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Submitted by Sammy777 775d ago | opinion piece

Killzone Shadowfall is the most impressive next gen launch title till date

Insiderp:"Next Gen is here already and which game do you think is the most impressive of all? Undoubtedly, Killzone : Shadowfall is the most impressive next gen launch title on any console." (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4, Ryse: Son of Rome)

SlavisH2  +   775d ago
Lol i guess this must have hurt the authors or submitters feelings, lol n4g

I personally expected better from both system but next wave of games should show more of their muscle.

P.S. i've played both games and it looks like he personally select bad pic of ryse. Killzone does look that good but ryse looks better then ever shot selected, smh.
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Sammy777  +   775d ago
both are opinions and one runs at 900p and the other runs at 1080p. The RYSE pics are around 5mb in length. Many of us have played both games and this is just an opinion as the article suggests .

Again , RYSE gameplay looks nowhere near Killzone SF. No amount of video/screens could suggest otherwise. RYSE cutscenes look good but not the gameplay and thats only my opinion
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mikeslemonade  +   775d ago
Well a game on rails like Ryse should look better. Blu-ray movies look better than games right?? HAHA
lifeisgamesok  +   775d ago
Even Neogaffers think Killzone Shadow Fall is a bad game

I've never played Killzone but Ryse is a great game and the jungle level is one of the best looking environments ever and every area looks great
Bigpappy  +   775d ago
This an n4g ps fanboy with a website
LOGICWINS  +   775d ago
Real life looks better than Shadowfall/Ryse. So does Blu-Ray movies. I suppose I should quit gaming then.

TheSsus  +   775d ago
Objection! Relevance?
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LOGICWINS  +   775d ago
I'm making the point that graphics aren't everything. If they were, we wouldn't be gaming.
hazeblaze  +   775d ago
Well, the game play of Killzone does look noticeably better than the game play of Ryse. The environments look consistently good, and detailed in Killzone... the same can not be said of Ryse.
Sammy777  +   775d ago
Ryse has 61 at metacritic .Killzone has 74. Ryse is horrible but Dead Rising 3 , Forza are good games . Killzone's MP is really awesome and this is why it is selling that well
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   775d ago
Killzone is average at best. Everything you said is subjective. And killzone is selling so well because there's nothing else to play on ps4. See how we both can make subjective comments?
saint_seya  +   774d ago
Blk, x-box one is averga at best. Everything you said is subjective. And X-box one is selling decent because there's no ps4 to buy. See how we both can make subjective comments?
Trolling is trolling, u did, i did, does it makes x-box games sell more or killzone sell less?, does it changes with console sells more?, does it changes wich one is the most powerfull? No it doesnt, but people will keep trying to spin everything, or make "subective comments".
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maddskull  +   775d ago
ryse looks better on the facial side but if you see the enviroment of kz:sf you would be amazed more than ryse i actually stood watching the enviroment while playing kz
svoulis  +   775d ago
You do realize that the ryse captured footage is from cutscenes and yes they are pre-rendered. I have played both and I know which looks better in person

Z_-_D_-_3  +   774d ago
It's going to be funny when Xbox gamers that talk up Ryse so hard finally see Uncharted 4 running on PS4 and just shut up about that crappy game forever.
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DOMination-  +   774d ago
Yes that would be hilarious except for the fact by then there will be other games on X1 to compare Uncharted to.
Z_-_D_-_3  +   774d ago
Highly doubt it, bud. Nobody is competing with ND on superior hardware, it's just not happening.
Kayant  +   775d ago
Here we go again..... but I do agree if anyone hasn't played both yet gamersyde is the best place for some high quality footage. In Ryse's defense those screenshots don't do it justice it looks much better than that.

Ryse = Facial animations, modelling.
KZ:SF = Everything else mostly.
LOGICWINS  +   775d ago
I agree with everything you said. What I don't understand is why people have to act like monkeys over this. Both games look great. Whats the purpose of splitting hairs. Ryse will never be a better Killzone game than Shadowfall and Shadowfall will never be a better Ryse game than Ryse. Why can't it just be that simple? Why do N4Gers need to venture into that next level of stupid by comparing to very different games?
Kayant  +   775d ago
Well as this gif puts it -->

This is N4G.

We argue for no real reason expect boredom most of the time :p
ape007  +   775d ago
I agree, it looks amazing, especially the forth level

ryse too looks stunning and so is BF4
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nosferatuzodd  +   775d ago
killzone looks way better
Hakoom  +   775d ago
i totatly agree
for launch games kzsf is the best
Statix  +   775d ago
I don't get why people are making these nonsensical, unfair comparisons between Ryse and PS4 games. The Xbox One is a technically weaker piece of hardware than the PS4, with ~40% less GPU power, and a slower, more complicated RAM setup. Hence, of course Xbox One games will be inferior on a technical level to the best PS4 titles--it's just common sense.

