Project CARS Dev: PS4 Single Core Speed Slower Than High-End PC, Splitting Renderer Challenging

Slightly Mad Studios' Andy Tudor on developing Project CARS on the PS4.

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Mikey322301546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

nothing new

Hatsune-Miku1546d ago

Bring on the apology early for not making their game the best possible on ps4 meanwhile Drive Club hoovers the floor with project car.

PeaSFor1546d ago

on nooooooo, high end pc are better than a 399$ fully functional system, OH THE DRAMA!!!

decrypt1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )


PS4 is pretty much a low end PC. The CPU is very low end infact. The GPU is some what ok but still low end, in fact it would get out performed by 170usd parts out there.

Funny when people mention PS4 as 400usd, yet forget all the other hidden costs and nickle diming that come with it. Compare apples to apples, A PC would be much cheaper all things considered.

ZodTheRipper1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

This reads like
"We expected a 399$ console to run like a 799$ PC so porting our game is a challenge now"

r2oB1546d ago

@ decrypt

What are the hidden costs of buying a console? You pay $399 for a PS4 (or whatever the cost is in an applicable country), and that's enough for you to play games. Everything else is optional.

As far as building a PC. You need a case, HDD, RAM, power supply, CPU, GPU, Motherboard, Kb/m and/or controller, and an OS. All of which has to be purchased (whether all at once or separate). Building a bare minimum PC with all the parts necessary to play next gen games functionally, at a $399 price point is next to impossible.

reynod1546d ago


You could easily have a PC priced around 500usd, featuring a real desktop CPU.

Clearly going for tablet CPUs was due to cost reasons. Looks like a corporate profit decision to me.

InTheLab1546d ago

R2oB beat me to it but I'd like to add that all of what he listed will end up costing something closer to $700.

A $400 PC that is comparable with a PS4 does not exist. The simple fact is, the OS, GPu, and CPU will eat up the budget and you'd have to buy the ugliest, sh**iest tower imaginable.

You PC guys continue to push this "low end" specs crap but always lie about the cost.

_QQ_1546d ago

No it doesn't...
@dycrpt so true
@zod change that 799$ to 499$ and you are on point.

theshonen88991546d ago

Christ, over-reacting much??
The man was asked what he thought about development on PS4 and he gave an honest and thorough answer.

decrypt1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )


Console hidden costs:

Pay more per game 10-20usd (this alone makes a high end gaming rig cheaper than consoles in 3-4 years of game as the PC literally goes free, since console makers profit of higher software prices. remember hardware is nothing without the software).

Pay to go online (50 usd a year, free on PC).

Lack of BC (how does it feel not being able to play any of the games you bought last gen? yea have fun rebuying the old console every time it fails just so you can play your old library. Or maybe end up forfeiting thousands of usd of games bought last gen).

No mods (pay for DLCs instead)

Nickle dimming (check out comapnies like EA charging console gamers for DLCs again on BF4 which they already bought on previous consoles, no such thing on PC, since we dont have gens, every time we upgrade, every game we ever bought gets a free upgrade, no need to get ripped by coorporates).

Lack of discounts such as ones seen on Steam or GMG and various other online retailers.

The list is really unending.

In regards to startup costs of PCs, you really have to look at PCs as a long term investment. Once you invest into it, you dont go about buying Casings, HDDs, Dvd drives, Mouse keyboard, OS, PSU every time you upgrade. Which makes your next upgrade in 4-5 years very cost effective. Hell it comes for free even if you want to build a new rig with all the money saved on cheaper games.

Console gaming being cheap is a myth, hyped by the media which is funded by these large corporations. Who again shoulder those costs on the console gamers.

