What's Worse: RRoD or GTA IV Lockup?

Kotaku writes: "Clearly, Sony has been looking to bootstrap the PS3 to Grand Theft Auto IV's launch, even if this is the first time that title hasn't released exclusively on its platform first. A news release sent Thursday by Sony's agency pointed out that GTA IV's launch provided "a vigorous lift in PS3 console sales" (according to an exec with Sony channel partner Gamestop, in the kind of comment that was clearly written and approved by no one actually connected to it)".

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sonarus3848d ago

lol yea the freezing issue is clearly worse than RROD.

I mean its not like RROD can't be fixed with a software patch

Ghoul3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

another horrible atempt from kotaku to make the ps3 look bad,
give it up guys you cant spin this one.

besides the 360 has the same issues its not like the lockup is only on the ps3 so WTF is wrong with kotaku spreading rumors every day

gaffyh3848d ago

Obviously the RRoD is worse than a game locking up, because if the game locks up 90% of the time you just restart the game and it will work. The RRoD can happen at any time and with any game, leaving you consoleless for weeks atleast. Plus a lockup can be fixed with just a patch.

I have the 360 GTA4 but haven't experienced any problems, but I am not going online so maybe all the problems are to do with online.

jadenkorri3848d ago

if this problem wasn't on the 360 also i wouldn't complain as much...not towards the gta 4 freezing, to this retarded article....whats worst gta 4 ps3 just freezing which can be patched once R* figured out the problem, or gta 4 360 rroding on you plus freezing... ps3 wait patiently for a patch, and play other games, or 360 send your console away and wait for MS to get it back to you while your stuck doing nothing....hmmm

gonzopia3848d ago

Anything that prevents you from gaming is bad. Granted, I think I'd rather have one game that doesn't run properly rather than a system that won't run any games at all... but yeah, both options suck.

Luckily, I only had GTAIV lock up once on my PS3, and it hasn't done it again since. I'm hopeful that R* can come up with a patch before it does.

Homicide3848d ago

Doesn't the lockup occur on the 360 also? Anyways a console having hardware failure is much worse than a game having problems. I'm glad many people are agreeing and voting for the first choice on the poll.

littletad3848d ago

By bringing up the RROD for no apparent reason but to rile up the fanboys. How many reports have we heard of GTA4 making the rrod spring up? None so far that I know of. But Kotaku loves their hits numbers. That's why it's a blog site, duh. Anything to bring more people in and draw bitter comments.

rushbd3848d ago

kotaku are being called idiot by most xbox owners as well. proving that xbox owners arent studpid. they have a lot of patience with RROD but that doesnt mean they are okay with it.

MADGameR3848d ago

EVERYONE knows that RROD is worse! Why would u compare a gamefreeze to an error that wipes your console out COMPLETELY?! And then you have to wait 20 days to get a new one, then suddenly RROD AGAIN! The GTAIV PS3 version freezes BUT its fixable! This just shows how stupid people are on that site, they'll take any of the problems PS3 has (even the smallest) and they'll compare it the RROD, how f***ing IGNORANT! Come back whenever you have a decent ARGUABLE comparison!

gambare3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

the question about RRoD and freeze is dumb itself

harrisk9543848d ago

Why is it that the media keeps acting like the GTA4 locking up issue is entirely relegated to the PS3 version when we all know (and it has been clearly reported, even by Kotaku)that the 360 is having similar issues? Plus, how can a game locking up in a small fraction of systems (personally, I have not had a problem (and I have a launch 60GB PS3) nor has anyone I know) be compared to the RRoD??? The RRoD is an entire console crashing, and was occurring in more than 30% of 360s!! And on that note, there has still been no specific numbers on how many PS3s and 360s have locked up.

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gamesR4fun3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Only on the 360

Besides which the freeze so you cant play after install issue happens mostly on first gen 60 giggers and there's a work around...

