In "Get Even", Players Can Suddenly Become Your AI Enemies

The Farm 51 reveals a new FPS, Get Even, filled with unique and interesting mechanics.

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mhunterjr949d ago

Sounds cool, reminds me of counter-ops in Perfect Dark, back in the n64 days.

Alexious949d ago

Ah yeah, indeed it sounds similar on paper, but done online of course.

Whitey2k949d ago

Thats cool if u get the game n so do I then I would join u n constantly hunt u down ;-)

r21949d ago

Sounds grand if they can pull it off.

dcj0524949d ago

Sounds cool. If they can pull it off of course.

Simco876948d ago

Sounds good, but I get visions of Dark Souls. They would have to even the playing field, some people would get mowed down by online players.

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