EA to offer free Battlefield 4 DLC for game issues: Rumor

According to a report, EA is readying free DLC for Battlefield 4 as an apology to gamers.

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christrules00411617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

What about the people that bought premium then? We paid for it at launch expecting the game to work fine. Not only $60 for the game but $50 for premium as well. If they give dlc away for free then people who bought premium will be getting ripped off.

Before thinking of DLC they should fix all of the rest of the bugs anyways. Why expand a broken game? it really ticks me off when a building is falling and it crashes or your about to win and the screen goes to error message.

For next games I'll wait to see if it's actually unbuggy from EA.

Pain_Killer1617d ago

Premium users are already getting early access to the new DLC contents plus additional features such as Double XP, Weapon Unlocks to name a few.

The December 20th Patch has addressed almost 90% of the issues faced on the PC version of the game while the remaining issues would most certainly be fixed prior to the launch of Second Assault.

And there's no confirmed launch date for Second Assault, DICE already said that they would halt development of extra content for the game until the bugs and issues are properly addressed which they have done a great job fixing in the last week with three patches for the game. Their game had issues, no doubt about that but atleast they are addressing the issues and releasing fixes for the game.

christrules00411617d ago

You get xp boosts from every battlepack and the DLC most people couldn't even get into. Just continuous error messages. There aren't barely any matches for the DLC because of it. I still am yet to get a game of conquest on the DLC maps. I've checked almost every time I get on if there was a match I could join.

The extra guns are nice but from those guns that I've tested out they aren't even that good. At least give descent guns. The only one that is descent is the MP7 but unless your within 50 feet don't count on auto fire.

Tapioca Cold1616d ago

That's great and all pal but christrules0041 has a point. This game has been horrible for some. I'm a premium member and still welcome the dlc. But we don't need guys like you defending a complany which has MORE than enough resources at its disposal to get it right. When we buy things we want them to work! Why wpould someone EVER buy a broken shovel? Car? Wedding DJ? etc.

I'm so sick of being a beta tester for the industry. I'm sure a lot of others are too. So pack west.

DarthZoolu1616d ago

Don't worry this absolutely is not going to happen. I am sure E.A. would or will say something like "they are thankful for our business and our patients, and will count to improve the great game they put out". Something dumb like that. Nothing free is coming from E.A.
Also the can give out gun attachments and double xp weeks by just flipping a switch why the fuck would that make me feel ok about not being about to play my game for over a month?

Daniel_Potter1616d ago

Does it matter?
Anyone who supports DLC is rightful to get ripped off
Plus, uhm, i remember back last year, that COD Black Ops 2 gave a free map to everyone(Nuketown), although it was before only exclusive to those who preordered it
That action from Activision actually made my friend give up on COD
There was also 1 more event that happened this year. Back at E3, EA gave free DLC for BF3, the Close Quarters.
Unfortunately, for my friend, who bought that DLC when he purchased BF3, for he likes the Close, COD like combat.
He learned from that, and so far, hadn't invested in any DLC

windblowsagain1617d ago

Since the last update it is perfectly fine for me. Not one crash.

As for premium users, i do agree that if normal people get something for their troubles, premium should get something as well.

NeoTribe1617d ago

They should make a whole new addon for free. Not one that was already in the plans. As a premium member i feel ripped off.

Nafon1616d ago

I'm glad i only preordered BF4+Premium for $83...

r3f1cul1616d ago

i appreciate them trying to make up for the games easily said rocky release but still just sad they pushed the game out so early and have to do this at all. this has really scarred the BF name at this point and time which sucks because it truly is one of the best FPS out there

rbluetank1616d ago

what happen to my china rising dlc? I upgrade my BF4 and still can not play it without dishing out $15 more bones.

Juangie31616d ago

If on ps4 you have to go to the store, redeem the code.. secret China rising dlc.. below the one with the price in a dropdown box...there will be a second copy that says free select and install that one.

zeee1616d ago

I guess he upgraded from ps3/360 version and ea are not honoring that

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