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In "Get Even", Players Can Suddenly Become Your AI Enemies

The Farm 51 reveals a new FPS, Get Even, filled with unique and interesting mechanics. (Get Even, PC, PS4, The Farm 51, Xbox One)

mhunterjr  +   520d ago
Sounds cool, reminds me of counter-ops in Perfect Dark, back in the n64 days.
Alexious  +   520d ago
Ah yeah, indeed it sounds similar on paper, but done online of course.
Whitey2k  +   520d ago
Thats cool if u get the game n so do I then I would join u n constantly hunt u down ;-)
SG1_dapunisherX  +   520d ago
can't wait to play the demo
r21  +   520d ago
Sounds grand if they can pull it off.
dcj0524  +   520d ago
Sounds cool. If they can pull it off of course.
Simco876  +   520d ago
Sounds good, but I get visions of Dark Souls. They would have to even the playing field, some people would get mowed down by online players.
Einhert  +   520d ago
Sounds so promising

Eastern European Developers, here to save gaming!
Alexious  +   520d ago
That might just be true, you know. There's a lot of talent coming from Eastern Europe lately.

I just wish Italy had a presence as well.
Einhert  +   519d ago
Yeah Gaijin Entertainment who develop War Thunder which is the best flight game I have played.

CD project Red goes without mention developing the witcher series

And of course the developers of stalker are making a new game.

Almost forgot good old 4A Games who make the awesome and immersive metro series.
Festano  +   520d ago
Interesting as an idea become the enemy. This software House is working hard.
lonelyplayer  +   520d ago
Sounds like demon's souls which is amazing.
Alexious  +   520d ago
Well, in Demon/Dark Souls you get invaded, but they don't take the place of AI as far as I know.
DoctorJones  +   519d ago
There is one boss that can become player controlled, Old Monk, but aside from that you don't get npcs controlled by players.
TekoIie  +   519d ago
The weapon in one of those screenshots is already an interesting inclusion.

Wonder how it'll work: http://www.apacheclips.com/...

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