Ryse: Son of Rome is the best looking game so far this generation

"As you can tell from our review for Ryse: Son of Rome, we very much enjoyed it. However, I thought I would make another article just to restate how great the game itself looks. From my experience so far with next generation games, Ryse: Son of Rome stands above the rest graphically. Due to the controversy of the game being 900p rather than the previously announced 1080o, many might be surprised to learn that the game looks as good as it does." - JPS

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ape007862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

i'll add KZ SF and BF4

those 3 games look amazing but i still don't consider them full fledged nextgen games

a nextgen game is a game that cannot be done almost intact on past systems, games like crysis 3, BF4, Metro, far cry 3, bioshock infinite aren't full fledged nextgen games because they were done intact on currentgen systems, the core is intact, just missing sheen

the first true nextgen game will be Watch Dogs and then the DIVISION, also the Order, the crew and Quantum break those games cannot be done intact on currentgen systems

u cannot put that geometry, AI, fidelity, calculations etc.. on xbox 360/ps3 unless you do a different version with an older engine and have the same name

games like ghost recon recon Advanced war fighter on original xbox and ps2, different version, same name, it's fully developed with nextgen in mind

that is the definition of NextGen in my book

cayleee862d ago

Witcher 3 ;) now thats a real next gen game and since Pc is lead platform hopefully all platforms will be used to the max.

ape007862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

wow i forgot that, Witcher 3 is 110% nextgen

piroh862d ago

this´ll be my first experience with Witcher franchise, i´m glad they are making PlayStation 4 version. it´ll be my first RPG for PS4

SITH862d ago

I want to get witcher 3 on the XO, but my gaming PC has that beautiful game in it's sights.

b163o1862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

KZ4 is true next gen, and I feel that games that span across platform generations such as BF4 are close to next gen, but are not many cause there on two different platforms. Either way the games on the horizon scream NextGen, Watchdogs, InfamousSS, TheDivision, Destiny....

Indo862d ago

The Division *cough!!*

P0werVR862d ago

The true next gen will be Halo Xbox One and Black Tusk's title.

loulou862d ago


the new standard in screen resolution..

you cant deny the beauty of ryse. i was playing some gladiator yesterday. the game was unfairly bashed in the reviews.

i cant wait for a sequel

H0RSE862d ago

I really wanted to like the Wither games, but something about them just makes them not fun to play. They are great games, just not for me.

Cherchez La Ghost862d ago

35x the size of Witches 2?! That and The Division is what I'm waiting for next year.

pennywhyz861d ago

If this game was being developed for PC instead off multi those consoles would not keep up.

ThanatosDMC861d ago

I just hope Witcher 3 doesnt get downgraded because of the Bone's limitation.

InMyOpinion861d ago

Witcher 3 isn't released yet...

fr0sty861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

"Hey everyone! Click my article so I can waste 5 minutes of your day reading my completely worthless opinion on what game has the best graphics (even though it doesn't run in full HD and has a framerate that drops into the teens)! It'll earn me ad revenue! Then you can all bitch and moan about how my favorite game doesn't look as good as yours, which will equal more clicks for me!"

VforVideogames861d ago

I agree ryse is the best OVERALL looking game this year killzone has really good lighting but A.I. really sucks its probably one of the worst A.I. in a FPS, ryse kills it with facial and A.I. but theres not that manny different charaters. I give a 7.0 to KillZone and 7.5 to Ryse. IMO

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_FantasmA_862d ago

Killzone is next gen. It does not look like a PS3 game at all unless you are blind.

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b163o1862d ago

^^^^ BOO THIS MAN ^^^^^


Lol >:^O

Pogmathoin862d ago

Usually the first next gen games barely look better than the most recent last gen. PS3 games right now look amazing. I remember Riddick on original Xbox, that looked next gen back then. There are many cycles in games, right now we are on the final cycle on current gen, while the first cycle has just started on next gen. Btw, when can we stop calling it next gen?

sinjonezp862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

I beat killzone 1,2 and 3. This game makes those games look bad and killzone 2 and 3 look incredible. I think its whaf you are comparing. What assets a dev is using for that title. I am sure if gg wanted to pull off more assets they could have went with a slightly lower res but with shooting game clarity is best to see enemies. Ryse is a awesome.looking game and i give its due.diligence.

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JsonHenry862d ago

Witcher 3 gets my vote for best looking if the screens are to be believed. It was one of the best looking games on PC at the time as well.

I_am_Batman862d ago

The Division, The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, Infamous Second Son and Quantum Break all blew me away visually.

