Battlefield 4 server and PC patches fix crashes and more

Battlefield 4‘s most recent patches went live Dec. 20: a server-side update and a patch for the Windows PC version of the game, according to forum posts from developer EA DICE.

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dieforgame1545d ago

Connection error is problem here and its fine with crashes here.

BlingBlaine1544d ago

Still crashing at the end of matches in cq 64 and countless game breaking bugs still plague the game.

Free dlc should be in order.

cyclindk1543d ago

They'd pretty much have to for me... only way I would get it because they don't get another dime from me for this game, OR the next unless they prove they can bring back the magic.

Schizoid1543d ago

Damn I'm really getting frustrated with this game. I have all the BF's. Dice, EA you are only moments away from being dead to me.

powerplayer251544d ago

Wish they would do something with this game. Still crashes and still keeps resetting my campaign save.

venom061544d ago

not crashing at all since this latest fix/patch... LOVING the game now with no interruptions... FINALLY!!!!

Activemessiah1544d ago

Gamers really are gluttons for punishment...

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