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Submitted by Abriael 777d ago | news

PlayStation 4 Sold Out Almost Everywhere in South Korea Following Successful Worldwide Launch

South Korea could easily be defined the motherland of PC gaming, at least due to how popular games like Starcraft and League of Legends are locally, but Korean gamers aren't really against entertaining themselves with consoles as well and Sony can add another country to its PlayStation 4 tally. (PS4)

Eyeco  +   777d ago
A console selling out in the PC gaming capital of the world is saying allot, I never thought the PS4 would be this successful in launch, honestly I thought early worldwide sales would be much slower.
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shuuwai  +   777d ago
well both x1 are ps4 are pc, the ps4 use linux os, and X1 use a mini windows version with direct 8. Both systems are using PC components. I wouldn't be surprise if someone format PS4 and install windows 7. -_-..
lonelyplayer  +   777d ago
Ps4, ps3 and ps vita use freebsd not linux. Steam machines will be linux.
badboy776  +   777d ago
Keep in mind Sony is having all success with out having to push out all these Big Budget Ads Microsoft's kicking out like McDonald's and Xbone Commercial's during NFL Football games etc...
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static360  +   776d ago
Damn so much down vote for that comment
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xHeavYx  +   777d ago
I have the feeling that Free To Play games where you don't need to pay for a subscription will help sell a lot of PS4 in Asian countries
rainslacker  +   776d ago
I wouldn't mind some of the better Korean F2P MMO's coming out over in the west on the PS4 as well. There are quite a few to choose from.
Sarcasm  +   777d ago
I think they are on to something if Sony keeps trying to get more MMOs. I'm curious given how easy the PS4 is to develop for if any Korean developers will try to make a Korean MMO on that system.
Eyeco  +   777d ago
Precisely, If Sony establishes a large presence in SK they're going to have to cater to their needs, this could result in much more improvements to PSN, more MMO's, and maybe even RPG's it's potentially a win win for everyone, theoretically of course.
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Razjin  +   777d ago
Blade&Soul and i wondering if they were in the talks about this when way back they partner up with ncsoft before the chaos that ncsoft na is in now but i am curious as in like a GW2 port or Blade&Soul port of the sort idk i'm just throwing shit out there :)
JodyCones  +   777d ago
Everquest next?
geddesmond  +   777d ago
Honestly I didn't think it would do half as good as it has been doing either. But I'm glad it has. I've been Playstation since PS1 and after last gen the way the PS3 got treated when it came to DLC and half ass ports or games not even appearing on the consol. I'm glad that its doing good because at least now third party devs would have to be paid a lot of money to ignore the PS4.
Tapioca Cold  +   777d ago
I live in korea and it wasnt sold out when i was at the yongsan gaming market the otherday. Lots in stock.
Goku781  +   777d ago
A mark of excellence right there. Shot out to all my Korean peoples (friends) and ex-girlfriend who is still one of the most beautifulest things in this world!
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amiga-man  +   777d ago
Sony really are on a role, great days ahead for PS4 owners.
AsiaticGodBorn  +   776d ago
I don't know what's worse: the fact that you refer to your Korean ex-girlfriend as a "thing" , or that 16 people agree with you. Seeing how you're obviously not Korean, but still potentially Asian, I'm going to stop short of throwing out the word Asiaphile. However, I will reprimand you on grounds of objectification and grammar violations; unless of course your real name is Keith Murray.
SpinalRemains138  +   776d ago
He's trying to show that her beauty transcends humans. That her beauty is itself a sight to behold, which can be compared to fine art or a gorgeous landscape. A thing.

Either that or Kurt Russel is going to flame-throw his ex girlfriend :-o
GamersHeaven  +   777d ago
Damn PS4 is unstoppable.
_FantasmA_  +   777d ago
Well with that recent report about the anti gaming bill, I hope South Koreans fight that to the death. And PS4 is the next best thing to PC, so why would they not jump on it?
cyguration  +   777d ago
Yup, trying to get in on the greatness before the government tries to ruin the fun.

Heck, they probably want a bunch of Xbones + Kinect 2.0 in peoples' homes just so they monitor them.
EXVirtual  +   777d ago
Here I thought the new consoles wouldn't do all that well in a PC territory, but damn. It's good to see the new consoles are doing this well.
That PS4 is unstoppable!
Langkasuka  +   776d ago
Most would go to Asian countries and sees PC territory. For instance, MS has no definite Asian release date for X1 even now.

Sony goes to Asian countries and sees PC territory. Opens new office in Singapore, combines with Japan office and renamed as SCE Japan-Asia, has more PS4 releases and covers worldwide.