It's not a fair, apples-to-apples comparison, due to the power discrepancy between the two machines.
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DOMination-  +   774d ago
Ps3 was more powerful than 360 but do you know what the best looking games were? Crysis 2 and 3 and oh yes, the 360 version looked better
saint_seya  +   774d ago
Guess you never played ps3 exclusives, and you talk nonsense... Try playing ps3 games next to 360 then come again.
Btw on 360 the best one was the last halo, not crysis..
Espurr   775d ago | Spam
micbrc  +   775d ago
So far i have purchused and played AC4, BF4 and Killzone SF.

And without a doubt Battlefield 4 looks better then then killzone actually BF4 made me say holy s**t when first running through the water logged building in the first level of the campaign.

Killzone is nice but its just not as good looking IMO i have only played about 2 hours in so this may change but so far the first level i thought was graphically average and underwhelming compared to bf4 i expected way more out of sonys first party studios.

AC4 on the other hand looks the same as the ps3 game did with slightly better textures not much though.

But i also think these images have had a little bit of a touch up IMO especially killzone it didnt look that good in motion.
Statix  +   775d ago
Judging by your dubious claim that "AC4 looks the same as the PS3 version, with slightly better textures," I'd have to assume that you don't have a very good HDTV to allow you to fairly make graphical comparisons. Therefore, I also question your opinion that BF4 looks better than Shadow Fall.
micbrc  +   775d ago
From what i can see regarding AC4 its clearer then the ps3 version was with improved draw distance and some slight improvements like being able to see whats under the water in some shallow water segments but seriously not a huge improvement

I know its an open world game so i may be expecting to much.

P.S my TV is a 50" 1080P 120Htz and 3D capable (yeah i know no body actually uses 3D but i have it anyway haha)
MRMagoo123  +   775d ago
either blind or lying your arse off micbrc, i have played the heck out of AC4 on the ps4 and its far far far better than the ps3 version, its better than the xbone version as well. Still havent finished the story of AC4 yet tho i only progress the story when i need to , otherwise im just exploring and collecting all the pickups in the game. My boats maxed out.
ABizzel1  +   775d ago
BF4 instantly gets you with it's graphics, Killzone blows it away in it's later stages (after the space station), and Ryse looks great as well especially character models and in-engine scenes.

1. Killzone: Sci-Fi look, starts off as the weaker of the 3 graphically, then blows the other two away with its later stage (about 2/3 through)

2. BF4: Very PC like game, 60fps, goes for realism and looks great

3. Ryse: Best character models, facial rendering, environments range from beautiful to basic.

All 3 are amazing showcases. Assassin's Creed looks better than the PS360 versions I compared, but it doesn't look anything like those 3 games.
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ssj27  +   775d ago
Lol Killzone shadow fall has a entire city collapsing while you are on a free fall from outer space. Is funny when people tell " bf4 does much more" lol and you may like the art style more but kzsf looks way better.
True is that GG did fail to use better face modeling but even apart from that is the best looking game. i guess they where limited and is just their first game on day one, their next game will be on a whole new level.
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Gabenbrah  +   775d ago | Well said
KZSF most impressive launch title of all time...
Did the person not play Super Mario 64 went it first released that revolutionized 3D gaming?
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ape007  +   775d ago
agree, KZSF is impressive but Mario 64 is waaaaaaay waaaaaaaaay more impressive

halo combat evolved is much more impressive

MGS 2 Demo is more impressive

rough squadron 2/smash melee is more impressive

don't get me wrong KZSF look stunning at times and is the best looking game so far but it feel like current gen+ in many levels

EDIT: my comment above is wrong, i thought the article was saying, most impressive launch game currently not ALL TIME

all time seriously?? LOL
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Gabenbrah  +   775d ago
Does it really matter whether Ryse or KZSF look better? Both games are very medicore and will be forgotten by the time the next wave of games arrive.

You fanboys are arguing over which medicore game looks better than the other. I'mma play Zelda LBTW, game that looks far worse graphically than both but utterly destroys both in every other regard.
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TacticProductionz  +   775d ago
AhahAHH! I love this!
TheGOODKyle  +   775d ago
Resogun for me.
AnteCash  +   775d ago
Ryse got great gfx but at expense of linear level design 900p and going as low as 16fps in gameplay.

