches online this morning with no issues. I'm not sure what happened to cause that hiccup, but it seems to be fixed now.

Milky3876d ago

mine kept on freezing when I signed into psn. I tried again today while I was in the safehouse and it worked. Now I can play online. I wasnt missing anything though, found out that online is a big dissapointment.

waltercross3876d ago

Ours froze about 5 times in single player mode
and about 4 times in Multiplayer mode(at the loading screen switching between game modes).

LJWooly3876d ago

Mine froze once, but I think that was the PS3, not the game, because as soon as I turned the console off and then on again, it worked perfectly, and has done for three days of near-constant playing.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, seriously, it must suck right now for you guys going through this problem. Hope it gets fixed soon :)

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FIXGTA4NOW3877d ago

I think the main reason there is a lack of 360 videos on here is because this originated on the playstation forums

alexM3877d ago

in psfroums some trolls were posting some FAKE caps too

which include CAPTAIN TUTTLE from N4G---a XTARD posting crap info about PS3 in the PS boards and FIRSTKNIGHT too . he was posting fake info with an ID --theMAN

ElementX3877d ago

I have yet to experience any freezing. Wait, once when it was loading a mission I pressed a lot of buttons on the controller and it never loaded so I had to restart my 360. Maybe it was my button mashing.