Playstation 4 Impressions Roundup

Rob writes,

"Sony promised one major thing in February when they announced to the world that the Playstation brand was taking a much needed gamer-friendly approach. This one thing was a focus on games and gamers. This means that instead of worrying about silly television, twitter, or other social connections directly, the PS4 will be a gaming console with the main focus on the video games themselves. Of course social media and other entertainment outlets such as Hulu and Netflix will be readily available, but this is now where Sony’s main focus lies."

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KingDadXVI1614d ago

I kind of lost faith in his opinions when in the first sentence of the second page he states that the Dual Shock 3 was his favorite controller of all time. Then again at the end of the opinion piece I have to question his logic again in the statement: "but with its focus on games and gamers, Sony may have redeemed themselves from their previous outing." I assume he is referring to Sony's mantra that they are for gamers because there is little evidence of this in fact.

It is one thing to come out and claim that you are a gaming console for gamers and quite another to produce the games themselves. I am sure that at some point they will more than a couple of great games out there but at this point Sony has done little more than blow hot air into the room.

I can understand having a bit of a weak launch but to have only a couple of confirmed AAA exclusives (Infamous and The Order) for the entire next year is pretty pathetic coming from a company that claims it is all about the games.

Sorry, but that is why I will not be picking up a PS4 until next holiday season or 2015. You said you were about games so bring them.

Gamer-401614d ago

Ps4 cool console, but i will not be picking up a PS4 yet. I don't care Knack or KZSF.

I wait TRUE GREAT next-gen games. Witcher 3, Gran Turismo 7, ND new game, SSM new game.