Top Ten Games Of 2013

It’s been a genuinely exciting year for gaming, with the next-gen consoles roaring into action – but established platforms continuing to be superbly served.

From inspired indie creations to barnstorming blockbusters, Mark Butler counts down the Top Ten games of 2013.

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shodan741644d ago

I genuinely think this has been one of the strongest gaming years in a long time - even with the next-gen launch line-ups not exactly setting the world alight.

Been spoiled for choice pretty much from Jan up until now. My wallet hates me.

frostypants1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Agree. Glad to see they gave TLoU props, and put GTA V in a more realistic spot. I really need to check out State of Decay. Just too much good stuff to keep up with this year.

BelkingOfSony1644d ago

the last of us, tearaway and gta v should be the top three games of the year.

LORD_RIEKA1644d ago

all i know is gta 5 is number 1

Eonjay1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )


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