Killzone doing 1080p semi-open levels and going around 40fps in gameplay.
ape007  +   775d ago
um 900p is not a problem at all, it's good enough, the problem is with gameplay/design

Super mario 3D world which run at 720p destroys them both and still has amazing gfx

EDIT: is is not a debate, this is not an argument , im simply stating a fact

super mario 3D world is better than them, waaay fkn better it's a FACT, it does what it does in its genre waaay better than what Ryse and KZ SF do in their genre

jeez these modern gamers don't know the first thing about game design quality
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MRMagoo123  +   775d ago
destroys them both IF you like mario games i gave up on them when i was a kid its the same games over and over and over they just add a new power up and thats it, it might as well be COD, its like zelda if you have played one zelda game in the last 5 or 6 years then you really dont need to play any more. Dont get me wrong i dont hate nintendo at all i have a ds and i love playing games on it like animal crossing which are completely different to most other games.
corvusmd  +   775d ago
KZ??? Seriously? Not even close...even with all the fake hype surrounding it, it's getting an average of 7 out of 10 at the's just a shinier version of the same forgettable and clunky KZ's before it....don't be fooled by the (false) hype. Sounds more like certain fanboys are upset that their horse in the race isn't crushing the others like they hoped, and that their launch games aren't nearly as impressive as they wished...time for fake hype.
saint_seya  +   774d ago
I believe you were thinking in yourself when u talked of fanboys.
Denial is strong in this one!
Septic  +   775d ago
I think we've reached a new low where fanboys bicker with each other by making articles for their websites.

Pretty sad really.
denero1  +   775d ago
I agree the first article was made as an opinion the follow-up article was made out of spite
infectedaztec  +   774d ago
Its pathetic really, as you know I was thinking about reviewing some games but the absolute trash produced by users on this site made me ask myself "do I really want to add another crappy gamer who thinks he can be a journalist to the mix"
ssj4wolf   775d ago | Immature | show
Goku781  +   775d ago
The answer is true!
spike   775d ago | Trolling | show
Revvin  +   775d ago
I can't really comment on the other game as I don't have an XBOX One but having owned a PS3 and 360 last gen I think that Killzone is easily on par with Halo in both terms of single and multiplayer, I think the series is really underrated. Killzone Shadowfall looks fantastic and the multiplayer is really good, well balanced and some really good maps.
Salooh  +   775d ago
I prefer Killzone over halo so it's way much better in my point of view. I would never put it near halo level which sucks to me XP ..
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DanielGearSolid  +   775d ago
Stupid articles aside, I'm curious why most sites are putting so much emphasis on Killzones SP campaign, but they completely ignore it in COD or BF reviews.

The multiplayer in KZ is amazing IMO
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Morgue  +   775d ago
I gotta admit I've yet to be the single player campaign but the MP has taken me a while to get used to more so than KZ2/3. I was just so used to the " heavy feel " of the controls that I couldn't stand KZ/SF at first. It's F*$cking killer though and like I said before, it's a shame that some gamers are so blinded by COD.
Belking   775d ago | Trolling | show
mayberry  +   775d ago
If I had listened to the reviews of KZ:SF, I'd problably wouldn't of even bought it! What an outstanding MP experience!
I literally cannot wait to get on-line most days! GG really put their hearts into this title!
Salooh  +   775d ago
I don't know but i feel like the mp is a downgrade from killzone 2. The only good thing about it is the graphics to me. That if you compare it to KZ2. It's a must buy for this generation though :P ..
ironmonkey  +   775d ago
xboxone may be weaker but! its all about how developers use it. i wont lie ryse does look beautiful. people thought ps3 was maxed but last of us showed they could do more with amazing talent. pick the right people to make games and you will get results. yes kzsf is beautiful as well.
The_Truth_24_7  +   775d ago
Lol, "till date".
NeoTribe  +   775d ago
Not sure how this is even in debate. Killzone looks better than ryse, theres no question about it. Ryse looks great but is not as pretty. Gameplay wise is opi ion but reviews have led to killzone having an edge in that department aswell. Hate to burst bubbles.
BZNCAPONE  +   775d ago
i dont go based on reviewers at all i go based on my own experience. I loved killzones graphics but i felt the game play was boring.

as for Ryse it had its beauty moments and i loved the story/scenery tho very repetitive combat. Just my oinion tho killzone for my was not that great
awesomeisjayell  +   774d ago
N4G is a PS4 Fanboy site its quite the obvious. Everytime i go to the X1 section theres always negative articles but when i go to the PS4 section its always positive. I even see PS4 articles in the X1 section. This has to stop N4G we can tell you like PS4 damn we get the point. I will continue to enjoy my X1 no matter what so please stop with all this bias crap against the X1 its a great product and it has good games.
MasterCornholio  +   774d ago
Go to another forum if you dont like N4G. You just have to accept that the PlayStation brand is more popular than the Xbox brand (sales prove it) which is why your seeing a lot of posters who favor the PS4 over the Xbox One.

P.S Posters whining about PS fanboys like a bunch of immature cry babies is really starting to get on my nerves. They act like the whole gaming industry is in a pyramids scheme run by PlayStation fanboys. Heck some people even claimed that PlayStation fanboys through the free masons manipulated Obama to mention the PS4. Its getting really crazy here in N4G.

P.S.S And its embarrassing to see posters like FrigidDarkness, Georgeenoob, greenpowerz, Belking, JOU support Mr. XMedia.
#28.1 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   774d ago
Definitely not, especially when it comes to gameplay and story.

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