Games still glitchy on both mind ya and both subject to freezing.The whole ps3 side is way blown out of proportion. Funny thing is RROD is just accepted now no one talks about it cause everyone knows if you buy a 360 good chance you'll be getting a coffin or two. At least on the web mainstream news in NA just seems to focus on negative ps3 stories.
Really makes them look biased here but Im getting used to it lol.

Jack Meahoffer3848d ago

I have both versions. The 360 version has locked up ZERO times. Tried to get on the PS3 last night to play with 3 of my PS3 only friends and ALL THREE OF US LOCKED UP ON THE FIRST LOAD SCREEN over and over and over.

I'm not saying the 360 version has no problems but trying to say their the same is beyond stupid.

Its obvious here that PSN sucks majorily and is causing these problems. Why else would signing out "help"?

Comparing RROD and this GTA IV issue on PS3 is stupid. They are not even close in nature.

Disagree me down all you want. The PS3 version is the only one totally hosed and its all Sony's fault for their broken free service. I'll gladly pay $1 a week for a working service.

Wait till MGS4 comes out and shats the bed online too... Is that going to be compared to RROD as well? F'ing morons.

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Dark General3847d ago

Which is worser not being able to play a single game till a patch comes out in a few days or not being able to play multiple games for up to or exceeding a month.

mang3847d ago

my 360 RROD'ed on me two days ago and I was pissed off as hell. I looked on youtube for a fix. I couldn't believe how easy it was at first and was VERY skeptical, but I tried it. Here's how to fix the RROD problem: just replace the four sticky squares near the X-Clamps (below the motherboard) with the same dimensions (size and shape) of RUBBER. Make sure it is rubber with the same size & shape. Put back the 360 together and turn it on. Let it overheat (signaled by 2 red lights instead of three). Turn the system off and wait for 20 minutes. Turn it back on again, the moment of truth... Then what do you know..IT WORKS. Just try it, trust me!!

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Darkiewonder3848d ago

Thing is it's probably due to the crappy disc reader which usually gets improved over the years. I wish Sony would have kept around the 60gb models and worked on that ;3

KeMoBLUE3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )


Douchebaggery3848d ago

I have to say that's a really retarded question.

niall773848d ago

wheres the patch for RROD?

ruibing3848d ago

Rockstar North should be able to realize a nice patch that fixes problems for both consoles soon, but I doubt even a software guru like MS can think of a software hotfix for RRoD.

BIoodmask3848d ago

They are both pretty bad. How is one form of of problem deemed as 'worse.' The funny thing is that as of now there is no 'definitive' solution for either.

Breakfast3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

My xbox breaking is way worse then my ps3 stalling. Wheres the logic in saying that they're both the same?

sonarus3848d ago

Comparing RROD to GTA4 lockup is a little silly. RROD has been a problem for yrs GTA4 lockup has been a problem for a couple of days and suddenly its comparable?

prunchess3848d ago

We are talking a hardware failure (360) vs a software issue (PS3).

Give it up man, the 360 was great when it was the only console available in this generation. Its been passed and shown up as a badly designed badly tested machine with more issues than Britney Spears.

Let it go, will ya.

actas1233848d ago

Sorry but even the idea of comparing the biggest hardware issue in the 21st century to a little patchable software issue that is only temp occuring for a single game is a complete idiocity and ignorance. Kotaku should really reconsider their hiring process for writers (becuase no gaming site thus far has a journalist)

tweaker3848d ago

LOL @ Bloodmask. That is some incredible spinning there. You make it seem as if the GTAIV freezing issue is as worse as RROD.

Ace Ventura3848d ago

LOL at the anti-PS3, Xbox fanatic... pretend like a freezing problem on one game... which didn't even happen to me(thankfully)... is worse than the 2 RROD's I have got and everyone I know has got.

The Xbox 360 is a toasty piece of garbage. Spin, spin, spin!

bababrooks3848d ago

i get what you are saying bloodmask, shame on the guys that kick you!

Ace Ventura3848d ago

5.3 = Bloodmask got owned hard.

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