Star Citizen Raises a Mind Boggling $35,000,000 in Crowd Funding, Keeps Shattering Records

Star Citizen is continuing to shatter crowd funding records week after week. Chris Roberts’ upcoming game just passed the mind boggling amount of 35 million dollars.

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ALICE666946d ago

how can people disagree with a :) face is beyond me.

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Spinal946d ago

Oh boy, if this game doesnt live up to the hype. Its going to be a monstrous time for all communities lol.

Remember the Titanic? I think alot of funding went into that too....

I'm not into Space sims so its not a bother for me, only space genre i like is Star Wars, im waiting for Battlefront 3 and a new Kotor :)

come_bom947d ago

This game better good, or else... a sh**storm is going to happen.

Veneno947d ago

This game can't possibly live up to the millions of dollars it raised and all the hype it's going to generate. Having millions of dollars and hype doesn't automatically make you the best developer of all time.

Trunkz Jr946d ago

The man has money and a good rep, that's enough to make the investment :)

Abriael946d ago

I don't see why it "can't possibly" live up to it. The man made games that are milestones of gaming. There's no reason why he can't do that again.

AnotherProGamer946d ago


what kind of games did these games make before? I want to know so I can have some hope for this game

Enigma_2099946d ago work is done here. JENKINS!!!! My hat and coat! This stout fellow has things covered.

Flavor946d ago

@Abrial Wing commander series was a looong time ago. They HAVE NOT aged well. In fact i hate to say it but they were very simplistic games, only known for their cg cutscenes with mark hamill.

He is trading on nostalgia for $$. Nothing wrong with that, just don't get your hopes up.

xPhearR3dx947d ago

But...but...PC gamers pirate all their games /s

thezeldadoth946d ago

steam is so cheap it sometimes feels like pirating

_QQ_946d ago

So true,now i know why Console only fanboys call us pirates so much... they mistake our uncontested steam sales.

kevnb946d ago

and console gamers buy games used to save $5 over full price... lol!

fr0sty946d ago

Actually, PS+'s sales are starting to catch up to Steam here lately. Not there yet, but making good strides in that direction.

xPhearR3dx946d ago


Catching up? No. Getting much better? Yes. Steam has these sales many times throughout the year, plus new deals every day, and weekend deals, and full games for free to play over the weekend. All free. No subscription required.

PS+ is easily worth the asking price, but they have a ways to go before they can compete with Steam.

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spartanlemur946d ago

I haven't pirated a PC game ever and I spent over £200 on Steam last year. Also if this is true, then why are PC software sales projected to overtake console software sales next year?

xPhearR3dx946d ago

I guess you didn't notice the /s for sarcasm.

cyhm3112946d ago

so many stupid people falled for this, omg.

Pandamobile946d ago

So many jealous console gamers, omg.

Flavor946d ago

Hey man, nostalgia is a drug. Roberts is laughing all the way to the bank.

thezeldadoth946d ago

not nostalgia, i've never played his games before and this is my most anticipated game along with witcher 3 and X for wii u

Flipgeneral946d ago

It has a lot of promise.

The amount of detail put into the ships is a testament to their resolve.

Crafting an actual galaxy with cohesive gameplay is another story

ELpork946d ago

It's easy to continually break funding records when you never stop taking funding.

Pandamobile946d ago

It's easy when pre-ordering the game is the same as funding it.

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