Killzone Shadowfall is the most impressive next gen launch title till date

Insiderp:"Next Gen is here already and which game do you think is the most impressive of all? Undoubtedly, Killzone : Shadowfall is the most impressive next gen launch title on any console."

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SlavisH21547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Lol i guess this must have hurt the authors or submitters feelings, lol n4g

I personally expected better from both system but next wave of games should show more of their muscle.

P.S. i've played both games and it looks like he personally select bad pic of ryse. Killzone does look that good but ryse looks better then ever shot selected, smh.

Sammy7771547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

both are opinions and one runs at 900p and the other runs at 1080p. The RYSE pics are around 5mb in length. Many of us have played both games and this is just an opinion as the article suggests .

Again , RYSE gameplay looks nowhere near Killzone SF. No amount of video/screens could suggest otherwise. RYSE cutscenes look good but not the gameplay and thats only my opinion

mikeslemonade1547d ago

Well a game on rails like Ryse should look better. Blu-ray movies look better than games right?? HAHA

lifeisgamesok1547d ago

Even Neogaffers think Killzone Shadow Fall is a bad game

I've never played Killzone but Ryse is a great game and the jungle level is one of the best looking environments ever and every area looks great

Bigpappy1547d ago

This an n4g ps fanboy with a website

LOGICWINS1547d ago

Real life looks better than Shadowfall/Ryse. So does Blu-Ray movies. I suppose I should quit gaming then.


TheSsus1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Objection! Relevance?

LOGICWINS1547d ago

I'm making the point that graphics aren't everything. If they were, we wouldn't be gaming.

hazeblaze1547d ago

Well, the game play of Killzone does look noticeably better than the game play of Ryse. The environments look consistently good, and detailed in Killzone... the same can not be said of Ryse.

Sammy7771547d ago

Ryse has 61 at metacritic .Killzone has 74. Ryse is horrible but Dead Rising 3 , Forza are good games . Killzone's MP is really awesome and this is why it is selling that well


Killzone is average at best. Everything you said is subjective. And killzone is selling so well because there's nothing else to play on ps4. See how we both can make subjective comments?

saint_seya1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Blk, x-box one is averga at best. Everything you said is subjective. And X-box one is selling decent because there's no ps4 to buy. See how we both can make subjective comments?
Trolling is trolling, u did, i did, does it makes x-box games sell more or killzone sell less?, does it changes with console sells more?, does it changes wich one is the most powerfull? No it doesnt, but people will keep trying to spin everything, or make "subective comments".

maddskull1547d ago

ryse looks better on the facial side but if you see the enviroment of kz:sf you would be amazed more than ryse i actually stood watching the enviroment while playing kz

svoulis1547d ago

You do realize that the ryse captured footage is from cutscenes and yes they are pre-rendered. I have played both and I know which looks better in person


Z_-_D_-_31547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

It's going to be funny when Xbox gamers that talk up Ryse so hard finally see Uncharted 4 running on PS4 and just shut up about that crappy game forever.

DOMination-1547d ago

Yes that would be hilarious except for the fact by then there will be other games on X1 to compare Uncharted to.

Z_-_D_-_31547d ago

Highly doubt it, bud. Nobody is competing with ND on superior hardware, it's just not happening.

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Kayant1547d ago

Here we go again..... but I do agree if anyone hasn't played both yet gamersyde is the best place for some high quality footage. In Ryse's defense those screenshots don't do it justice it looks much better than that.

Ryse = Facial animations, modelling.
KZ:SF = Everything else mostly.

LOGICWINS1547d ago

I agree with everything you said. What I don't understand is why people have to act like monkeys over this. Both games look great. Whats the purpose of splitting hairs. Ryse will never be a better Killzone game than Shadowfall and Shadowfall will never be a better Ryse game than Ryse. Why can't it just be that simple? Why do N4Gers need to venture into that next level of stupid by comparing to very different games?

Kayant1547d ago

Well as this gif puts it -->

This is N4G.

We argue for no real reason expect boredom most of the time :p

ape0071547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I agree, it looks amazing, especially the forth level

ryse too looks stunning and so is BF4

Hakoom1547d ago

i totatly agree
for launch games kzsf is the best

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