[GameSkinny] Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 Review

Gameskinny reviews this premium $290 gaming headset. Does it live up to its promise of working cross platform? Does the audio quality justify the high price tag? Find out in the review.

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GSKerns1611d ago

Oh yeah, I should also note that we are holding a contest to give away this headset, along with a box of goodies including Assassin Creed comics, books, and various art books.

Callediceman1611d ago

your avatar is quite disturbing.

GSKerns1611d ago

Say hello to the Shirime... an actual mythological Japanese monster with an eyeball in his butt... and also included in the DLC for Muramasa on the vita. ;)

Callediceman1611d ago

I guess you could say he has seen some Shi...... ill see myself out.