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Submitted by JonnyBigBoss 775d ago | opinion piece

March 2014′s Video Game Lineup is Incredible

CraveOnline: "We're now at the end of 2013, and video game releases have slowed down dramatically. However, that will soon change in a major way." (PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Batzi  +   775d ago
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PS4.
TomShoe  +   775d ago
My wallet sheds a tear.
Agent2009  +   775d ago
There's always money for Kojima.
3-4-5  +   775d ago
That is a pretty solid list.

Doesn't even include any Nintendo releases though.

I'm sure there will be a good release around March for Nintendo as well...almost always is.

March is usually one of the better months for games though.
Spenok  +   773d ago
Most people don't realize that march is the beginning of the fiscal year for most companies, AND the Japanese fiscal year. So a lot of companies and developers use march as a placeholder.

A lot of these games (especially the ones without solid release dates) won't be out in march.
ovnipc  +   775d ago
Metal gear and titanfall. The rest meh. Metal gear maybe on ps4 lets see who has higher resolution.
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Gamer1982  +   774d ago
I'm getting Titanfall on PC and playing at 1080p 60FPS for only £25 you enjoy playing at the inferior 720p on your Xbone for the increased price of £50/$60 Because we all know you Xbox gamers love to pay more for inferior versions of games.
bunfighterii  +   775d ago
MGS Ground Zeroes and Infamous: Second Son are what I'm most looking forward to.
Kayant  +   775d ago
I:SS for me if I had my PS4 :( Driveclub might also be coming I will add that also.

OT - Damn so sites literally don't even have their own opinions anymore loooool -->
Chxii  +   775d ago
Metal Gear Solid V
Dark Souls II
Infamous second son

Thief <late february>
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mt  +   775d ago
"Metal Gear Solid V
Dark Souls II
Infamous second son "

I came here to state those games.
wow I didn't know about MGS:V that is one crazy month.
2muchw1nn1ng  +   775d ago
Don't forget Watch Dogs, Uncharted 4 and the Order 1886. I hope the Order comes out this year but because it's such a big profile game, it might be released late 2014, early 2015. Uncharted... I'm just stoked.
bunfighterii  +   775d ago
The Division!
2muchw1nn1ng  +   773d ago
WOW, 7 THUMBS DOWN for simply liking PS4 games.

This site's fanboys can be pathetic sometime...
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   775d ago
Give me dat Titanfall!!!
Baka-akaB  +   775d ago
Blazblue CP
Titan Fall
Infamous 2nd Son
Dark souls 2
Tales Symphonia HD

I'll literally bleed money in march
jdktech2010  +   775d ago

Infamous SS, Titanfall and South Park if it actually releases this time. I won't have enough time much less money to buy an Xbox One, Titanfall and the rest

That should be the start of the second push of next gen games with the Order 1886, Quantam Break, Drive Club, Watch Dogs, etc. to follow shortly after.
OrangePowerz  +   775d ago
Not really the same studio that made CoD ;)
ho0lee0h  +   775d ago
Diablo 3 is coming to PS4?
Spurg  +   775d ago
Dark Souls 2 and castlevania: LOS 2 on pc(I know castlevania is feb 27 but it like a day away from march)
pandehz  +   775d ago
Titans will fall!!
KNWS  +   775d ago
Titanfall for me, but i'm expecting a buggy game, with EA been the publisher.

Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst!
JBSleek  +   775d ago

I can't wait.
I_am_Batman  +   775d ago
I'm most excited for Infamous and Metal Gear. Those are two of my favorite franchises so I can't wait to see how they transitioned into next gen. February will be the time for me to pick up a PS4. Might as well pick up the Infamous bundle.
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   775d ago
I'll probably end up getting everything on that list except Dark Souls II, Titanfall, and the MLB game (although the jury is still out on DS2, because I'm currently still going through Demon Souls, the Steam version, and to be completely honest it might be too hard core for me, this game kicks my @$$).
drecko0369  +   775d ago
meh Iam a little disappointment that both the vita and the 3ds don't have anything. The whole remake if final fantasy isent something that makes me say oooo Ill buy that again for another 40+ bucks. Come on Sony get your head out your ass why not try an rts like command and conquer or something I mean you have a touch screen and your not even using it right half the damn time!!!
Swiggins  +   775d ago
Dark Souls II
South Park: SoT
BobBelcher  +   775d ago
KratosSaveUs  +   775d ago
InFamous Second Son and MGSV prologue don't care about TF its just another linear Cod ripoff with robots. Hopefully Xbox One has something "exclusively" to offer too.
Gremdude  +   774d ago
Well, in its defense, the guys making the game pretty much invented Call of Duty so they really aren't ripping off anyone. That being said, this game is quickly turning into the most overrated game ever. How could it possibly deliver on the expectations? Also the irony is that even if the game is less awesome then the reviewers were expecting, they are not going to want to rate it low as it will make them seem like idiots for hyping this game up so much! Honestly, didn't Killzone 3 have robots in multiplayer? I don't see how this is so groundbreaking.
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BlakHavoc  +   775d ago
I'll be getting my xbone as soon as I get my xmas monet lol. Already have a ps4, I refuse to miss out on great exclusives this gen! Bring on the games 2014.
Locknuts  +   775d ago
Man next year is going to be crazy.

Metal Gear
Mario Kart (hopefully in April?)

Then in April the PS4 comes back in stock in my country(hopefully)and it'll be firing on all cylinders by then so I'll have to buy one. I can't get over next year's lineup....
NeloAnjelo  +   775d ago
A very big month for games indeed. I'll be picking up Infamous for definite!
iceman1346  +   775d ago
infamous second son and MGS
DoctorJones  +   775d ago
Dark Souls 2 is all I need. If I only had that and The Witcher 3 for the whole year I think I'd be happy really. I'm obviously going to end up getting far more games than that, but I could live with just those two games.
ichdich  +   775d ago
Titanfall IS ALL I NEED
iiorestesii  +   775d ago
I don't understand how yearly sales can halt video game production at the beginning of every winter. Didn't you see the South Park episode? Who cares about keeping your year in sales broken into four, planned quarters. "Winter is Coming". If it were not for winter, there would probably be no such thing as a video game. Do not take a break in December. Or like the shinning. Jack may not have tortured his fam and wound up frozen had they released destiny (or whatever coresponding game in Jacks day) in December instead of March.
towelie1288  +   775d ago
Titanfall and south park and MGS!!! hell yea
Sleepless  +   775d ago
Titanfall! Cant wait
urwifeminder  +   775d ago
Miniature Trip and south park but that is censored here so I wont buy most likely.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   774d ago
I'm purchasing Dark Souls 2 Collectors Edition in March, can't wait.
bleedsoe9mm  +   774d ago
something is going to slip , i'm betting stick of truth
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