In "Get Even", Players Can Suddenly Become Your AI Enemies

The Farm 51 reveals a new FPS, Get Even, filled with unique and interesting mechanics.

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mhunterjr1583d ago

Sounds cool, reminds me of counter-ops in Perfect Dark, back in the n64 days.

Alexious1583d ago

Ah yeah, indeed it sounds similar on paper, but done online of course.

Whitey2k1583d ago

Thats cool if u get the game n so do I then I would join u n constantly hunt u down ;-)

SG1_dapunisherX1583d ago

can't wait to play the demo

r211583d ago

Sounds grand if they can pull it off.

dcj05241583d ago

Sounds cool. If they can pull it off of course.

Simco8761583d ago

Sounds good, but I get visions of Dark Souls. They would have to even the playing field, some people would get mowed down by online players.

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