JsonHenry862d ago

I meant the Witcher SERIES was one of the best looking games at the time part 1 and 2 were released.

Dynasty2021862d ago

Kind of a sad day if people havent learnt that promotional "in-game screenshots" are usually done on PC (as all games are made on PC), and almost never reflect the graphics of the final product.

The resolution of the final game will be lower, less textures etc.

Hell look at GTA 5. It looked amazing in shots. And was shocking in-game in comparison.

_FantasmA_861d ago

Except its not out yet. The final product usually looks different. Please only use games are that are out on store shelves. Otherwise, I'm going to nominate Killzone 5.

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Magicite862d ago

the division looks like next-gen.

joab777862d ago

The Witcher 3 and The Division...not so much Watch Dogs by ir definition. Its on all platforms. Though I think that Destiny will b next gen caliber. Titanfall too. And don't forget Infamous. I really think it will surprise ppl.

And why would ppl b surprised that Ryse looks good. It was made by Crytek. Thats what they do!

scott182862d ago

Ryse does look amazing. Both Ryse and Killzone SF are tops graphically in different ways.

Aggesan862d ago

How can you consider Battlefield 4 intact on PS3/XB360 when they only handle half the players and scaled down maps in multiplayer?

Prime157862d ago

I feel like your thought contradicts itself. Kz and ryse were made for next gen, hence the exclusivity to the console and not the brand.

I get the idea of next gen, but I feel like next gen is a constantly evolving term anyway.

3-4-5862d ago

It looks good but it's not much of a game.

It doesn't DO anything next gen or anything that is really pushing games forward.

More of the same, but better looking.

christocolus862d ago

Ryse looks really good. Theres no denying that. The gameplay was the only flaw but still enjoyed it. Division, quantum break,withcher3 and deep down look really good too.

JustPlay4862d ago

Ryse is the best looking game, why can i not see it?

If were talking about xbox 1 only then yes it is, if you take PC and Ps4 in to account then to me no.

Why, Most the faces are nice to look at, but the rest just look meh not really mind blowing, it just doesn't feel real it just kinda there and characters eyes are dead no emotion at all.

aside from it being crisp and clean looking, there nothing else there in my opinion but that me

Dewitt862d ago

So you didn't play it, good to know. The cut scenes and real time look exactly the same that is easy feat.

JustPlay4861d ago

Dewitt: I have played it and stand by what I said before.

Also do not know what you mean by the cut scenes being the same? can you explain it to me?

DOMination-862d ago

Isn't watchdogs coming to current gen? Doesn't that then contradict all that you said?

ChemicalG862d ago

ryse is a next gen only game mate

geddesmond861d ago

MGS5 will be the first true next gen title followed by The division and hopefully Unchrted 4 depending on what ND can do with the PS4

bullymangLer861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

how is Ryse the best looking game so far? . sure it looks cool, but there is no skill here whatsoever, no talent < fact

Ryse looks like something anybody could have made. No imagination, no brain work required just copy and paste realistic look that already existed in real life waiting around for somebody with copy and paste skills to imitate . .

WindWaker HD 1080p for wiiU on the other hand looks like real talent requiring more skills more art direction more brain work to imagine a look like that .

Ryse copy and PASTE look easy peezy < fact

article exposed

Beastforlifenoob861d ago

So if it requires no skill or talent hop on your PC and make a game as good as Ryse because MSOFT probably made bundles of cash from Ryse.

Also I find it funny how you say its too realistic and then point to winwaker HD and says it requires more talent and artistic direction. I don't exactly understand how making something look extremely realistic is "no skill". Infact I think crytek put massive effort into the graphics far,far more than the Windwaker HD thats why the gameplay deteriorated slightly.

But you cant say something realistic is easier to produce than something unrealistic because also when texturing unrealistic things there are very few details such as dirt, grit, grease stains, blood,etc,etc, in realistic graphics all of these have to be done as well as maticioulous lighting effects, shaders and a variety of post processing effects.

deafdani861d ago

Wow, your fanboyism knows no limits, does it? Yes, Wind Waker HD is a fantastic looking game, but that's based on art direction alone, not technical achievements... which is exactly the point of the article.

You're the most deluded Nintendo fanboy I've ever seen, and you give the Nintendo fanbase a bad name. You're just as bad as Mika. Ugh.

ssj27861d ago

Okay what's wrong with the people in here?

Don't hate Killzone shadow fall just because.

KILLZONE SHADOW FALL is indeed the best FPS for next gen so far.

Runs 1080p at 60fps and looks way way better than BF4 and don't tell me bf4 does more and act like Killzone Shadow fall is a pingpong game.

