GameStop Lists Bayonetta 2 for May 2014

According to a GameStop listing, Bayonetta 2 will be released on Wii U on May 1, 2014. See it for yourself here. What do you guys think? Will Bayonetta 2 release in May 2014?

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Concertoine1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I've noticed this date on gamestop for quite a while. to be honest i think its a placeholder, as according to Kamiya the game didnt enter full development until after development on TW101 ended. But it's probably been in the making for a while so who knows.

Ol_G1455d ago

It would be so great if true that would mean Nintendo's first half of the year would be filled with must have titles

_QQ_1455d ago

I'm guessing placeholder just because its on the first, although Platinum is known for making thier games fast.

wonderfulmonkeyman1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Agreed with others; 'tis just a placeholder.
Though I feel it would be nice if it came out sooner than that. Having Bay 2 come out nearly half-way into 2014 would be too long a wait for fans who are frothing at the mouth for it.