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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 708d ago | news

Research Firm Finds More People Asking For Xbox One As Christmas Gift

When it comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the systems themselves are quite similar than their respective fans would admit. Those fans, however, differ greatly. Social media research firm Fizziology has been tracking what consumers are saying about each console and their findings reveal some pretty interesting data. (Xbox One)

dedicatedtogamers  +   708d ago
I love these little surveys and "studies". Xbox One is selling more on Black Friday! Xbox One is most-wished-for item at Walmart. Xbox One is most-asked-for Christmas present.

And yet? PS4 still sells more by a wide margin. Sorry, MS, you can't hype and market your way into great sales, not much longer, at least.
ZodTheRipper  +   708d ago
You can't do anything against common sense ...cheaper, more powerful, better history of exclusives, 'nuff said.
mikeslemonade  +   708d ago
Another case of zombie stats here. Show me the numbers!

In no shape of form will the X1 be better than PS4 in any meaningful statistic.
minimur12  +   708d ago
I would willingly hold my hands up to say I'm wrong, bit I think Microsoft aren't telling the truth when they said they've sold 2 million consoles tbh. Everybody is well aware that PS4 is pore popular than Xbox with tons of articles saying it's outsold it 3-1, and even to the fact that its launched in a lot less countries that ps4, so according to sales numbers to country ratio... Xbox has done better than ps4?
I don't think so.
But like I said I'd happily hold my hands up and say I'm wrong, I'm just highly skeptical on the 2 mil mark for xbox
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johndoe11211  +   708d ago
Ok, so I'm not gonna say that this article is lying, but I would really love someone to explain to me how this is remotely possible as it's well known that the ps4 is outselling the xbox one by significant margins just about every where in the world.

I'm not gonna call bullsh!t on this just yet, I just need to understand the maths to their equation.
nukeitall  +   707d ago
yet sales numbers are so close between the two consoles.

heck, nobody questions the amazon report that says 3 to 1 favor on ps4 which is based on less than 1000 stock unit. wow!

at least this is a third party research firm and not neogaf forum!!!
whoyouwit04  +   708d ago
when has the Ps4 out sold the Xbox One by a wide Margin. That is very unrealistic considering the PS4 is in what 32 territories compared to 13 and for xbox one and it's 100 bucks cheaper and had way more hype and good press the Xbox One. However it barely outsold xbox one by a 100 thousand, that's hardly any thing to brag about.
speedforce131  +   708d ago
we don't like your kind 'round here
KakashiHotake  +   708d ago
PS4 sold more consoles in 24hours in it's launch in America alone than Microsoft did in 13 countries. Then went on and did it again in Europe and finished off the launch month of November at 2.1 million. Since then Sony hasn't uttered a word but they continue to break records, and continue to outsell Xbox one. Even as we speak it is the number one best seller at amazon with Xbox One sitting at number 21 for almost a week. Depending on Sony's supply they could reach their 5 million goal for March before the end of the year.
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scott182  +   708d ago
So you have the updated ps4 numbers? Please share them with everyone. Sony announced over 2 million then over a week later MS announced it barley reached 2 million... What were Sony's numbers at that point? Plus, it is much easier to buy an X1 right now, you could literally go anywhere to buy one, even Amazon. Tell me where I can buy a PS4.
Ripsta7th  +   708d ago
@whoyouwit - you are forgetting Sony hasnt launched in their home country get , major sales there
1nsomniac  +   708d ago
Your comment completely contradicts itself in everyway!

It's outselling XBone by a wide margin exactly because of all the things you've listed lol.

Not only that but actual real sales figures from stores - not surveys or research figures - all reported to show in the region of between 3-7 to 1 sales of the PS4.

.. And the most truthful indication of all is to just look around you. I know 1 person who has an Xbone & he's a die hard idiot that openly says he would of bought it even if it was the worst console that was ever made (yes, unfortunately that kind of fanboy) All my other friends have a PS4 & the majority of them were actually 360 fanboys.
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4Sh0w  +   708d ago
No insomniac he did not contradict himself. X1 was last reported at 2mil, ps4 at 2.1 mil you say he's wrong it is a wide margin but where is your proof of sales totals that confirm ps4 is way ahead, not speculation from blogs but actual numbers???