Evilsnuggle1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I find it so funny when PC f anBoys bash g ame consoles. The PC fanBoys are jealous Of game consoles popularity. The attention Consoles get and consoles are accepted by the mainstream unlike PC gaming. No matter how PC fanBoys twist the facts. PC and consoles are Much different. The PS4 can perform on par With a high end PC. The PS4 is a close system and can be programmed for specifically and optimized Unlike PC . hundreds of different GPU's PC . PS4 has low level API access to the GPU Unlike PC mantle to anyone? Also PC have a huge OS that hinders performance windows. The PS4 has a small OS that doesn't hinders performance. That why PC developers the want and need for Linux gaming OS aka steam OS. The PS4 has a mid level GPU. That equals and performs like a higher end GPU Because lower overhead and better API performance Than a pc. Here are two articles from digital foundry that confirm that The PS4 performs to the equivalent of a pc with a Core i7 in combination with Nvidia's powerful GTX 680 . That is a $350 CPU and a $500 GPU match by as $400 PS4. That is a $450 different pc fanBoys make me laugh so insecure and
I would not use battlefield 4 as an example everyone knows the the partnership EA and Microsoft have .EA would never let the PS4 have double the resolution than XboNe .

r2oB1546d ago

@ decrypt

Those are variables. I can bring similar benefits to console gaming.

You mention price of games, but have failed to consider the benefit of console games. For one, with PS+ you can play many great games for one cost. This year alone I had access to Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, Binary Domain, Kingdom of Amular, Grid 2, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, NFS Most Wanted, plus more multiplats and indies, for the price of PS+ ($50, but I got it on sale for much less). How much would those games cost to play on PC? Could you play all those games for less than $50? Not to mention with game sharing on PlayStation consoles you can get new releases for $30 (sometimes less). Console gaming (PlayStation platforms) does not have to be as expensive as you make it out to be.

What about the hidden cost of PC gaming? My $600 PS3 that I bought in 2006 can still play new releases. What about that $600 PC that was built in 2006? Can it run current games properly? Does it meet minimum requirements? Probably not. Not enough cores? Have to buy a new CPU. Not enough RAM? Need more sticks. Not enough VRAM? Time for a new GPU. GPUs require more power? Time for a new PSU. etc

The point I am trying to make is that there can be hidden costs to console gaming and PC gaming. Its all a matter of perspective. when you start adding variables its no longer an apples to apples comparison.

Its funny you mock backwards compatibility as a disadvantage but overlook compatibility in general. You get to play all your old games on PC, but what about current games that don't get released on PC. How was GTA V? Oh that's right, its not available on PC. See, things work both ways. My point? There are advantages/disadvantages to both console and PC gaming.

BTW, I am a console and PC gamer.

decrypt1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )


Whats to be jealous of? the rampant shooter after shooter? or paying to play online, No BC, No mods or new consoles not having a games library lol (where PC has thousands on its list from 30 years of BC).

Hardly much at all.

65 million users on Steam alone thats hardly a minority :)


Check Steam & GMG discounts, you could permanently own that many games instead of just having access to them.

AAA games like Witcher 2 can be had for as little as 5usd, how many will 50 usd get you ;-) not hard to count about 10 of them.

A 1000usd PC created back when PS3 launched equipped with a 8800GTX will easily play current gen games in 1080p, Where PS3 will play at 720p.

Again money saved on games alone would ensure the PC gamer can make a completely new high end rig in 5 years time for free, essentially making the 1000usd PC a cheaper investment than the PS3.

reynod1546d ago


I think decrypt pretty much covered everything.

Though i got to ask, since when does a PS3 last 7 - 8 years. Most people would need to go through at least 2-3 PS3s to last that long. Add all of that up its easily the price of a high end PC, without any of the benefits.

Meanwhile a 1000usd PC will easily last 5-7 years with a little maintenance. Add in whatever decrypt said and the cost argument is in the PCs favor.

Evil_Abed1546d ago

DriveClub loses that fight no contest. Please do not make that comparison again, you are embarrassing yourself.

