Obama speaks GTA 4 video

Sen. Obama at his campaign in Indianapolis spoke about GTA 4

At a campaign stop in Indianapolis, Democratic presidential frontrunner Sen. Barack Obama referenced the new 'Grand Theft Auto' video game as an example of media entertainment's growing influence on American children.

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Relcom3849d ago

Well said, Obama for president!

Maddens Raiders3849d ago

"The problem with education is that it's not something that the gov't alone can fix..."

"This [GTAIV] isn't intended for kids..."

Michelle: "And it's not just one specific game..."

"Inspire the entire country to give our kids a thirst for knowledge...."

"our future really does matter on how well kids do in school...."

Damn, America needs you now more than ever dude.

Obama '08

olLANDSHARKlo3849d ago

He's a racist pig, that all of a sudden says he didn't know his pastor was like that, he went to the church for 20 yrs. what a racist liar. How with your 2 pac avatar would I have guessed you'd like a racist pig.

Maddens Raiders3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Oh yeah...he's a huge racist, because of what his ((pastor)) said while he wasn't even there -- and he's also remotely controlled by his pastor, because he has a computer chip in his head invented by Dr. Wright called the Reverenator chip that can be activated right after inauguration. >_>

I'm sure by the tone of your typing that you and your parents have muttered a racist thing or two in your I right?

By the way he's half black and half white smarty pants.

Argument = FAIL.

p.s. - please tell me why you think tupac was racist? Tell that to all his white girlfriends he used to have sparky. Jeez, some people haven't a clue.....

Breakfast3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

..."please tell me why you think tupac was racist?"

No one said he was racist. Jeez, The only thing 2pac is, is great :)

OMG...He is calling 2pac racist. What a twist! WTF are you on. Callin Obama and 2pac a racist....dude, your not right in the head. Look at yourself in the mirror, why dont Your so clueless!

FOX News is bad for your health.

olLANDSHARKlo3849d ago

While he wasn't there, he went there for 20 yrs.. I'm sure just the times he wasn't there he was a racist. And who cares about who tupacs girlfriends were, it's called white trash.

Maddens Raiders3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago ) white girls that go out with black guys are white trash?

phibalnation, you just exposed yourself for the racist you really are. Please get a clue....turn up FOX NOISE as loud as you can, and tell Hannity I said wassup!

edit/ for all that are interested, go check out phibalnation's racist comments in his bio. (cue the music) ...It's time to hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!!! Your hating for a living dude. lol wow

Maddens Raiders3849d ago

4 minutes ago | By: PHIBALNATION | Block

No racist, just a white that has his eyes open, and guess what the word is getting around fast about the black racism. College grad here, and not raised by my grandmother. The pastor was right about 1 thing the government putting white ladies in the hood with aids, cause they know the blacks will screw anything with a hole and a heartbeat.


"I rest my case your honor."

Ace Ventura3849d ago

Phibalnation you are the racist. Just shut up, you don't personally know Barack Obama. He is just as much a white man a he is black. He is both.

He was raised by his white mother and grandparents his entire life. His african American dad left him when he was 2 years old. You CLEARLY are being duped in to the FAWX news spinroom.

Barack Obama is a true leader. He is sersiouly just as much a white man as he is a black man. He has said this. People just view him more as African American because those are the dominant genes.

I can't stand stupid, bigoted people. You sersiously dont know what you are talking about. Barack Obama isn't a Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson. Just like he's not the one who has studied or believes in black liberation theolgy. Either does his church. Jeremiah Wright is a THEOLOGIAN of Black Liberation theology. That doesnt mean a senator that sat in his Christian church knew or even cared what he thought about a few things. Obama knew him because of Jesus Christ and finding god. It has nothing to do with Jermiah Wrights views. The media just blows some things out of proportion.

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Montrealien3849d ago

yep, well said. It is about the parents.

SkolarVisari3849d ago

Ah how refreshing, who knows maybe he is into a few games himself.

dork07833849d ago


olLANDSHARKlo3849d ago

Yea I want a racist pig as president because he lies on a video, you kids are unbelievable did you not see the racist church he goes to, or is everyone in this thread black.

Lyan3849d ago

You need to calm down dude. The church he attends, Trinity United Church of Christ, is not racist, the church itself is ethnocentric and focuses on the predominant populous that attends it, which is black. They focus their support and sermons around supporting that community, however they do not support the theology that Jeremiah Wright(the pastor around all this controversy) has been quoted as supporting.

Making a claim about the posters in this thread b/c of their opinions on Obama's opinions on games as them having to be black is a non sequitur argument...

Religion in general is a base for justifying discrimination, in my opinion, and a breading ground for developing "crazy" so whatever it was a matter of time before some form of extremism was attached to a candidate(and also not the first, think hukabee).

Why am I writing all this?! Well, b/c you are kind of off topic... and so am I for arguing a counter point!

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