SCE London: "Very High-Profile" PS4 New IP, Titles Push Creativity & Tech to Incredible New Heights

One team at Sony's SCE London Studio has begun work on an entirely new IP for PS4, and apparently it's a big one. - PSLS

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BALLBAGS947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

gotta love new ip's Sony always take risks hats off to them

but would also love a new syphon filter and get away

would be amazing

Spartan119947d ago

Shang Tsung is that you???

amiga-man946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Sony always deliver, offering not only great gaming experiences but an imagination and diversity that you have to respect, TLOU is a supreme example of the quality Sony first party teams offer along with many more, I look forward to see what is bought to the table by them with the PS4, it's going to be one hell of a ride

Greatness awaits.

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sinncross947d ago

Awesome. I do wonder if its 8 Days being pput back into production.

either way, cant wait to hear what this is.

C-H-E-F947d ago

Eight Days please... eh i'm kind of disappointed was looking forward to a The Getaway reboot or something, more more... I want more

iamnsuperman947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

A shame it won't be the getaway as that thing needs a reboot

AngelicIceDiamond947d ago

Sony's E3 freakin 2014 should be another historical marker for them. Expect allot of new fresh AAA Ip's. They're on a role they haven't disappointed yet.

djtek184947d ago

Aahh.. The smell of new ips

G20WLY947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Asparagus.. smells bad when IP.

hellzsupernova947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

But the getaway 3 :( make Jason statham (spelling probably incorrect) the lead for it, please Sony London please! London is an awesome setting, that way we get gta for America, sleeping dogs for Asia and the getaway for Europe, that would be perfect.

In saying all that cannot wait Sony usually delivers there is not much in the way of exclusive ip that I didn't buy last gen on my ps3

Gamer1982946d ago

Sony working on a new IP of AAA quality. Microsoft no doubt retaliates by buying more exclusive DLC.

bjmartynhak946d ago

AC4, Watch Dogs, Destiny, NBA2K?

showtimefolks946d ago


no doubt man i don't think we can say anything more

greatness awaits

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Wedge19947d ago

Gotta love new IPs. Every great series was a new IP at one point. I can't wait.

NegativeCreep427947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

So it can't be a sequel to The Getaway. I wonder what kind of game it could be? It could most likely be a third-person adventure-shooter title.

-Foxtrot947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Eight Days please or a Getaway reboot which can take on GTA

Would it be weird to have guns, car chases and big shoot outs in London and other cities in the UK....yes but it's a video game. London, Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow...could be nice to visit.

Eight Days sounded amazing, I wouldn't mind if they still had the same set up in another game though. A good detective and a criminal working together although it would be better in my opinion if they were both detectives taking inspiration off buddy cop films like Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour, Bad Boys, Hot Fuzz etc...hell in one of the tec demos the black guy hanging off the Helicopter says "I'm too old for this s***".

The game apparently was going to have a real in game clock aswell meaning if you played at night it would be night in the game. If day light saving was on then it would match the real world and I'm guessing with the PS4 tec if connected to the internet (BY CHOICE) you could also have real weather patterns like in your city, if not they would be random like GTA

Lets not forget the cover gameplay looks amazing, the way you can slide off things and then jump through windows.

scott182947d ago

Why did they ever stop eight days development? That game looked like it would be really good.

sinncross947d ago

I believe the reason cited at the time was that Sony were looking into enhancing MP/ Online experiences or their games and that 8 days was just a game that was not going to support MP, so resources were placed elsewhere.

But maybe there was more to it then that.

NegativeCreep427947d ago


MP should be considered an added benefit, not an entire marketable prospect to a game, especially regarding Sony and their full repertoire of memorable single-player titles.

Example: God of War thrived and survived many years without any kind of MP component.

hulk_bash1987947d ago

An Eight Days PS4 revival would be awesome. Here's hoping we get some tangible info soon. E3/Gamescom 2014 perhaps?

hellzsupernova947d ago

Never officially cancelled although they would need a complete overhaul for this gen.

Really gutted they never released the getaway or eight days

knifefight947d ago

So excited to see where things go in 2014 and beyond.

ltachiUchiha947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

This is why I bought a ps4 & have not missed out on 1 playstation platform ever since the original playstation. Those who "Question" playstation fans for buying any playstation platform at launch must have NEVER owned a playstation platform in their life if they are "Questioning" early adapters because of this simple reason. Its not the hype of new ip's but the "Quality" in most of their exclusives that keep fans coming back for more. That & the fact that u can ALWAYS rely on sony to SUPPORT its platforms from the launch until the end of its life cycle. Something their competitors simply cant MATCH & is why I can UNDERSTAND why there are so many LOYAL playstation fans.

dcj0524947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Nintendo drops products like it A lava coated pen. Microsoft lets third-parties carry the system for a year. Sony supports it with exclusives for at least 2 years and third parties for 3-4.

Jury947d ago

Well said. PlayStation have earned their fanboys