Theres a reason why fanboys always make wild claims without links to back it up=BS.
devwan  +   708d ago
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Arnon  +   708d ago
I still have Xbones in my store. PS4 however is always sold out, and for every one phone call I get for Xbox one, I receive 10 for PS4. They're not flying off the shelves.

Lady actually walked in today and said "well, if you're out of ps4's I might as well get him something. An Xbox is better than nothing..."

LogicStomper  +   708d ago
Mhmm, I'll just believe that you work there and, had the 10:1 ratio of demand because some stranger said it on the internet. /s

As for your comment below which is:

"There is zero logic when buying an xbox one over a PS4. And that's not even a fanboy comment. It's just smart consumerism. "

So you're saying that if I want to play Halo, Forza and Titanfall, It's illogical to buy a Xbox One? Well I guess I should be a so called "smart consumer" and buy a PS4 to play Halo.
lastofgen  +   708d ago
yet it's funny how when these surveys/research firms point to something positive about the ps4, everyone one here is like "yeah, yeah, good going, ps4."

and when it turns into something positive for the xbox one, everyone on here is like "hmmm, no. it's just surveys and studies and whatnot, cannot be taken seriously. *insert some other generic comment*"

edit: sure, go ahead and bring on the downvotes, but if you can't see some truth in what I say, then I have no hope for this community.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   708d ago
It's that way for both sides. I remember how plenty of people said "surveys don't matter" when came out. I remember how plenty of people said "Amazon pre-orders mean nothing" when PS4 was absolutely stomping the XBox One.

So yeah, you're right. It's funny how things go back and forth. The reason why some people doubt pro-X1 surveys is because months and months and months of evidence have been indicating that PS4 is ahead, not just by a little bit but by a pretty sizable margin.

So if a pro-X1 survey comes out of nowhere and claims "X1 is ahead!" then of course people are going to be a bit leery.
nukeitall  +   707d ago

except when the official numbers are out from both MS and Sony are released, they are on par.

what sizeable margin are you talking about?

surely it cannot be that 5% difference of 100k on over 2 million sold fpr each console manufacturer?

according to your link the ps4 should have sold 2-3 times as much, putting ps4 at least 4 million!

that is a sizeable margin!!!
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rainslacker  +   707d ago
Now now. Give it the benefit of the doubt, and analyze it properly.

People are asking for it. The article mentions it's mostly teens that have a penchant towards the casual side of gaming.

So, we're assuming they're asking their parents for it, or significant other for the older ones I suppose. But these people's parents or significant others aren't willing to spend $500 on the system, because apparently given other articles the X1 isn't that much in demand at retail.

Wanting something isn't the same as actually dropping the money on it. I want an X1 personally, but I'm not going to drop $500 on it in it's current state.
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Garethvk  +   708d ago
BuyVia.comm said online trending is 3.3-1 in favor of the Playstation 4.
KingDadXVI  +   708d ago
1 - 3.3 to 1 is the trend that they are seeing from people who use BuyVia not an overall trend across the world.

2. People who want PS4 are far more likely to search a site like BuyVia than someone who wants an Xbox One because there has been no inventory of PS4 in stores. They spread their inventory over far more territories creating the false sense that the console was far outselling the Xbox One when in fact 2.1 million versus 2 million sold as of the first week in December means the PS4 was only leading by 5% in sales.

If BuyVia's analysis it correct then by their logic it should not be:

PS4 = 2.1 Million and Xbox One = 2 Million

It should be:

PS4 = 6.93 Million and Xbox One = 2 Million

BuyVia data debunked by simple math. LMAO.
Garethvk  +   708d ago
The way I took the math is that more people want a PS 4 by a 3.3 to 1 margin. The issue is that unlike the PS 4, the Xbox One is easier to locate as we see them all over the Phoenix, Seattle, and other markets we cover but have yet to see a PS 4 in stores anywhere. Supply and Demand. Xbox has the supply, PS 4 has greater deamand.
dedicatedtogamers  +   708d ago
But it's not PS4 = 2.1m and X1 = 2m. It never was.