And who are some of you to say Killzone Shadow Fall has bad AI? Lol like saying kim Kardashian is not hot, stop been a fool, Killzone has a amazing harsh top of the line AI when you play it on the hardest mode.

KILLZONE SHADOW FALL may not have the best facials on all their characters but the rest is top of the line.

It may not have a great story telling but it has a diverse good campaign, something new and different and I appreciate it, it could have been better ? yes but they got no time.

And the multiplayer is in a ehole nee level only you understand what's going on.. most players are very good and is challenging team play. No auto aim bs like ever other fps bf4 or cod are auto aim noob friendly, it's disgusting.

Plus we all know other games will look better, this is just the start I mean look at the division or second son made killzone look just ok because those two games look amazing and the are full open worlds.

The future is bright no need to hate on Killzone just because you can't play it or it did not please you, there is no game that will please everyone.

For example GTA sold like what in the ps3 ? 10millios? There are over 80million ps3 users meaning therr are 70millions who do not care or like gta.. because it can't please everyone even if is a good game for 10million it will not mean is a good game for everyone.

Angerfist861d ago

LMAO Watch Dogs? Its still on current Gen and the Graphics dont look that mindblowing after playing GTA 5.

RAGE91861d ago

I have to agree with you there, cast back to xbox360....where Perfect dark: Zero was a launch title. It looked amazing. By the end of the 360 lifecycle it looked poop. There will be amazing looking games in next couple of years on both gens but then PS4 will edge it on graphical power

micbrc861d ago

I would debate Killzone i returned BF4 due to a bug causing me to loose my save progress in the campaign twice and swapped it for Killzone shadowfall and after spending time with bf4 and switching to killzone it looks no where near as good while its decent borderline nice playing at 30fps feels slower and the graphics just dont pop out and look anywhere near as good as bf4 as for ryse no idea havnt played it.

360ICE861d ago

Killzone Shadow Fall is far from anything you can put on a PS3. Haven't played Ryse, so will reserve my judgement between those two, but KZ seems to be in a different league than Battlefield 4.

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SlavisH2862d ago

Its is but im sure the bar will go up when the next wave of games hit.

piroh862d ago

i dunno, for me crown goes to KZ:SF. exteriors are beautiful and monumental. hell and it´s just the beginning

lifeisgamesok862d ago

One thing is definite Ryse has better facial animations and character models

The vegetation, reflections, textures all look superior in Ryse

Trekster_Gamer862d ago

KZ looks awesome but overall Ryse owns it. Goes to prove that it is NOT 1080p that's makes the game looks it's best!

I can't wait to see Ryse II!

whome862d ago

i agree. does anyone have both systems and games, that can give a honest opinion.

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MajorMayhem70861d ago

I have both systems, and completed both games. KZ SF looks great. Ryse looks amazing. I enjoyed the campaign of both games. Hope they make a sequel/prequel of the games. If you can afford both consoles, do it. I learned to this with last gen. I never thought I could support two consoles but I did and I was the winner. Not Sony, not Microsoft. ME!!!

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Panthers861d ago

KZ:SF is the best looking game so far. Just look at this thread in Neogaf.

Check out the KZSF pics. It is incredible to see all the little details in that game.

SlavisH2861d ago (Edited 861d ago )

I dont need to check out any pics i have both systems. killzone is the only game i own for ps4. Seeing both games live > youtube/or pic. If you havent played both in person your opinion is bias. Some people are just too sensitive. This doesn't mean x1>ps4 this is comparing one developer vs another in a short developing time period and this is what they achieved. Come on guys they are just launch games it will get way better.

Kayant862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

Having not played either yet to see them in their full glory but after looking at some videos on gamersyde and the screenshot captures here --->

I have to give the edge to KZ:SF but Ryse wins the facial modelling, animations. Damn seriously KZ:SF has some insane amount of detail.

Now only if we can get games that have gameplay design & story on the same level then oh my we will be in for a great treat. Hopefully we get a few of these going forward.

Hellsvacancy862d ago

"gameplay design & story on the same level" we're going to be waiting for The Last Of Us 2 for a long while yet

Makes me want to cry

theWB27862d ago

That's a good thread on GAF....not just graphical grunt, but some of those shots of Mario look awesome.

yesmynameissumo862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

Then they haven't played Killzone or Knack. Ryse (played and beat) is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but so are other games.

Docknoss862d ago

Knack? Are you serious?! KZ maybe but saying knack just makes anything you say invalid.

Septic862d ago