I knew that Sony sees Korea-South East Asia as a glass half-full. I just realized that since MS didn't take the same risk, Sony grabbed the rest of the milk as well.
MegaRay  +   777d ago
After this, MS and Nintendo should just release there games in the PS4, there alot of audience in there xD
IcicleTrepan  +   777d ago
MS is selling lots too, just not as well as PS4. But much better than Wii U ever did.
MegaRay  +   777d ago
I dont say they should kill thier systems, but they should try releasing a game or two, just imagine the profit they'll make
StealthPandemic  +   777d ago
No. That do bad for the industry! Who is PS4 gonna compete with? PC, Steam Machine? Nope. Also even Wii U and XO fail, Nintendo will just go handheld-only (they are destroying the Vita). And Microsoft will just retreat back to PC gaming (they were primary a PC company. They own a big chunk of the industry. Windows).
MasterCornholio  +   777d ago
Yeah just like the PS2 was horrible for the industry because of Microsoft and Nintendo's failure with their consoles.

People keep saying that a monopoly with Sony is bad but the truth is that when Sony has a monopoly its because they developed an excellent console with a fantastic library of games.

Thats the truth.
Koyes  +   777d ago
Monopolies are not good! Competition breeds excellence and the PS2 still had competition in the form of the Gamecube, Xbox and PC. Sure the competition was not as strong but it was competition nonetheless
rainslacker  +   776d ago
Or, Sony could continue to do what it's doing now and make a system and policies that the gamers seem to appreciate and give them love for.

Doing so makes it that much harder for a competitor to come into the market and take away their market/mind share.

Monopoly in it's purest sense is bad, but doesn't necessarily mean really bad. PS2 had very little competition, yet it ruled an entire generation. Sony was sitting pretty, and they still kept putting out games.

The only bad thing that possibly came from it was their complacency when they started to launch the PS3. But I have a feeling they won't make that mistake again. They've seen first hand the two sides of the fence, and I'd imagine they like keeping their customers happy. On top of that, PS is even more important to Sony now than it was back then.

Or it could be as you say, and everything will suck. Truth is we'll never know. And I doubt the X1 will fail, so it's probably not worth worrying about.
Chrono  +   777d ago
2muchw1nn1ng  +   777d ago
Have they released any sales numbers for the SK launch?
BelkingOfSony  +   777d ago
Greatness Awaits!
MightyNoX  +   777d ago
Mo' like Greatness Arrives!
ssj4wolf  +   777d ago
Well done Sony well done.
DCfan  +   777d ago
Daaamn, Korea? 0_o
Thats an accomplishment imo. Playstation invasion.
Koyes  +   777d ago
South Korea to be specific, not the North
ironmonkey  +   777d ago
Ps4 has a ps2 stigma to it thats why. Sony deserves this one this time.
first1NFANTRY  +   777d ago
wow that's a good achievement. I truly believe the Asian countries are the trojan horse for both MS ad Sony. With a population of billions, china could be the next major territory for sales.
TristanPR77  +   777d ago
Another launch, another territory dominated by the blue beast. The PS4 fever is greater than I though.
Acquiescence  +   777d ago
That's all well and good...
but I want the sales numbers that really matter - how is it doing in North Korea?
chikane  +   777d ago
Yessssss go ps4
ironmonkey  +   777d ago
amazing system. cant stop playing it.
Agent_hitman  +   777d ago
I have a feeling that the PS4 will outsell PS2 within the next 5 years..
ProjectSeoul  +   776d ago
I honestly doubt that there were a lot of PS4s due to the fact that South Korea is not big on console gaming. But it's still surprising that a Japanese product would sell out in South Korea.
AsiaticGodBorn  +   776d ago
I pre-ordered my PS4 from Amazon immediately following Sony's announcement from Corea and have been enjoying myself (minus the sticking R1) ever since. My friend decided he wanted one shortly before the U.S. launch, and needless to say, was unable to secure a console. The announcement of the Corean release date came with little fanfare and we both assumed given the PC gaming centric focus here, there would be sufficient supply on and after the launch date. We couldn't have been more wrong. All the places we called on the day of were sold out with more stock only coming in during the Japanese PS4 launch. Good for the growth of the PS4 in s.Corea, bad for my friend.
nosferatuzodd  +   776d ago
you go ps4 well done, real talk this makes my eyes have tears to see a comeback like this I'm a play station fan since 95 i don't think nothing in the universe can change me from that... long live play to Micheal see you at the crossroads buddy
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