Glitched $GTA Rife in GTA:O, Rockstar Responds to Banning Reports & How to Avoid Them

Glitched or hacked $GTA is now very widespread in GTA Online and Rockstar has provided an update in response to previous reports it was banning anyone who received hacked money. GTA 5 Cheats also provides some pointers on how to play it safe and avoid the ban hammer if you do happen to receive millions of $GTA from someone.

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Frenchie861400d ago

Received some $GTA myself. Yet to be banned...

NatchBaller1400d ago

Don't sent to anyone else you will be saved from banning

vladspartan1400d ago

has a lot modders in the game. fuc... cheatres! what u gonna do rockstar? tell me!
i cant play without a fuc... modder killme all time!
fuc... noobs!

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41400d ago

U need report to ban for tank $million. :D

Tetsujin1396d ago

When I played the online, I stuck to the private/invite only servers so there was no fear of cheaters. The more I read about the issues the online has the more I'm glad I left for other games.