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Rumor Alert - GTA V To Be Announced For The PC On December 24th, Releases March 12th

DSOGaming writes: "According to Amazon's support, the rumored PC version of GTA V will be announced on December 24th. Not only that, but there is also a release date, stating that the game may be coming on March 12th." (Grand Theft Auto V, PC)

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donnieboy   462d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
iamnsuperman  +   462d ago
I some how doubt the legitimacy of this considering the source
DFogz  +   461d ago
I'm there with you. Why would a customer service rep for Amazon know when Rockstar plans to announce a PC version is coming, let alone divulge that information to somebody.
It'd be one thing if it was just a release date, they know those in advance and sure maybe someone let it slip.
But the date it's being announced to the public? Why would Rockstar even tell that date to Amazon in the first place?
Lord Maim  +   461d ago
Yeah, Amazon isn't exactly the most reliable source for release dates, or even the existence of a title.
Psychotica  +   462d ago
Believe it when i see it. Hope it's true though
donnieboy  +   462d ago
Next gen?????????????
yezz  +   462d ago
10$ next gen upgrade would be great..
evilbart  +   462d ago
Next gen systems aswell please
mrbojingles  +   462d ago
Why would Amazon support know this? This is really grasping and looks to be entirely false. There used to be a day when even on N4G you couldn't get something with such a loose source approved. Yea, it could all be true but Amazon support knowing about it? Lol.
donnieboy  +   462d ago
They have access to news and previews you know....
mrbojingles  +   461d ago
means nothing at all. We're really grasping at straws here. So Rockstar would tell Amazon this top secret info ahead of the reveal, why? They could just as easily have a listing up like an hour later on short notice. This isn't even Amazon Marketing or their PR department, its a friggin' support department. They, of all Amazon departments, aren't going to know anything.
NarooN  +   462d ago
Actually GTA V PC has been listed on various Amazon sites for months now. Dunno why no one has picked up on that before. Not to mention people have been spotting PC placeholder cases for GTA V since not long after it released on consoles. THEN an Nvidia PR guy was hyping up some upcoming PC games and he lit it slip that one of them was GTA V.

The PC version is what I would call ghost-confirmed -- it's been revealed in many ways unofficially, all that's left is the official announcement.
DOMination-  +   461d ago
I hope its true just so that I don't have to see these articles popping up every day.
Broburger  +   462d ago
I can't wait
ExitToExisT  +   462d ago
March 12th is Wednesday so.. it's probably fake.
Audiggity  +   461d ago
In Germany, Wednesday IS Tuesday.

In Russia, Tuesday has been eliminated completely, they are down to 6 day weeks now.

I'd say that just about confirms it 100%.
just-joe  +   461d ago
And in Rand McNally, people wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people.
micbrc  +   462d ago
I would highly doubt it due to the fact that if it was releasing on march 12 there wouldn't be so much of a gap from the announcement to release of the pc version especially because the game is already out.

Look at GTA 4 it was announced for pc and released about a month later 9 months or so after the game released on ps3/360

And when has the last time been that Amazon has been correct about a game release date.
john2  +   462d ago
They were right about the PC versions of Mortal Kombat and Injustice lately (leaked them before they were officially announced), so they can be considered a 'valid' source for leaks.
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Spurg  +   462d ago
If true it will release it will be releasing in a very crowded month. Titanfall, Castlevania: LOS, Dark souls 2, South park and Infamous: SS.
neoandrew  +   461d ago
To be honest, it would be those games problem, not gta V...
FlyingFoxy  +   462d ago
Anyone notice that when it was announced for PC before, that the console crowd would say.. "Meh, already played it don't care if it comes to PC because it will be old"

Now they all say "bring it to next gen consoles also"

Gotta love that, in any case, i am hopeful for 64-128 player online on PC.. just hope the multiplayer is a TON better than IV's because IV's was nowhere near as fun as the SA-MP mod on PC.
BitbyDeath  +   461d ago
Yea, used to get bagged out with some saying GTAIV with mods is better than GTAV.
Audiggity  +   461d ago
Epic Replay Editor - GTA:O Character importing - Insanely better graphics - Mods...