PS4 hit the 2.1m weeks ago, and then a week later Microsoft announced they had just hit 2m. So, not only is the comparison bad NOW, but the comparison was bad THEN, too.

Simple math. LMAO indeed.
devwan  +   708d ago
If anyone witnessed the recent huge amazon stock of ps4 vanishing before their eyes (there was a regular ~3minute stock check as each SKU was in the last 999 units on GAF, with accompanying graphical analysis :P) you'll see the demand for ps4 is huge. UK & USA have seen large shipments of ps4 in the past week and they've already gone. It recently launched in yet more territories - when we see the figures for December they will be interesting. But more interesting will be the following two months as supply catches up with demand (which already seems to have occurred with xbone in some territories).
KingDadXVI  +   708d ago
@Garethvk You are almost there but the demand does not have to be greater that the Xbox One demand to get these figures.

Here is an example:

Demand for Xbox = 100 consoles
Supply for Xbox = 50 consoles

Demand for PS4 = 100 consoles
Supply for PS4 = 15 consoles

What it simply means it that the Xbox was 3.3 time more able to meet the demand VS. PS4's ability to meet demand. The demand numbers can still actually be close or the same. Everyone knows that Sony spread their consoles out more thinly after the NA launch.

@dedicatedtogamers Actually you still apparently need to take a math course. Those numbers where sold over the same time frame the Xbox One launched a week later. Realistically these sales numbers are difficult to compare simply by the fact that they are over a different number of regions. Still my math works perfectly for the BuyVia myth debunking session.

Now to carry on in regards to the article above this one quote is very interesting and potentially damning for long term sales of the PS4. As quoted in the above article:

Taking things a bit further, Fizziology found that people who wanted an Xbox One were a "much younger, mainstream audience."

"They were very casual gamers (hardly mentioning gaming at all on social) who posted updates about their lives 24/7 from virtually all social media platforms," a Fizziology representative told us. "Their interests were varied and aligned with teen culture (partying, the opposite sex, self-image)."

This is the same market that goes gaga for IPhones and they also outnumber the hardcore gamers many times over. These people really don't give a rats ass about having a few percent better graphics ability, especially if you can't tell the difference on your TV. If this group ends up being the main demographic for consoles this generation then the Xbox is in a great position. Incidentally this is the broader market that MS is chasing while still bringing to us the best launch line up and the most anticipated games of 2014. Not bad for a console that many claimed was not for gamers. ROFL.
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4Sh0w  +   708d ago
lol, KingDad great job using logic but they won't listen and will continue making bold claims with NO CONFIRMATION links.
Arnon  +   708d ago
There is zero logic when buying an xbox one over a PS4. And that's not even a fanboy comment. It's just smart consumerism.
gamer2013  +   708d ago
Who the hell is BuyVia.comm?
SG1_dapunisherX  +   708d ago
Using Skype plus play games on my beautiful tv is awesome
WeAreLegion  +   708d ago
Agreed. Skyping on your phone while playing PS4 is awesome. Or computer. Or tv. Or Vita. Or tablet.
speedforce131  +   708d ago
I don't know why people downvoted you lol! I personally skype on my PC while playing on my PS3. It's not restricted to Xbox One only so I don't know why people try to use that as a selling/bragging point.
dedicatedtogamers  +   708d ago
"I buy my game consoles to play games, not to Skype"

*memories of the wonderful 2006 Blu-Ray debate. Shoe, I'd like you to meet the other foot.
creatchee  +   708d ago

"Shoe, I'd like you to meet the other foot."