PeaSFor1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

@decrypt the F are you talking about, the number of active peoles on steam peaked at 6.9millions(NOT 65 millions).(wich is barely what the Dreamcast about being..a the day you will see 155 millions of pc gamers on Steam, we will talk about majority/minority)
been on steam since 2004 and the numbers you pulled out of your ass is ridiculously false.

btw, talking about Steam, i bet you had a lot of fun playing Red Dead Redemption, The Last Of Us, Demons Souls, GTAV and Heavy Rain on it....OH WAIT you CANT, thats why if you are a credible gamer, you wont be in a "pc only" circle jerk and own consoles too.

frostypants1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

@decrypt, no, the GPU in the PS4 is the equivalent of a mid-range PC GPU at worst. God man, you're like N4G's official wellspring of derp.

PeaSFor1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

to put things in perspective, take a look at the MOST PLAYED AND POPULAR GAMES on Steam

Peak number
651,640 Dota 2
88,315 Team Fortress 2
76,822 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
57,249 Sid Meier's Civilization V
49,415 Football Manager 2014
48,948 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
37,640 Counter-Strike
42,614 DayZ
36,851 Starbound
28,736 Counter-Strike: Source
36,567 Garry's Mod
23,065 Total War: ROME II
22,405 Terraria
18,075 Warframe
15,428 Far Cry® 3
16,547 Football Manager 2013
13,985 Rust
16,966 Borderlands 2
12,879 War Thunder
14,428 Path of Exile
10,121 XCOM: Enemy Unknown
11,256 Neverwinter
11,804 Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer

all the stats you need http://store.steampowered.c...
unless you are really into MOBA games, its not super impressive for "pc only circlejerk master race", nothing worthy to beat your chest like a gorilla like so many pc elitist imply.

saumer1546d ago

@r2ob I

I bought a ps4 on launch day at costco. I got an extra controller and PS+ card and it cost me $520 with/without tax, I dont remember. Then I got a warranty because last gen I ended up having my 360 die 2 times and my ps3 die once after 4 years(never replaced it).

All totaled it was around $600.

I returned it a few weeks later. Because when I did the math, I could upgrade the computer i've been playing on for 6 years. Buy an i5 processor and motherboard for $250 with tax from micro center and a Geforce 770 for $350 from anywhere.

Totaled: $600

Then I could play all the computer games I've stock piled since my ps3 died and play newer games as well.

I might get a PS4 again in a few years when the price goes down.

saumer1546d ago

@frosty It is a little better than a 7850, which is a lower middle range card.

Larry L1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I would just like to point out to decrypt that modding is totally possible on consoles, and is actually pretty easy, it's just that developers and probably more-so pulishers (and most of the time console manufacturers as well) just pretty much disallow it for 2 major reasons. 1) they don't want the headaches of lawsuits.......which they wouldn't lose, but they would still have to spend money in the courts. And 2) console hardware and software is all officially licensed "stuff", which they have to at least TRY and guarantee works, which you can't do with mods.

Epic Games and Sony though thumbed their noses at that conventional wisdom in 2007 with the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 which had full PC mod support. And just as the 2 major reasons above would predict, when PC modders ported basically the entire multi-player of Gears of War to PC (Halo 2 and 3 as well) soon as someone hit the {Cook for PS3] button in the Unreal Engine 3 toolset with that Gears and Halo content, and people like me were playing Gears and Halo on PS3......M$ was trying their damnedest to go after Epic and modders with C&D orders and threats of lawsuits.

Both Epic and alot of modders kinda bowed down to M$ on this issue too, agreeing to not allow that particular stuff to be posted or even talked about in the mod forums..........but that content is still out there to be found for people who actually care or know about it.

Not to mention, some modders were making content that was so hardware intensive even for PCs, that when you'd try loading up the content on the PS3, it would just lock up the system, or cause other kinds of issues in the game. (amazingly modders got PhysX based content working on PS3 mods when it was supposed to be impossible because PS3 didn't support it, lol) So both reasons against modding on consoles are pretty valid in business terms.

With how cool mods were for UT3 on PS3, BioWare back in like 2008 said it was possible and they were considering allowing mods in their Dragon Age: Origins toolset to be cooked for PS3 as well. But then they just decided against it in the end. Probably because of the stink M$ was putting up about the issue behind the scenes with Epic and mod communities.

