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BelkingOfSony1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

£20 for the last of us (£30 with the season pass) and £15 for persona 4 golden. Saved the best deal for last... of us!

byeGollum1610d ago

I bought persona 4 on sight. I was waiting for this... I turned on my ps3 'nd Walah! :D It's on my download list for now. I'm still playing Muramasa.

Toon_Link1610d ago

Nice that deal is badass!

GentlemenRUs1610d ago

Got TLOU on release and P4G looks like another typical Japanese roll-playing game... Only got one thing this year and that was Killzone:Mercs.

DualWielding1610d ago

well yes.. P4G is a typical Japanese roll-playing game but its also the best typical jrpg ever and also the best Vita game ever

DualWielding1610d ago

they could not have chosen any 2 better games to close the sale