Slightly Mad: WiiU can fully deliver the Project Cars Experience

Slightly Mad Studios seems confident that WiiU's hardware is strong enough to fully deliver the core Project CARS experience on the system.

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Razjin1579d ago

But yet the Wii U is not being compare to a high end pc? if I recall the last article talking about PS4.

Alexious1579d ago

I'm not sure what do you mean, of course WiiU can't be compared to a high-end PC, only PS4 can among consoles and even then a $/€ 1000+ PC will likely be more powerful anyway.

Dehnus1579d ago

That's bullshit, if you do not get an Intel CPU and know what you're buying, you can easily pass the PS4 for under 500 dollars.

People are just so addicted to Intel CPU's of 250 big ones, even though the PS4 only uses a Mobile CPU, okay 8 cores but still the amount of cores don't matter as much as what each core can do.

But you certainly do not need 1000 bucks to build yourself a PC that can beat it.

Muerte24941579d ago


no, just no. Please stop. I build my own gaming PCs and what you're suggesting isn't feasible price/performance-wise. CPU/DDR3/MOBO/SSD/GFXcard all for under $400 or even $500 wouldn't get you close to similar performance. Stop spreading misinformation. PC's brute force their games with little to no optimization.

Chrischi19881579d ago

The amount of cores does not matter, as long as games only run on four or less cores. The Intel I5-3570K with 4 cores was more powerful than an AMD 8 Core FX8150, but the AMD had higher clockspeed, higher speed-up, more cores and all, what does that tell us, that people, who used amount of cores and clockspeed as an argument for their console, are just trolling and acting like they understand any of it, because the number is higher.

starfox0791579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

WiiU is and has always been compared to the best pc version available and here are some details on wiiu version remember its running Native720p with all settings and physics except a few tiny things on 1 core and it's not been maximized yet ??? so Native 720p 30fps with all graphics in place on 1 core witj no optimizing done yet....

Also SMS have been playing around with wiiu devits developing the game for 2 years now.....a pre alpha tester for wiiu said the wiiu cpu makes an i5 read

NeoTribe1579d ago

Wii u has not and will never be compared to a high end pc. Get a life bro. Wii u is super weak sauce. Has no games, no third party, worst controller ive seen. Crappy online service even if it is free, which it damn well better be for being so bad. I gotta say, ive never seen a dedicated nintendo troll lol. Must be hard being a troll of the weakest piece of hardware around. Id rather be a texas instrument calculater troll.

TruthInsider 1579d ago

Its 720p @ 30fps, i should hope it could do a driving game at that seeing as even PS3 has GT6 running at 1440x1080p @ 60fps with dynamic weather, night & day cycle, tessellation etc etc..

PCars should be 1080p @ 60fps on PS4 then.

starfox0791579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

The WiiU version has been confirmed ages ago its using dx11 assets get a life wow WiiU has more dx11 games then ps4 or xbox1

Here is the full article....don't know why N4G isn't directing you here..

Alexious1579d ago

Lol man, you are so wrong on all levels I don't even know where to start. I guess with that nickname, it was to be expected.

mcstorm1579d ago

Sounds good to me look forward to seeing the difference between the wiiu, ps4/xbox one and pc versions.

jay21579d ago

PMSL! erm..........This was coming out on ps3/360 so yeah Wii U's more powerful than those like 0.00000001% but still.

wonderfulmonkeyman1579d ago

From the article:
"The Wii U is more than capable of providing the core Project CARS experience. Sure, some super-high-level graphical effects may not be possible but in comparison it also offers a unique interaction experience via the GamePad controller, with the second screen potentially becoming your track map overview, rear-view mirror, telemetry, or simply mimicking a real race car steering wheel whilst you use the gyroscope to drive.

Plus there are great possibilities to extend our existing WMD community into the Mii Community with discussion and sharing of content and ideas."

So, short version; they'll be giving up on a bit of the graphics in trade for more gameplay features, and on top of that they'll be using Miiverse for idea hunting and info gathering about the title.

Sounds like a fair trade-off to me. What's a few extra sparkles, after all?
I just hope they remember to include all the modes and any DLC that might come alongside it.

mamotte1579d ago

Finally, someone who actually read the article, instead of jumping to conclusions like "They're promising the same graphics as a high end PC"

wonderfulmonkeyman1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I'm just one of those types that doesn't give a crap about having the super high end graphics, that's all.
It's why I'm not an early adopter of the PS4; it takes more than pretty sparkles and [so far] empty promises of being "the future of gaming" to entice me to plop down $450+.
I'm waiting for more games that will make the purchase worthwhile.

starfox0791579d ago

He clearly said some super high level graphics might did you read might means not final yet so wiiu version might still get those effects but even without it's basically saying wiiu will be 95% matching the high end pc....

wonderfulmonkeyman1579d ago

Doubt that.
I think you're reading too much into a "might".
There's definitely going to be a few spots where the graphics aren't the same, but you know what?
Only the console war fanboy soldiers and graphics whores really give that much of a crap over this issue.


Fluff meant to attract sheeple by snaring interest at a glance.

It's the gameplay and support that will determine whether or not the game gets good sales, in the end.

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