So full PC modding is possible on console, companies just don't want to deal with the legal BS. But the one real experiment in true console game modding done by Epic and Sony; Unreal Tournament 3, was pretty successful........even if the game itself wasn't so much, lol.

Since it was the only console game in history to do it, I fully expected UT3 to be one of those rare collector's item games that go up in value...........yeah.........t hat didn't happen. But I've still got my copy and I still try out new mods once in a while over 6 years later.

HammadTheBeast1545d ago


Pretty hypocritical mentioning hidden costs. You always throw out the "a $170 GPU > $399 PS4", what happened to that? You failed to mention the cost of building a PC to run the gpu. You fail to mention the lack of OS. The lack of antivirus system. The lack of peripherals. etc.

dantesparda1545d ago

Anybody who didnt know that the PS4/X1 CPUs are weak, really hasnt been paying attention.

But more interesting is this, "There are still some bottlenecks to work out with memory flushing to garlic, even after changing to LCUE, the memory copying is still significant.”

So does this mean that the PS4 doesnt have hUMA then?

Dasteru1545d ago

Troll harder.

The texture detail on Project Cars is easily double that of Driveclub, the environmental effects and physics are far better, the lighting is far better. Project Cars isn't even out of beta yet and it already looks several times better than Driveclub.

its_JEFF1545d ago


I would really like an honest answer to this. When Battlefield 4 was released on the PS4 and the PC, what was the price? What wS the price of NFS Rivals on PC on day 1? Cause I keep hearing PC guys saying that EVERY game on PC is CHEAPER. But, when is it cheaper? and are these games the AAA titles?

if those titles were/are $10-20 cheaper, a launch, I would like to know.

starchild1545d ago

Wow the sony fanboys on n4g are a freaking joke. It doesn't matter how ridiculous a comment is that a Sony fanboy makes he will get massive amounts of agrees. The rest of the gaming community laughs at you guys.

@ Larry l

One of the biggest reasons many types of graphical mods wouldn't work on a console is because console games are generally always pushing the console hardware as hard as the developer was able to manage. There is no headroom to work with. Many mods on PC require more performance than the base games do.

Volkama1545d ago

@Theshonen He was actually asked specifically what the challenges are, and gave a pretty gentle answer.

@PeaSFor Steam had 6.9 concurrent users. That's 6.9 million people logged on at one time.

On the off-topic that's fired up here: Of course a PC at $400 isn't going to match a console the same price. Consoles are mass-produced and sold at ~cost. They make their money elsewhere. When you build a PC each component comes from a vendor wanting a profit.

Having said that, PCs are certainly cheaper ones you've made that initial investment, and yes potentially much better performers if you want to invest more.

Really nothing worth arguing and trolling about.

Anarki1545d ago

No way... a console CPU being slower than a HIGH end PC. In other news, sh*t found in the woods police have traced it to a bear.

thereapersson1545d ago

@ Larry L

I still break out my copy of UT3 on PS3... but then slowly pine for the ability to use my Dual Shock 4. Imagine the improved accuracy!

Anyway, you bring up a good point about the ability to mod console games. It would be quite simple and effective if developers would allow it. UT3 was a perfect example of this, as you noted.

warczar1545d ago


So, I actually went to steam to see if anything you were saying about pricing was true. Come to find out you are full of shit. Just for Kingdoms of Alamur and Hitman: Absolution you are looking at 42usd, if we factor in all the games PS+ has given away just this year steam just can't compare. Dragon's Dogma isn't even available on steam. You should do at least some base research before speaking from your ass.

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ATiElite1546d ago


When Devs kept saying a PS4 is like a High End PC Fanboys jumped all over it.

"$400 high end PC yeeeeeh PS4 is a God" -----I saved this quote from an actual N4G user

So now a Dev comes out telling the TRUTH and says "PS4 clock speed NOT as fast as a High end PC"

So now the fanboys are like:

"Bring on the apology early for not making their game the best possible on ps4 meanwhile Drive Club hoovers the floor with project car."

