New Square Enix President Promises to Continue Releasing “Memorable Games”

t’s almost the new year, and it’s time for promises. The new President and CEO of Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda made his pledge before entering his first full year at the helm.

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kalkano1671d ago

"I think Square Enix is known for releasing 'memorable games.'"

You think wrong. SquareSOFT was known for releasing memorable games. SquareEnix is known for releasing crap, ignoring what it's fans want, and making ill-advised attempts to cater to the west.

Abriael1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Umh no. Plenty memorable games have been released after the merger with Enix, and Eidos has released plenty memorable games under Square Enix as well.

So no. I don't think so. That looks like a very extremized, hateful point of view I really can't get behind.

pompombrum1671d ago

While technically true, some of the games Squaresoft made were on a completely different level to anything Square Enix has released this gen.

zerocrossing1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

While that may be the case, you can't deny the serious decline in quality titles that Squenix have been releasing since the merger.

Certainly they have released some good games in recent years, but they're not a patch on those from Squares golden years.

I like Square and Enix as much as the next guy, I really do. However, I'm not about to stick up for a company who's responsible for poor business practices and the basterdisation of a once great franchise that was Final Fantasy.

HelpfulGamer1671d ago

Kingdom Hearts, Bravely Default, FFXIV:ARR, FFXII Dissidia, Star Ocean, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex:Human Revolution. Memorable Games from Square Enix! :D

Godmars2901671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

You or someone needs to list what those games are. Cause as far as I know the only solely SE games which have been "memorable" is because they were generally controversial and divisional of the fan base. If not outright hated.

*Which* Kingdom Hearts title? The first where something actually happened, or the rest which sank into convolution? Likewise Deus Ex: UR was a project before Edios was bought and Realm Reborn wouldn't even exist if they had gotten FF14 right in the first freakin' place. Star Ocean was forgettable cliche while Dissidia isn't even an RPG. Its enough multi-level fighter, but its main strength was in character nostalgia. Something which SE has become too guilty of exploiting.

Even Bravery Default, perhaps the one "honest" thing that they've done has been compared to FF.

Abriael1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Godmars290 Meet:
Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Kingdom Hearts II, Dragon Quest from VIII onwards, Drakengard II, The world ends with you, Just Cause 2, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, Bravely Default, Deus Ex HR, Final Fantasy Type-0, Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider just to name a few.

But no surprise here. Where there's Square Enix, there'll also be Godmars290 hatin.

maddskull1671d ago

@zerocrossing but ff14 is a good mmo and from what i say from ff13 lightning returns it looks very good and i think 15 will be a great hit in the ff series

Murad1671d ago

Umm, even though your comment might be correct from a technical standpoint, you clearly do not know how to compare SquareSoft games to SquareEnix titles. SquareSoft is on a whole different level than SquareEnix, everything SS did, the soundtrack, the design, the pacing, they were all matched and strung together as if there was talent on board. What resulted from SE was a game called FF13, in which the true awesomeness of the game didn't truly start until 30 hours in, and even then, most players along with myself remember how terrible the previous 30 hours were and HOW IT DIDNT MAKE UP FOR ANYTHING. That doesn't mean there newest titles such as FF13-2 or the online FF is bad (I've never played them), but you can clearly see through FF13 that, SE does not know how to create games as well as they used, and this is prly cuz they fired off all the old employers from the SS days. What's worse is, you have companies like Eidos making better games than them, and in all honesty, my guess is one day Eidos or someone else will buy out SE.

CarlosX3601671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I agree with those who think that there was a decline in quality with Square games. Under Square Enix, that quality declined - save for some good games.

As for a person asking "which" Kindom Hearts game was "good" under SE banner - Kingdom Hearts 2 says hi. @Godmars290

I would love nothing more than to see SquareSoft-quality games, but that company has just left the building for good.

I'd flip if Square Enix makes some good games all over again, like SquareSoft did. Again, that company has just left the building - it's now a shadow of it's former self. I'd also flip if Einhander or Xenogears were re-mastered for PS3/PS4 or at least a game as good as the two of those games.

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-Foxtrot1671d ago

"New Square Enix President Promises to continue Releasing “What they think are Memorable Games....on mobiles"


hellzsupernova1671d ago

Was going to say this.