Mmmmmmm how about "multiplatform game performance doesn't matter", "rumble is soooo last-gen", "sales mean nothing" and "indies don't count"?
JodyCones  +   708d ago
I would never use skype on an xbone hahahaha, I have a PC and phone. Man I'm glad I play PlayStation.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   708d ago
I have a ps4 as well.. I'm happy ps4 and xbox one are different
christocolus  +   708d ago

I agree. Its a feature i use alot especially when i do not want to stop the game. Its really cool.
hazardman  +   708d ago
I dont know why you getting disagrees? Can you Skype and game at same time on PS4? I know you can snap it on Xbox One so its a neat feature. But that paywall sucks MS!!
nikrel  +   708d ago
BelkingOfSony  +   708d ago
most asked for/most wished for/ most wanted etc etc does NOT equal the most important factor, sales! and that is where the ps4 is thrashing the xbox one.
#5 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Belking  +   708d ago
"most asked for/most wished for/ most wanted etc etc does NOT equal the most important factor, sales! and that is where the ps4 is thrashing the xbox one."

Most important factor? That would be business model dude, and money. xb1 isnt losing money like ps4 is. sony is just happy with being good enough and you can't blame them when you look at the disaster ps3 launch and the struggling vita.

This is obviously bad news for people here on this Why would anyone want what ms competitors have. xb1 is the only next gen console that you will need. No need to hype it up like the competition is doing. xb1 is the best right now and will only get better. MS has the legs to go the distance and the finances to cream the competition. The other wont be able to keep up. Right out the gate xb1 has the best games and the best 2014 line up with titles like titan fall, quantum break,and sunset overdrive and many more. xb1 has already proven it has no equal. Hardware talk doesn't win anything. It didnt go so well last gen when cell was supposed to be the thing that kills of xbox360....but that backfired.
#5.1 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(21) | Report | Reply
TheLostCause  +   708d ago
Why is it that Xbox fanboys always sound the most stupid?
BelkingOfSony  +   708d ago

its belking, what do you expect from one of the biggest trolls on this site?
#5.1.2 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(5) | Report
GarrusVakarian  +   708d ago
I don't even know where to are so wrong on so many levels. Unbelievable to think you actually believe all that you have just said.

"xb1 isnt losing money like ps4 is"

Sony actually make a profit from the PS4, look it up.

"Most important factor? That would be business model dude, and money."

I thought it was games and graphics?

"xb1 is the only next gen console that you will need."

And miss out on the what Sony's superior 1st party devs are working on? No thanks.

"MS has the legs to go the distance and the finances to cream the competition."

Just like they did last why did the PS3 still sell more and still have better rated/looking exclusives? Dev talent >>>> money. There's more to exclusives than just throwing money at them lol.

" It didnt go so well last gen when cell was supposed to be the thing that kills of xbox360....but that backfired."

Where were you last gen? The PS3 destryoed the 360 in terms of graphics.....why do i even have to list these games: TLOU, B2S,uncharted 2+3, Killzone 2+ 3, Infamous 2, God Of War 3....the list goes on and on....again....where were you lol? TLOU alone is better looking then anything the 360 ever put out....and just plain better.

How is it that you are so easy to prove wrong so often? You really need to think about things before you type them. The PS4 is more powerful, cheaper, has better and more 1st party devs, has the better controller, better multiplats, better paid service (ps plus games are worth the payment alone, XBLG can';t compete with that)'s a no contest.
#5.1.3 (Edited 708d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report
hazardman  +   708d ago
I like that you back Xbox to the MAX dude. I mean if your gonna be a fanboy. Do it right and Belking does it right people!! You made some good points for MS behalf. As much as I like my Xbox One its an unfinished product dude. Its gonna take a few updates to a few fix things. And you can say same for PS4 great games coming out 2014 aswell.

All flaws with X1 aside im enjoying my gaming on it for sure!!!
Unreal01  +   708d ago
Reading Belking's awful contributions are like my joke of the day. I look forward to the next one.
ziggurcat  +   708d ago
For that, belking, you get the sisko facepalm
rainslacker  +   707d ago
I take back what I said in another article about you expanding on your comments with your one bubble to make a reasonable argument.

You should really stick with the 1-2 sentence trolls.