"on nooooooo, high end pc are better than a $399 fully functional system, OH THE DRAMA!!!"

"What they really saying is were crap at optimizing code"

The PS4 is great but ALL that High End PC stuff is crap because a high end PC not only has a 3.20ghz clock speed but also has MULTI-THREADING!

Also a High End PC runs Battlefield 4 at 1080p not 900p!

who here has ACTUALLY played Drive Club? NO ONE!
Project Cars alpha is playable on the PC and it's a fantastic Game with awesome Physics and Great NPC A.I.

So I seriously doubt Drive Club will produce better visuals than Project Cars and lets NOT forget that other things are involved in a good game because if Drive Club LACKS Real time Damage and Advanced Physics then D.C. will be no better than Forza 5 or any other Second Rate Racer.

Slightly Mad Studios will make Project Cars the BEST Racer on all platforms, XB1, WiiU, PS4, PC because what they are doing is pushing the Racer Genre to the Next Level.

So NO matter your platform of choice Project Cars will be the BEST RACER on it.

So fall 2014 consolers will get Project Cars.

Magicite1546d ago

modern cpus have 4ghz and more and up to 8 threads.

Funky Town_TX1546d ago

Only a fool would think that a PS4 could compete with a PC in terms of power.

strickers1546d ago

I've played Drive Club. What he hell are you babbling about?

HammadTheBeast1545d ago

Dude. You're comparing $400 to $1000+. Relax.

PS4 outperforms any PC of comparable cost.

starfox0791545d ago

Ive said it all along wiiu multi-core cpu is core for core way more powerful than ps4 's jaguar cores and i mean the main cpu core in wiiu is 3.5 times that of ps4's single core FACT.

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Magicite1546d ago

doesnt matter if old or new, he is only stating obvious.
how can u compare amd mobile cpu to i5/i7?

ATiElite1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

How can you compare ANY AMD CPU to an Intel LMAO!

I mean you can but Intel will just CRUSH it!

AMD CPU's have a hard time matching up with Intel's OLD Gen CPU's and don't even bother comparing a AMD to a NEW Intel.

2 Gen Old Intel > NEw Gen AMD

Whitey2k1546d ago

@ atiElite yes thats true but u do realize that amd makes far more better apu's then intel apu

Intel > ati = cpu's
Ati > Intel = apu's

PSX041546d ago

WTF ... are you kidding us ??? what is the new in comparing 2000$ device with 399$ device

saumer1546d ago

I bought a ps4 on launch day at costco. I got an extra controller and PS+ card and it cost me $520 with/without tax, I dont remember. Then I got a warranty because last gen I ended up having my 360 die 2 times and my ps3 die once after 4 years(never replaced it).

All totaled it was around $600.

I returned it a few weeks later. Because when I did the math, I could upgrade the computer i've been playing on for 6 years. Buy an i5 processor and motherboard for $250 with tax from micro center and a Geforce 770 for $350 from anywhere.

Totaled: $600

If I didn't have parts to work with from a previous pc it would have run around 750.

So no, we aren't comparing it to a $2000 pc. We're comparing it to one that is about the same price, only much more powerful.

saint_seya1545d ago

saumer how you do to play with only a motherboard, gpu-processor?
Oh i thought u needed ram, coolers, power supply, mouse, keyboard, hhd, case....
Its like saying i created my own ps4, i bought a blu ray tray and an apu, i can play now ps4 games!

HammadTheBeast1545d ago

Saumer.... you upgraded. Not the same thing. At all.

hellzsupernova1546d ago

You don't say a CPU that's say $500 is faster the a system costing $400 for everything you gotta be kidding me. The wiiu version must be a nightmare then

hollabox1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

This console generation seem wired. Both consoles got a CPU downgrade after 7-8 years Sony CPUs becomes twice as slow. XB1 CPU might be the same speed as the X360 or slightly slower depending which Floating Point performance source you believe. Even the GPUs seem average, usually new consoles GPUs are on par or exceed high end graphics cards. These GPUS seem like an mixture of AMD/ATI last gen GPUs with a couple of current GPUs sprinkles.

