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Submitted by Apollo1 784d ago | news

Wii U Weekly Deals: B1G1 30% OFF, %20 OFF eShop Cards, Sonic Lost World $30, COD: Ghosts $50 & more

December Wii U deals and sales at Amazon, Groupon, Frys, Toys R Us, Gamestop, Gamefly, Best Buy, Cowboom and Target. (, Best Buy, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, GameFly, GameStop, New Super Luigi U, Sonic: Lost World, Toys R Us, Wii U)

edgarohickman  +   784d ago
Any one got Ghosts? Does it have a lot of online players?
jholden3249  +   784d ago
I've got Ghosts and yes you can get matches going. Even Black Ops 2 is still alive and well on Wii U. Same for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate- that one's really poppin.

I like the online Wii U communities because it's all either young kids that aren't old enough to want to throw insults, or mature adults that have outgrow throwing insults. Not everyone uses mics granted, but there are some.
jacobvogel  +   784d ago
Mario & Luigi Deluxe Wii U Bundle + $25 Gift Card + ZombiU Or Just Dance 2014 – $299.99
Best deal I've seen around for Wii U.
Apollo1  +   784d ago
Removing the $25 for GC, $20 for ZombiU, $45 for Super Mario, and $30 for Luigi makes the Deluxe Set for around $180.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   784d ago
3DS XL is on sale at Target too (it was as of Wednessday night) I picked up two, one for me and my girl. The Mario Luigi Dream Team edition is also included in this deal!
brewin  +   783d ago
Some awesome deals on Wii U stuff this week! Its a great time to buy one hope to see some new peeps on MiiVerse and in games!

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