PS4 and Xbox One: Stop the Rivalry (Parody)

This year has seen enough rampant fanboyism; Christmas is a time for peace. Allow us to explain through the time-honoured medium of parody song.

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XiSasukeUchiha1009d ago

True that this is really becoming overkill

ali3121009d ago

If you are a gamer then console wars mean diddly shit, you play to enjoy

HardcoreGamer1009d ago

Yeh but ppl hating microsoft, did you know what they tried to do to their fans? and normal gamers

GrizzliS19871009d ago

god dam that was f***** g*y

geeks to the max, saddens me that i have to be associated with this stereotype for playing games.

they actually took the time to make this and somehow didnt come off as LAME to them from the getgo.


Phoenix761009d ago

Can we stop the Rivalry?? lol Merry Xmas everyone :D

BattleTorn1009d ago

The funniest part was when they said "wish I'd bought a Wii last Christmas" ROFL