Pach-Attack - Pach's Patch Opinions

Michael Pachter gives his take on the rise of day one patches.

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vikingland11432d ago

wrong wrong wrong , They should wait even if it is delayed. Screw the share holders not the gamers.

air11432d ago

As long as the game isnt broken or too bad, ill take the patch. Like he said it takes seconds maybe min. So how are we getting screwed?

vikingland11432d ago

All I'm saying is they shouldn't ship a broken game. A small patch is nothing to me either,but a broken game that needs patch after patch after patch is not right. Not to mention some patches make tings worse.

smooch_3571432d ago

Lol, your comment reminds me of SOCOM Confrontation...that game was totally, totally broken when it shipped.

air11432d ago

I would love to paint mine if it didnt void the warranty... They should make the console so you can customise the cover.