If they released it with an open mind and Steam Workshop/Cloud support, that's the only way it could get even better.
OtakuDome  +   462d ago
Amazon also leaked God of War Ascension and Mirror's Edge 2 if I'm not mistaken, so it happens.
Eonjay  +   462d ago
Trago1337  +   462d ago
ivan510  +   462d ago
If they release it for pc im sure theyll release it for next gen also.
KonsoruMasuta  +   462d ago
They call that a trustful source?
BanginBiscuitz  +   462d ago
March 12 is a bit late honestly. I really dont know why Rockstar cant get a port earlier. They are most likely announcing it for next gen consoles as well if it comes for PC. In march TitanFall comes out and i really dont see many people passing up on titanfall for GTA 5. Secondly, we still dont know when Sunset Overdrive, and watchdogs come out. Rockstar should honestly bring this out mid jan to maybe early feb for the best results. March is just to late, and the GTA hype is already dieing out, bad choice for Rockstar.
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KratosSaveUs  +   461d ago
No ones gonna pass on GTAV for Titanfall especially not Sunset Overdrive.
DanielGearSolid  +   461d ago
Cant wait to see wat the modding community does with this one
Scroticus  +   461d ago
Can you imagine the crap R* would get for announcing it now, just for PC, and not for next-gen? I'd say that's why you're hearing the unofficial announcements.

I'm going to say that they're working on a working model for next-gen and PC that run along the same graphical line, so as not to put off the people who expect unfathomable leaps and bounds by the new consoles. All the while, keeping the sales they expect. There's probably more content being added, too.

That is, if they actually do go ahead and push a next-gen/pc release.

Afterthought edit:
Plus, after Christmas, consoles are going to be even more scarce. That is, until January/February roll through.

This would be something to really drive sales across the platforms through the first three months of next year, thus giving massive followthrough to Microsoft, Sony, AND R*. Trifecta of monetary win.
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Gabenbrah  +   461d ago
Finally, GTA V is getting out of ALPHA on consoles and the real product is releasing on PC, cannot wait.
MakiSaad2  +   461d ago
hahahahahaha "PC Master Race" getting gta V 6 months after consoles yeah I can clearly see why r u calling it "Master Race"
DFogz  +   461d ago
The PC has always gotten GTA after the consoles, and its always been better too thanks to the upgraded visuals and the support of a very active and enthusiastic modding community.

Say what you want, but the PC version will undoubtedly outperform the PS3/X360 versions by a pretty wide margin. Who cares if it takes a little longer if it's worth the wait.
Mr_Writer85  +   461d ago
I like the fact it bothers you so much that consoles got this first you have to try and pretend that this is a good thing.

When really it burns you like the fires of hell.
Gabenbrah  +   461d ago
I already have it on consoles... I just think GTA V on consoles really doesn't do the game justice, especially that travesty known as GTA Online.
Audiggity  +   461d ago
No... sorry sir,

I love how we are labeled the "Master Race" and jealous of console owners. Most of us PC enthusiasts are extremely patient people... sometimes we have to wait for console versions, sure, but, just know that when they do come out - they run CIRCLES around the console versions.

I have GTA V for 360... it's great. Will I buy it on PC day 1? Yes! Because it will be SIGNIFICANTLY better. 1440P, hi tex res, AA, filtering, 60 FPS... then we get a sick replay editor, mods, customizable soundtracks...

It doesn't burn us to see it on consoles first. We get it, it is a numbers game. Sell to the masses first. Then sell it to those who will purchase a 2nd copy and have the hardware to do it justice.
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AD705  +   461d ago
and how long did it take for consoles to get crysis and diablo?
Mr_Writer85  +   461d ago

If it didn't you wouldn't all be replying trying to convince yourselves that all that stuff matters.

