Pixel Perfect: First Party PSP Titles Pack a Punch

The PSP has certainly had its fair share of terrible games in the past (Family Guy and The Con come to mind), and it was something that held the system back in the eyes of the general public. The software seems to have turned a corner, and it's mainly because Sony is leading the charge with excellent portable versions of their first party offerings.

The surprising thing is that the developers of these games aren't the same ones that handle the console versions, which means Sony is likely keeping a close eye on development and guiding its progress.

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MrBii3875d ago

PSP is simply the best handheld available. The things you can do with that piece of hardware is astounding. And all you need is an extra battery and some software. Hint hint.

And also just like how the PSP turned around, so will the PS3 turn around with the imminent release of PS3's triple A exclusives.

wass0073875d ago

Yup just like how God of War n FF Crisis Core are helping boost sales sony need some more AAA exclusives.

zslash3875d ago

Eh. There's been just as many (if not more) AAA third-party PSP titles.