Steam Winter Sale Day 3: Tomb Raider and Max Payne 3 80% Off, The Witcher 2 Sliced by 75% and More

Day three of the much awaited Steam Winter Sale has just opened its round of deals, and this one may be the sweetest day so far due to some very juicy discounts.

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wtopez1642d ago

Steam Sales... one of my favorite PC exclusives.

Sarcasm1642d ago

Yup, and any true PC gamer has a collection of steam games that we bought simply because they're cheap but might never actually play lol. I have about 30 games I bought the past 3 years and never get to play them. The back catalog grows bigger every steam sale sigh..

SantistaUSA1642d ago

lol same here! One day I'll get to play them tho :)

Xristo1642d ago

Hahah so true!! I'm sitting at over 475 from sales, trades, and bundles!

I won't lie. There is an addiction here. :P

3-4-51642d ago

It's a good way to try out games or genres you think you don't like, and maybe you find out "hey this game is actually pretty good, can't believe I thought it was trash".

Volkama1642d ago

This year I bought some quite bad looking game because I liked that the trailer featured "Realistic Fish AI" and "Full Bicycle Destruction". I suspect it'll join the pile that I'll never get round to.

I did just buy a couple of terabyte SSHDs though, so maybe I'll actually download some of them. That'll increase the odds of playing.

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SlapHappyJesus1642d ago

This is a rather good sale today, actually. Witcher 2, Shadow Warrior, Tomb Raider, Max Payne 3 and Dragon Age: Origins. All, aside from Origins, are rather new games and you can get them all for just over half the cost of your standard retail release.
I seriously love Steam.

cpayne931642d ago

Witcher 2 and oblivion for 5 bucks each? Sweet. Already got crysis warhead and the witcher for 5 bucks each yesterday.

jy_mrnd1642d ago

Steam sales FTW just bought shadow warrior.

LAWSON721642d ago

Thinking of getting Max Payne 3 and/or Rogue Legacy, but will probably wait to see what is on sale tomorrow