Hopefully they realise eventually that there is a huge audience of console gamers who remember and love their old franchises.

I for one would love to see a proper turn based front mission, so many good hours, and another final fantasy tactics.

Tetsujin1671d ago

I'd flip s-it if Xenogears and Einhander was on mobile; yes some people would be able to play them "on the go" or "on their phone" however those games are best experiences on a console.

A Fear Effect HD would also be nice.

Murad1671d ago

Couldn't agree anymore. I hate how they released Deus Ex: The Fall on iPad, and screwed over all the fans.

KonsoruMasuta1671d ago

You do know that if Square never tried to cater to the west, the mojority of you guys would probably have never played they game that you considered good? If they didn't care for the west, there would never be any localization.

Murad1671d ago

Umm, there's a thing called emulators, made by programmers who can write scripts to translate different languages within video games in seconds, trust me, if Square never localized it, someone else would have. Also, Square Soft localized it, not SE. Those are two different companies, to me, SquareSoft is completely buried.

CarlosX3601671d ago

Unfortunately, SquareEnix thinks there's a small market for RPG's here than it is over in Japan or related countries. Otherwise they would have localized games over here more often. Ridiculous, but true.

chaos-lockheart1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Great memorable new games? No. Old classics? Yes. A lot of people are missing out on great old games. making them for new gen to enjoy is great idea. but they also need to release some great new games that uses these old formulas.

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1671d ago

sorry you got down voted by a bunch of idiots. i was one of the 18 up votes.

SugarSoSweet1671d ago

I agree SquareEnix suck and so does FF13 and Lightning

Tdmd1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Enix had it's share of shitty games, but they are still responsible for FFX, DQVIII, FFXII, FFXIV: ARR and Tomb Raider - which are all pretty damn memorable to me. I still think they are in a bad place right now, but they can turn around, just as they did before with XIV re-launch.

chaos-lockheart1671d ago

wheres dragon quest? they don't support it as much as before

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

FFX? hell no! i have 2 final fantasy X games discs for the ps2.

the company names on the 2 disc.

(the same also goes for the kingdom hearts series, because it was developed and released before the merger and it says SQUARE SOFT.)

Magicite1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Kingdom hearts II?

indysurfn1671d ago

Your dead on Kalkano thats why all the other companies took squares share of the market. The Jrpg market in Japan is now above the 33% mark from 10 years ago. Now it is closer to 50%. And Square had a net lose of market share. Trying to make action adventure and action rpg's instead of turn based fantasy JRPG's.

When was the last time time Square sent a turn based JRPG with console style summon spells? Answer FF IX over a decade ago.

Sly-Lupin1671d ago

Not true. Enix also released memorable games.

And Square Enix has released several memorable games of it's own... sure, they didn't DEVELOP those games originally, but they did release them. All those FF and DQ remakes, for example.

rainslacker1671d ago

They've released plenty of memorable games as SE. Some of their handheld titles are absolutely amazing. However, they release a lot more games now, so the mediocre ones tend to stand out because the internet is a thing now. Even FF13 is memorable, although not everyone has good memories of it.

However, their average metacritic score for their games has dropped drastically from 2012 to 2013.

I would say that their over-milking of the FF franchise as well as them trying to appeal to a more western audience(which they don't do very well) has soured their reputation among gamers, yet FF titles still sell better than most other games out there. So take that as you will.

What's sad is that both Square and Enix as individual entities produced must have games 9 out of 10 times.

ritsuka6661671d ago

New Square Enix President Promises to Continue Releasing “Memorable Games”

Yep, in mobile market.

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jagstar441671d ago

hopefully memorable in a good way and not memorable in a final fantasy 13 way..

Nathaniel_Drake1671d ago

FF7?....please don't hit me!

pompombrum1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Lol, FF15 reminds me more of Devil May Cry than it does FF7. It's better to just accept the reality that the company who made FF7 no longer exists.

-Foxtrot1671d ago

True but at least FF15's battle system looks way better then FF13's

Maybe for FF16 they'll go back to turn based, Lost Odyssey did it and it was a blast. They just need to make it a little bit more fast paced so you don't end up getting a tad bored during long battles while you watch magic/limit breaks/summon animations. The ring system worked well in Lost Odyssey, it was like an expanded version of the R1 trigger on Squalls gunblade in FF8.