Both companies should have stuck with IBM for their CPUs, AMD has been building sub par to average CPUs for about 4 years now when compared to INTEL. AMD sold them on the APU design which is nice if you plan on sticking these processors in tablets.

Ju1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

The FPU part in the PS4 (float + SSE) does about 100GF/s which isn't that bad, actually, but half what the Cell does. The Cell which mostly using vector instruction using the SPUs could top at 200GF/s. But at the same time, most of what was done on SPUs can be done by compute now, which is a magnitude above what the PS3 can handle. Also, the PS4('s CPU) performs much better in multi-threaded applications; obviously because it has more coherent cores and an OOP instruction pipe. And last but not least, it has shared addresses between CPU/GPU which makes a huge impact for all sort of CPU/GPU interaction (vertex arrays (draw call overhead), texture storage (incl. streaming), filtering, and plenty more - actually you'd be surprised how much this is almost true for the PS3 as well because the RSX has full access to XDR). That said, in brute force calculations the PS3 would probably beat the PS4 - but at the same time, this is only true if you have nothing to render.

hollabox1545d ago

I get all of that but when the GPU gets maxed developers normally looks for performance tricks from the CPU. CPUs I don't think will be able to hold up to the test of time if this generation last longer than 6 years. I can see if the GPU were much more higher end than what MS and Sony dropped in, but I understand the price to performance ratio goes out the window when you start looking at top of the line video cards. Both Sony and MS did not want start off losing money per console sold like they did last generation.

starfox0791545d ago

Yet a single core on wiiu handles the pc version at near max ???

droc11231545d ago

Agree...PS4 will never come out of the box better then a high end PC... But the fact that it is being compared is really saying something about PS4 and the work Sony put into it.

starfox0791545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

X86 cpu tech is easy to max out and with weak jaguar cores it's showing if you ask me on WiiU they have 99% of everything the high end pc has on 1 core on ps4 they are struggling with 4 cores ??? this guy is a pre alpha tester for the wiiu version and says it makes a i5 sweat and they havn't even started optimizing yet ????

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Hellsvacancy1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

"compared to a high-end PC"

I want to hit myself in the face when I read dumb things like this

Ol_G1546d ago

I think it's understandable seeing how every ps4 multiplat is compared with high end pc versions
It doesn't take away from the fact this game will look awesome no matter what you play it on

DoctorJones1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I feel the same when I read dumb comments like yours, because that's out of context -

'On being asked if there was a challenge in development due to different CPU threads and GPU compute units in the PS4, Tudor stated that, “It’s been challenging splitting the renderer further across threads in an even more fine-grained manner – even splitting already-small tasks into 2-3ms chunks. The single-core speed is quite slow compared to a high-end PC though so splitting across cores is essential.

“The bottlenecks are mainly in command list building – we now have this split-up of up to four cores in parallel. There are still some bottlenecks to work out with memory flushing to garlic, even after changing to LCUE, the memory copying is still significant.”'

He was asked a question and gave a reasonable answer. What would you rather he said? Would this be better? -

'Oh there was no challenge at all, the ps4 is so powerful it basically makes the game itself. It's a supercomputer, we've had no problems whatsoever. Greatness awaits!'

Orbilator1546d ago

What they really saying is were crap at optimizing code

ProjectVulcan1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

No, what they are saying is that PS4's tiny tablet x86 cores are very slow compared to a full size desktop core like an AMD FX or Intel i5 series.

What they are saying is what most people realise- splitting up tasks in a highly multi threaded CPU pipeline is a lot harder than just having fewer, faster bigger cores.

If nothing else PS3 should have taught people this years ago, although it should be easier to pull off on these little Jaguar cores .

Developers have always preferred systems this way on most scenarios. For example a large big chunk of fast memory is easier to work with than more, but smaller itty bit cut up pieces.

