Kojima: MGSV Similar Across Platforms, But Better on Next-Gen

The legendary Hideo Kojima spoke about MGSV and how it was carefully crafted for all the platforms, recommending next gen if you can get it.

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TopDudeMan862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

Allow me to be the first to say "DUH"!

Edit: I wonder if you get David Hayter's snake voice if you play it on next gen.

thewildbeard862d ago

Ooooh, imagine if you could get his voice as DLC.

theshonen8899862d ago

Ground Zeroes was easily my most anticipated game when it was first announced. But somewhere between selling off MGS V as two games, the BS platform exclusive content, lack of a PC version, intentional sexualization of Quiet, and the morbid loss of David Hayter, I've just stopped being excited. It's hard for me to respect Kojima anymore and everything he says now just sound like poison. I'll still get the game, it's just getting harder for me to be keep being a fan.

vishmarx862d ago

couldn't disagree more.
mgs 2 was similar.
everyone was okay with ps having exclusive people got butthurt when xb got some.
not on pc? is that even an argument. ...the last mgs on pc was?
quiet has camo skin...plot significance. besides its not the first time weve seen such stuff in mgs...its only a big deal coz gaming media look like it...coz coming from japan
this isn't a few niche jrpgs and compare
david hayters loss is big.just a little smaller than mgs itself though

AC2020x862d ago

But then just watch the announce trailer and thats more than enough reason to buy it for me!!

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Vegetarianshark862d ago

Can't you believe that the ps4 version of MSGV is better than the ps3 version?!?!? Kojima has really outdone himself! s/

adorie862d ago

Kojima has ruined my brain. Gonna wait for the end of 2014, before I anything to say about him.

Alexious862d ago

How has Kojima ruined your brain?

Koyes862d ago

Kojima may have literally f**ked his mind xD

Nyxus862d ago

I'm getting the PlayStation 4 version.

BattleReach862d ago

Can't wait for this game. 2014 is gonna be great, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, Sniper Elite 3, Watch Dogs, Mafia 3, The Division, maybe a new Far Cry and Infamous Second Son. Whoop whoop.

Alexious862d ago

Sniper Elite 3 doesn't really belong in that list. Also, there are a lot more interesting titles coming in 2014 thankfully

CrossingEden862d ago

It is wayyyy too soon for them to release another far cry.

Koyes862d ago

Where did you get Mafia 3 from? :/

Alexious862d ago

Yeah, that as well. There's no solid indication.

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