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Nintendo's final 2013 Nintendo Direct stays true to their unique form

GameZone writes, "In this, the Year of Luigi, we have learned to expect the unexpected from Nintendo. While Microsoft and Sony have been preparing their consoles with the same old, same old, Nintendo has taken a totally different approach. They’ve released an HD version of a Zelda game (not Majora’s Mask -- the one people are begging for -- but Windwaker), dressed up their mascot in a cat suit, released a Grand Theft Auto inspired sandbox game featuring Lego characters, failed to stop the presses at any major gaming event, and spat in the face of any type of conventional thinking." (3DS, Wii U)

starfox079  +   268d ago
Iwata this year Mainstream

Next year Hardcore....

His words so try to listen........next year they will push great games like DK,Bay2,X,MK8,Smash,maybe even start doing commercials for 3rd party content for Watchdogs ect......

N4G is now trying to make everyone think WiiU is just for Mainstream and not Hardcore when Iwata clearly said from 2014 expect the Hardcore to come 1st....
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JohnnyTower  +   268d ago
What is hardcore? Nintendo has been passed up by quite a few 3rd party devs, and that is one of their biggest issues. Maybe they can release a Lego Watchdogs or something.
I Love Nintendo, but adult IP's haven't been their strong suit lately.
KonsoruMasuta  +   268d ago
Watchdogs is being released on the WiiU and Assassin's Creed is on there. They also have Bayonetta 2 coming next year.
starfox079  +   268d ago
Niche 3rd party devs have passed wiiu that's all......
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   268d ago
What do you mean, "what is hard core"?
All of the games he listed are games that appeal to core gamers.
And as to third parties, they screwed themselves over with their launch titles on the system.
There weren't many people willing to put up with poorly optimized Ports of games with missing content that Wii owners had already played on the PS360.

Third party efforts were bad on the Wii U's launch. Only a few select ones actually stepped up to deliver new, memorable experiences.

People like EA need to step up THEIR game on the wii u, if they are actually serious about wanting it to be a good source of profit for them.
If they can't prove that they can do better in the long run, then they, and others Like them, won't even be missed on the wii u, compared too platinum and others like them who actually put forth real effort to crater new, core oriented games for the system.
JohnnyTower  +   268d ago
@monkeyman-no I'm genuinely asking what is a Hardcore game? One with 18+ rating? Or does it have to be unmercifully difficult?
@Starfox I would t consider Rockstar to be niche developer. Gta V sold bazillions and Nintendo didn't get a piece. And the lack of extra content and exclusives only hurt them.
I still play my Wii U. But really just for the casual games.
-Foxtrot  +   268d ago
"N4G is now trying to make everyone think WiiU is just for Mainstream and not Hardcore when Iwata clearly said from 2014 expect the Hardcore to come 1st...."

Oh come off it, the only reason people think it's for the mainstream is because Nintendo have done hardly nothing to make people believe otherwise.

"Iwata clearly said from 2014 expect the Hardcore to come 1st...."

Gee...heard that one before

Remember all the big talk about third party support when the console was revealed.

Why is it the same old "Oh just wait untill next year/E3/VGA's/Nintedos Direct" excuse.
miyamoto  +   267d ago
Question is how many core Nintendo fans even care for hardcore games because even casual nor hardcore 3rd party games don't even sell well on Wii U....because Nintendo Fans are Too Smart to Buy Third-Party AAA Games, right?
jholden3249  +   268d ago
This is so ridiculous. We're talking about GAMES here. Trivial entertainment provided by interative video. Hardcore, casual, mature, kiddie. All that stuff is straight nonsense.

Anyone who feels the need to define who they are by the games that they play is immature. You are not HARDCORE or MATURE for playing a gritty game with M+ rating. Nor are you a CHILD for playing a colorful game with an E rating.

It's ENTERTAINMENT people, like watching movies. You don't JUST watch rated R movies an go around calling yourself hardcore because of it do you? No! You watch all kinds of movies, regardless of the rating, as long as it's, wait for it, ENTERTAINING. From the big Hollywood action blockbusters to the lesser known cinematic masterpieces, comedies, dramas, you name it.

Nintendo makes some excellent games. If they were movies they'd be the ones winning all kinds of awards, and the 3rd party AAA games would be the summer high-octane action blockbusters. So tired of people condescending toward Nintendo as if they are superior and Nintendo is inferior. No. If you don't like a game, just say, "I don't like that game. It's not for me". People should stop lumping ALL Ninteno games into one big category and dismissing them. Each game is different and each one should be judged on its own merits of how fun it is.
Chrischi1988  +   267d ago
You cant expect much from fanboys on here, there is so much shit coming around, so much false information and so often the same news repeated by some fanboy as he is the center of the core and what he wants is what all want. To bad we dont use real names on here, or at least the age next to the name, that would be something. People would start to become more polite.
Chrono  +   268d ago
Nintendo has no chance of doing well next year.

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