Einhert1546d ago

When really it is just the PS4 does not have the processing juice to run the game effectively and do all the computations of an actual simulator.

Chrischi19881546d ago

They must be pretty good at optimizing. It is said, that Project Cars runs on 1 core of the Wii U and all physics work well and all. But you know what, Wii Us CPU has only an 4 stage pipeline, that is pretty powerful.

hano1546d ago

Yeah. Despite the crap WiiU goes through i'm amazed by how smooth games run on two screens. I bet the controller adds a lot of overhead.

Ju1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

What that means that their renderer is just extremely inefficient cluttering the pipe with to many draw calls. What about batching? Just shows that their data are not optimized much and get thrown at the CPU because they can - which might just work on a PC with a brute force raw CPU power you have since the PCIe has to wait 90% of the time anyway. Yes, this is a testament of an inefficient engine. Nothing new, really. A lot of (PC) developers simply don't account for multi threading - especially in the render pipeline - because APIs on PC (OSs) don't support multi-threaded rendering (exception is Mantle).

And, yes, of course. Devs coming from the PS3 are somewhat familiar with Sony's APIs. But Multithreading isn't really used there, either. The rendering API on the PS3 isn't multi threaded - but, yeah, the concepts of "jobs" is there and the understanding things have to run on the SPUs to perform. But these guys are not coming from the PS3.

decrypt1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

"But these guys are not coming from the PS3."

Well that can be said for 90% of the industry. Aside the few Sony houses, developers hardly ever made use of the PS3s SPUs.

Call it lazy whatever, people like yourself spent the entire PS3 gen HOPING, devs would take advantage of that cumbersome tech.

This is just round 2, history has a way of repeating itself lol. Funny you yourself admit its hard going back to 720p once you witness 1080p in action, yet all of last gen you seemed fine with it. I guess you can keep the HOPE :) games will again just run better on similarly priced PCs, which again wont be coming with all the nickle & diming consoles come with.

PS did you buy that BF4 DLC again?

Edit: Maybe a gen later when you witness games from Sony actually having some real AA, will you say its hard going back to blurry AA filters lol.

hennessey861546d ago

"But these guys are not coming from the PS3."
test drive ferrari racing legends, shift one and two were all developed by sms on ps3

Ju1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

"Well that can be said for 90% of the industry"...really? Which industry is that? The one who released games on the PS3 for the last 7 years? The rest are newbies.

And, no. Didn't buy BF DLC again. I am still waiting for EA to fix this. TBH, playing Blacklight more lately.

AA is fine on the PS4. Not sure what you are talking about. Full 1080 trumps non 1080 (I had some play time on the One the other day. I made the right decision).

Chrischi19881546d ago

If that game is said to run on only one core on the Wii U and the Wii U being soooo much less powerful, how can you feel save saying, they use anything inefficient or did not optimize? How does it work on the Wii U then? Or is Wii U not soooooo weak, as most people claimed the whole year?

Ju1545d ago

WiiU has 3 cores. And I don't consider the WiiU a next gen console. It's on PS360 level with a slight advantage (but slower memory). Actually, how does it work on the WiiU? If it only runs on one core on the WiiU, yes, I would call this a confirmation to what I just said (which I doubt is the case, though).

I think it is a typical PC engine. Using a typical PC style render setup. This is one render thread throwing draw calls at the API (OpenGL or DirectX). Neither can render multi threaded (Direct X a little). Such an engine will not perform on consoles. Simple. And I have no idea how they optimize their render pipeline. You can do quite a bit on an i7 running brute force but optimizing meshes, reducing draw calls is something quite vital on consoles; you can render multi threaded on the PS4, btw (obviously). I guess what they are doing now is on the fly batch processing using multiple cores to "merge" draw calls to get the performance from consoles.

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windblowsagain1546d ago

Maybe people should read.

It needs splitting more onto the cores, that's why they are multicore, but slower speed.

But it'll be interesting, because GT7 will be 60fps.

PC should be 60fps.