The First Logitech Driving Force GT Review

The first review of the new Logitech Driving Force GT on the net, from

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eyeDEVOUR3879d ago

what the hell is the guy even saying? is this a translation or something?

Conan9973879d ago

that wheel looks awesome, the gran turismo logo on the center lights up, i bet it really accurate too.

level 3603879d ago

I think it's like Italian/English mixed-slang of some sort., yes quite hard to read much more to understand.

It looks really good but the G25 is still better overall.

>> Pros: 24 position real-time dial adjustment - can be used while playing the game
>> Cons: fixed gear lever - not very practical especially in countries where gearshift is on the drivers' left hand side like in { Japan, Australia, most European continents... }
fixed sequential shifting ( reason no clutch is needed ) - some gamers' also prefer using old style 5/6 speed manual shifts.

marcindpol3879d ago

most european countries has the gearshift on the right hand side, the only exceptions are ireland, uk and malt i think, thats all mate:)

Hell-Reaver3878d ago

Proper English would help that review a lot! I got through one paragraph and couldn't handle it anymore....

Digital-Nitrate3878d ago

That review is nearly three weeks late for being the first, seeing as amar212 at posted his in-depth review of the DFGT wheel back on April 18. He also spent a lot of time comparing the differences between it and his G25 wheel.

Here is the link to his review.

BTW: amar212 was also the guy that broke the news on the F2007 being included in GT5P and posted the first video and screenshots of it on the web.