I think with turn based once you have a random encounter it quickly transitions you into the little start up sequence where the camera flashes to different angles showing you the map and the characters pull there weapons out.

Summons751671d ago

"They just need to make it a little bit more fast paced so you don't end up getting a tad bored during long battles"

What you just described WAS the ff13 battle system....geez you haters cease to amaze me how blind your hatred makes you.

wishingW3L1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I too hope turn-based is back after FF15 and what I really want is for it to be more like Chrono Trigger where you could combine magic spells and no silly transitions when getting into a battle.

Although I don't think we'll ever see a FF16 this gen since Nomura said that there were direct "sequels" planned for FF15. Square are really scared to let go of the FF name to make new Triple A IP's like they did back in the day with Parasite Eve, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Man, Xenogears, etc.

But I don't care what they do with the franchise, I'm pretty sure everything is gonna be fine as long as Toriyama is not at the helm of any project.

-Foxtrot1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )


LOL...what I described is NOTHING like FF13's boring, lack luster, repetitive battle system which relied more on luck then how strong you actually were...not too mention instead of carefully selecting options like summons, magic, fighting etc in a well planned out battle which required a little strategy from time to time you just mashed the X button at times.

Oh and don't say "blind haters" when the game was actually crap...people who like FF13 are in the minority and you are part of that. If you like it fine but don't make out it's a good game and people are blind haters...thats hitting a new low to defend it

MRMagoo1231671d ago

@summons (in foxtrots defense)

FF13 wasnt even a final fantasy game it just had the name in it, if no one knew who made it and it had no title not one person would say i wonder if this is a new final fantasy game.

I am a HUUUUGE final fantasy fan, my email address shows that, the fact i named my daughter Rinoa shows it,i have all of the OST which i listen too very very often, so i am no hater of the games but FF13 was shit you could do every fight by pressing the auto attack. If square wants to be top in the genre again they need to go back to their roots and start making their amazing games again. If they keep on the route of this action based rubbish they will keep going down hill.

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Goku7811671d ago

Please be closer to FFVII we're all gonna die, instead of FF13 somewhere over the rainbow.

wishingW3L1671d ago

if anything is gonna be closer to Kingdom Hearts. A much more darker and realistic version of KH.

Tetsujin1671d ago

I actually like 6 over 7, although I'd welcome a re-release of both games on pc/console.

CrossingEden1671d ago

Wonder when people are gonna accept the fact that ff13 series is extremely popular in japan and that maybe it doesn't seem appealing to them because as much as they would LIKE to be, they aren't and never will be japanese.

maximus19851671d ago

let me get this straight, so are you saying because we arent japanese we simply dont understand why ff13 is in actuality a great game?

-Foxtrot1671d ago

Not really

Most Japanese gamers like anything Japan made so it's obvious they are going to like whatever FF is thrown at them.

Just because Japanese people like it means jack s*** that to the rest of the world and you'll see the majority of people hated FF13.

It's not like FF7-10 for example where it was popular all over.

Thats how much the series has declined with FF13.

MRMagoo1231671d ago

Exactly, all the final fantasy games where hugely popular even when they made it action based in ff12 instead of turn based (i wish it was still all turn based i love it like that for ff games) then 13 hit with its odd easy mode gameplay where you could auto attack thru the entire game and the story wasnt that good along with some pretty bad characters it all went down hill on top of that they made it linear as friggin heck.

IMHO bring back the old school style of ff game like 6,7,8,9 and 10 games and give us back a huge open world to explore with air ships and chocobos and the sales will come back and the fans will come back.

rainslacker1671d ago

I'm one of the few people that liked FF13. Not so much as a FF game, but as it's own stand alone work. People berate the story because it was poorly delivered by the characters, but at least half the characters were actually good. The bad ones dragged everything down though.

To me, FF13 was more a spin-off FF game. If it had been it's own thing(a new IP), it probably would have done pretty well. However, people put very high expectations on it.

To me the game seemed incomplete. Too much was missing to make it a full title FF game.

However, you don't have to be Japanese to appreciate the game. Most of the themes were fairly cliched and understandable to anyone with more than a middle school education. FF was probably the least Japanese of all the FF games. It is quite literally the most westernized FF game to date.

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