I had lots of fun with GTA5 looking prettier would be nice but unless they added a new story line, or new weapons, new activities there really isn't a lot of the actual game changed so .....

Oh and mods don't count as they are not official ;)
#20.2.4 (Edited 461d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
tee_bag242  +   461d ago
Most PC gamers have a dusty console anyway - so for most of us we don't a toss what you think. Like Audiggity I have GTA5 on 360 but will also purchase it day 1 on PC so I can see the game run in its full glory.
Sub 30 FPS is a crime
#20.2.5 (Edited 461d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
Mr_Writer85  +   461d ago
I feel sorry for you guys unable to enjoy a game or having to hate on a game because of its frame rate and resolution. Or having to mod the hell out of a game to enjoy it.

The game is not as bad as you are trying desperately to make out. And most of what you are talking about isn't that noticeable and it's just an argument fanboys use.

I think you guys could do with some of this.

tee_bag242  +   461d ago
Think about it. How can they be hating on the game when they said they already have it.
Wake up.

No one is complaining but you.
#20.2.7 (Edited 461d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Mr_Writer85  +   461d ago
Do you believe everything people tell you?

Also how am I complaining?

I have merely made observations, there is a huge difference.

I have no problem with GTA5 going PC as everyone has a right to enjoy it. And yeah it will have a few cosmetic upgrades but so what?

The only people who care are the ones who are fanboys.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   461d ago
well most PC guys would want the game to be played the way R* wanted us to play it.
at full fidelity and more than 24FPS. just saying here, its not running great on the PS3 ATM.
LKHGFDSA  +   461d ago
So everyone here wants it for PC but they don't care for a next gen console version.
Do you guys just want it on PC for the mods?
LAWSON72  +   461d ago
I want it for mods and custom radio. The higher res and 60 fps would be a bonus though
#21.1 (Edited 461d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DFogz  +   461d ago
The mods, the higher resolutions, the improved graphical fidelity of the game world, the significantly higher frame rates, etc. etc. the list goes on
Spinal  +   461d ago
Well the PC version will obviously outperform the next gen console version and at a Cheaper price so yeah.

Here in the UK Pc games are £29.99-34.99 and a next gen game is £49.99 - £54.99. Now you tell me which one you would want lool.

And my Pc is free to play online, no sub required. I wont let my beast of a rig go to waste lool.
Bladesfist  +   461d ago
Yer the PC to Console price difference in the UK is insane. I wonder why it is such a big gap compared to other countries.
LAWSON72  +   461d ago
Well if true that is a bad time and I will not be getting it again for a while because I will be playing Dark Souls 2 and FFX HD. If it comes to steam will definitely get it during summer or winter sale. Still will be great news.
kevnb  +   461d ago
I wanted to play multi on pc, maybe now I can.
snake_charmer  +   461d ago
I want this so much to be true :3
CaptainN  +   461d ago
Just give me a Wii-U version !!
CabriniGreen  +   461d ago
That's a bunch of crap. How would that Amazon worker even find out? There was no excuse for Rockstar to treat their PC players like shit and release the PC version months later. There are many games that release on all platforms at the same time.
CabriniGreen  +   461d ago
Why are these console players/fanboys here starting arguments? Why are they so concerned about the GTA V PC release if their not going to get GTA V on PC? Don't they already have GTA V on their consoles? They probably do this because they feel that console will be inferior when GTA V releases on PC or just want to troll.
KontryBoy706  +   461d ago
That's great news for PC gamers. I hope there's also a next gen console version too as well. People shouldn't doubt the game will eventually be released on PC I mean ALL the other GTA games are on PC as it is. The only game that didn't come to PC was Red Dead Redemption.
Mister_G  +   461d ago
If there's a PC version then there must be a next-gen console version too? :)

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