I almost want to give you another bubble, because you are quite funny at times with you're shorter comments.
#5.1.7 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
WeAreLegion  +   708d ago
It's possible in America right now, given that I can't walk across the room without being blasted with an Xbox One ad. McDonald's. Gas stations. Doritos. Every other commercial. It's ridiculous.
miyamoto  +   708d ago
Fortunately there are more informed purchasers and opinionated ones today.
Bzone24  +   708d ago
How dare them advertise their product. I see just as many PS4 commercials. Just what do they think they're doing?
speedforce131  +   708d ago
I have to agree with OP. I have my TV on passively right next to me throughout the day and I see A LOT more Xbox ads than PS.
Donjune  +   708d ago
Xbox is an American company and will do great stateside.. Worldwide is a completely different story..
cyhm3112  +   708d ago
I just couldn't stand it when people ignore the fact that if xbone is successful, then MS will and other companies will follow to release craps. When you keep buying craps, they will keep releasing craps. Look at Call of Duty as an example. It is just not good for the industry. PS4 is just superior in every aspect. They deserve a big win, not a small one. Not even 2:1 is enough. At least 3:1. But I wholeheartedly believe PS4 can sells at least 4:1.
AceBlazer13  +   708d ago
they obviously don't want it enough to buy it.
gamer2013  +   708d ago
Well.. Duh!
KratosSaveUs  +   708d ago
I wish I could just ask my parents to buy me a console for Christmas. The last time my parents bought me a console was 2007 and it was a PS3 and I was 11. Now I'm 17 and I had to buy my own PS4 and games. I will buy a Xbox One when the price is right.
shuuwai  +   708d ago
Last system for me was the SNES from my parents. Now I have to ask the wife. -_-;; We got both system. X1 and PS4 are both in the living room.
rainslacker  +   707d ago
Last one for me was the TG-CD attachment for the Turbo Grafx. Of course, that was $400 at the time, so can't really complain. After that I got a job and spent most of my paycheck on gaming stuff. Still do sometimes.:)
osamede1  +   708d ago
i find this hard to believe, but sure w/e
lildudexst  +   708d ago
-_- yeah at my local gamestop they got 6 left and they sold out at less one but since that time it never sold out again.
where we got ps4 which is now sold out everywhere just about.
most people won't get there in till next year in jan ot feb.
lsujester  +   708d ago
I don't want to pay $500 for an X1, so I'd be asking for it as a Christmas gift, too.
metalgod88  +   708d ago
...Why should we even care? This article serves no purpose what so ever.
RosettaStoned  +   708d ago
"Oh noooo, people aren't preferring my preference!!".

Good Lord, people.
LogicStomper  +   708d ago
Sums up N4g in a nutshell.
il-JumperMT  +   708d ago
Where I live, PS4 is out of stock everywhere while you can walk in and buy XBOne Day one edition.
BuckyBarnes  +   708d ago
I wonder how many xbox ones will be returned after the holiday season? Someone should keep that stat on lookout
Zeromoniker  +   707d ago
IMHO, it makes sense that more people are 'asking for the [XB1] as a christmas gift' simply due to the higher price and confusion/uncertainty as to wether people actually want/need the XB1.

IMHO, at least since E3, Microsoft's message about the XB1 has been extemely confusing for the general public and it has left so many people feeling uncertain, confused and, at times, paranoid, about what the XB1 actually is.

It's also hard to justify spending over £550+ (when you include games + extra controller) if cash is tight and when other priorites such as day-to-day living must take precedence.

If cash it tight and there is a perceived need by the individual for a new games console, surely people will gravitate towards the cheaper console, especially if it is perceived that a cheaper option is 'more powerful', meaning the more-expensive XB1 goes on the wish-list for christmas hoping that someone else can buy it for them as a christmas present or even a birthday present.

Conversely, imho, I feel the sales of the PS4 have been greatly helped by the lower cost and more straight-forward message from Sony describing what the PS4 actually is. I imagine that those people who are waiting for a PS4 are more certain about what they are actually buying, ie 'a games console' and so are more confident in their purchase and see no need to add it to a Wish-list as they aren't wishing for it, they are simply waiting for it as they have already consented to buy.

For the record, with regard to XB1 vs PS4, I believe both have their merits and faults. PS4 has the graphical and processing edge whereas XB1 has hands-free, multi-media edge.

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